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F*K Racism & Jesus!

F*K Racism & Jesus! Time to stop racism, the use of white and black stigma, facism, stereotypical labels and deception worldwide.

One cannot offend anyone or anything that never existed!

I had to pray, then write this article after watching the video of Akio Lee Simmons the Daughter of Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons. Yes, I did pray and asked Creator YHWH RA what would you like me to call this article?

I am tired of racism, how about you?

I am equally tired of the stereotypical labels, white lies, deception and mind control of this sick and crazy man-made world of social and political engineering. There is no jesus, and no historical or archaelogical evidence of any jesus ever existed period. There is also no one black or white on planet Earth that can 100% match a black or white piece of paper. So who is fooling whom on planet Earth?

The facts are the oldest human DNA on planet Earth are San People of South Africa. Just like the oldest dynasties of real kings and queehs are of Kemet, Sudan, Nubia, Ethiopia and Ghana of Africa. They were also brown, coloiurful people of the Garden of Eden, who built the pyramids and wrote the Bible in stone not paper. They also created EVERYTHING from the alphabet, science, architecture, languages and human civilization we still enjoy today.


Racism is pink,white fear of Africa Truth, history, power and civilization written in stone. It is TIME for mankind to do your due diligence and research what is the truth of Kemet/Egypt Africa of the 1st dynasties of human civilization and world. Racism has no power or control it is myth, fables, lies and deception of weak minds and weak people who largely create nothing but lies, evil, invasion, rape, murder, religions, theft and slavery worldwide.

You fear bowing down to Hebrew, Africa and africans. I realize this may infuriate, anger and shock people, but to be honest racism, lies, deception and slavery should infuriate you more, especially the fact one is bowing down to a white jesus who has NO historical or scientific evidence to this day. How stupid, blind and foolish can one get to claim to be saved by a Greco-Roman christianity pagan constantine invention? Why do you think the Pope bows down to the Black Madonna? Do your research!

Racism is FEAR of the fact of Hebrew, San People, Nubia, Kemet, AFRICA as the 1st dynasty and Garden of Eden on planet Earth. Every biblical character of any version of the Bible are stolen from Africa hieroglyphs they tried to rename and repaint egyptians pink, when they are brown and colorful as San People and Valley of the Kings.

Global racism and global deception is over! The faster mankind or people research, study and know the universal truth of creation, salvation, laws, commandments, statutes, scientific, archaeology and historical evidence the faster we can destroy mythical racism, religions, lies and fables.

Politics and religions are the bed and web of racism. Few could ever stomach the fact all pink or white people came from Hebrew, Africa people over 3,000 years ago. How could they ever claim in 33 years a white jesus has now taken over all the world and Heaven this is poop wrapped in the devils saliva straight from hell, sin and wickedness.

Do the reseach there are plenty of videos on YouTube and articles on Google and BING for you to study and read. Just ask yourself if nothing can predate STONE, San People of Africa and the Valley of the Kings. Then all is a lie, deception, myths, fables, racism, sin and evil.

In His Service,


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