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Fear Less = Fearless

Fear Less = Fearless, we need to make a decision to not fear or live in fear, otherwise how can we fear less to equal fearless? Lets talk

As humans or mankind we have reached the peak or critical time of survival within and around worldwide. The Amazon fires, extinction of Africa wildlife, elephants, birds, frogs, fishes, global water shortages from Africa to China and across America etc.

How much more evidence do humans as mankind need in-order for us to sit, pray and discuss fearless change within and around?

Have humans become more evil or good? Have most humans or mankind ever been more good than evil? When you examine the history of the world and most countries, its been predominantly war, slavery, lies, deception, racism, invasion, sin and evil worldwide. This includes enslavement by man-made religions and denominations.

Perhaps, its because of the above history of the world and most people falsely thinking or believing they are white or black, when most are pink and shades of beige, cream or dark brown. What is the color or colour of Spirit to spirit within worldwide?

These mythical, racist labels of slavery and racism have created a false, fake world, beliefs, ideologies and warped mindsets of reality and universal world., People of the world need a new mindset and knowledge of their true identity, we are eiher good or evil of choice eternally within.

This is why we now need to become fear less to be fearless within. We need to begin awakening to whom and what we really are, NOT of what people say, but of what the Creator or we choose to believe, act or say of good not evil within.

How do we accomplish this within?

We begin by grabbing the nearest mirror, sit, stand and stare at yourself in the mirror and be honest. Tell yourself the truth! Ask yourself are you really white or black like a sheet of paper or paint? Don’t lie, be honest or match it 100%.

Tell yourself how you feel and think of who you are, and what your going to be in the now and future. One has to first be honest and loving to yourself, before you can lead, love, motivate or empower others. We are all struggling and searching for perfection, love, unity, peace and prosperity.

I just had a conversation in mixed English and Spanish on do we die, and is life eternal. This lasted about three days…and the person feeling I should have agreed that we DIE of death. I refused to use such words and proudly stated I am ETERNAL and we all sleep until we wake or arise into eternal death or life.

I realize others will also disagree and that is fine we all have choice, but as I told this person life and death is in the power of the tongue…and I choose to use my words wisely and speak the ultimate for my life and that is ETERNAL and ETERNITY.

I came across this video below in my searching how to win 24/7. Its all in how one thinks, prays, beieves and actions daily.

What I like about the above video is to see, hear and know we all suffer to the point of homelessness, hunger, poverty and no money or income. THEN Heaven opens up its gates, vault and pours out favor, grace, mercy, salvation, dominion and reward. All based on our individual and spiritual deposits as one will eventually lose all as all things world do perish.

Listen for when they express they could not afford this or that or was lost within until they found their MAAT, calling or destiny. Always remember you are CHURCH within even if you do not believe in a Creator of Heaven or Earth.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was and still is a great teacher like Dr. Myles Munroe, but when the universe or predestination calls your name or numerology number, no amount of mind-over-matter can stop destiny or predestination. However, great kings and queens never die, they live on eternally. This is why we still listen to their catalog of spiritual and motivational work.

In His Service,


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