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Fake Jews, Dead Sea Scrolls & Isra-EL GOD

Fake Jews, Dead Sea Scrolls & Isra-EL GOD. Lets talk…

Don’t try to claim this is Anti-semitism, claim this is Anti-AFRICANISM with biblical, historical, and archaeological PROOF fake khazar and Ashkenazi european people are NOTHING to do with YisRAel, Africa; only their fake-copy of their Isra-EL GOD of 1948.

This is now OFFICIAL in multiple ways; as they also attempted to FORGE the Dead Sea Scrolls they claimed to have discovered in the 20th Century and was dated over 3,000 years old. Huge biblical LIE OF SIN/HERESY. The baRA cREator will surely punish all for this global lie and deception.

Once the DEAD SEA SCROLLS are fake; this makes Isra-EL GOD of 1948, their judaism, Kosher brands, Jesus tourism and religious artifacts fake. You cannot have a fake history, corrupt root and the whole head or religion not fake.


And when the SUN OF RA was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, or biblical truth they withered away. – Matthew 13: 16

I cannot believe evangelicals, Trump, and all jesus christian religions and denominations: Catholic, Adventist, Baptist, Mormon, Pentecostal, Church of God and most mega-churches from T D Jakes, Joel Olsteen to Creflo-Dollar; who openly and foolishly think Isra-EL GOD of 1948 is the Israel not YisRAel of the Book of Genesis.

If you think it is, why create Isra-EL GOD in 1948 if it already existed in biblical times of Genesis? How do they NOT know YisRAel is located and based like most of the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation in AFRICA?

Where do they think the Nile River or Mesopotamia of North Africa are located? Was Moses and ENOCH of Kemet/Egypt, Africa? 100%.

It was YisRAel that existed in biblical times of Genesis to Revelation and beyond. This is why we say pRAy, pRAise, REpent, REward, say Amen, AbRAham and REjoice to baRA, Amun RA/RE. The original and oldest name of the baRA the cREator of Heaven and Earth.

Its Time fake Isra-EL GOD vs Amun RA of Africa be Known

What would the world do if they found out or discovered Jesus or Khazar professed jews created the alphabet, mathematics and had the oldest Holy Bible and the oldest human DNA on planet Earth?

Seriously what would the world of Christianity, Rome and fake Isra-EL GOD do? I bet you all would rejoice and celebrate, write and shout you are the original Adam & Eve; and original children of the Garden of Eden. In fact you are al no-where near it and yet you:

  1. Claim you are real authentic JEWS of YisRAel of Africa which includes Palestine.
  2. You enslave and belittle the original Africa Jews of Beta-YisRAel Ethiopia, Lemba and Falasha.
  3. You falsify you are ‘chosen‘ of the Creator yet disguised of an EL GOD diety again you impersonate, rob, steal and decieve the world.
  4. You also talk about Holocaust like you all suffered a BIGGER holocaust than Africa & Amer-Indian slavery you secretly funded worldwide.
  5. You also act as if your NOT behind the Diamond smuggling, slavery and annual destruction of Africa.
  6. You have definitely chosen your eternal fate to go against all things Amun RA and Africa.
  7. Modern Hebrew is NOT anything but STOLEN COPY-CAT fake Hebrew.
  8. What will you now do with YOUR OWN Bible prophecy of Revelation 3: 9?

I RA will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I RA will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I RA have loved you. – Revelation 3: 9

Who still believes in this fake Isra-EL GOD Jesus or Judaism myth? With NO J in the 1st Kings James Bible of 1611; and there could never be a Jesus or Judaism; with NO J or english vowels of a,e,i,o,u or can ever be spoken or known in original ancient Hebrew.

Neither can your language of fake modern, stolen, copy-cat, bastardized Hebrew or history be real; especally with NO DEAD SEA SCROLLS = NO HISTORICAL ISRAEL/JUDAISM FACTS.

Remember world, man-made religions and denominations along with: “History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

Be ye not deceived, only baRA cREator of Heaven and the Unvierse never lies.

Now let the WORLD bow to the only real Hebrew Jews of RA AFRICA.

The man who could go to Africa and rob her of her children, and then sell them into interminable BONDAGE, with no other motive than that which is furnished by dollars and cents, is so much worse than the most depraved murderer that he can never receive pardon at my hand.

– Abraham Lincoln

In RA Service,


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