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Exodus 12

Exodus 12 of Creator YHWH RA Most High. How the King James and all bibles should read with video evidence.

Exodus 12: 1 – And RA the baRA, cREator as King and LORD spoke unto AmenMose and Thutmosis III aka Moses in the land of Kemet/Egypt, Africa. What most people do not know is man-made religions and denominations of racist, bias, eroneous historical, invasions and lies; hide and reject the Amun RA/RE biblical, Sidereal cosmos and universal truth daily.

Exodus 12: 2 – The SUN not SON operates both the lunar and the solar 365 Sidereal cosmos, seasons and beginning of days, weeks, months, transits and years; adding Heriu-renpet 5 days for the gods & goddesses of RA. This shall be a perpetual sign of Amun RA spiritual, Sidereal cosmos and universal calender unto you.

Exodus 12: 3 – Speak ye unto all the people of Dogon, Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Africa and beyond as hebREw, YisRAel not man-made Israel of 1948 saying: the star Sirius as the morning sky, called heliacal rising, shall fall close to the Inundation of the Nile; as the beginning of Kemet/Egypt, Africa, universal solar life and afterlife wisdom. 

Exodus 12: 4 – Educate my people, your family, village and household to believe of the Sidereal cosmos, sun and stars of Spirirt-spirit NOT man-made religions or denominations of the SON or lamb. Then shall ye be wise not foolish children of RA/RE baRA the universal, cosmic cREator.

Exodus 12: 5 – The Sidereal cosmos, SUN not SON, stars, seasons, Spirit-spirit of universe and Heaven to Earth; is more truth than deceptive man-made religions and denominations of any christ or lamb. Be ye not deceived.

Exodus 12: 6 – And ye shall keep it always as LIGHT over darkness and universe of Spirit-spirit over all religions and denominations of world. Furthermore, Nubia, Kush, Kemet, Hebrew YisRAel of the Holy Bible of Africa STONE; existed centuries before and away from fake IsraEL of 1948.

Exodus 12: 7 – And RA people shall take knowledge of the Kemet/Egypt, Africa gods and goddesses through PTAH of Spirit-spirit. No need for man-made beliefs, religions or traditions of world. Be aware of modern man-made Greco-Roman dieties, EL, emperors and other african gods.

Exodus 12: 8 – And they shall eat only of Holy biblical gods and goddesses of Amun RA; written on STONE not paper, as spiritual not carnal baked leavened or unleavened religious bread. So shall RA people pRAy, pRAise, eat, do and believe worldwide.

Exodus 12: 9 – Eat of the SUN not SON, moon, stars, Sidereal cosmos, universe and Spirit-spirit. Challenge your mind, soul, spirit and body with spiritual fire. Let RA truth not idols or traditons of man-made religions or world rule inwardly, daily thereof.

Exodus 12: 10 – Ye shall also pRAy, pRAise and REpent before baRA, Amun RA/RE daily. Purify and cleanse your mind, soul, spirit and heart with RA/RE holy and eternal, spiritual, Sidereal cosmos, wisdom and fire.

Exodus 12: 11 – And thus shall RA KINGDOM people eat it: with your hands, mind, soul, spirit and mouth girded with universal TRUTH. Let your garments, desires and thoughts be slow, still, always pRAising, pRAying and REdeeming of cosmic universe, time and space into the afterlife.

Exodus 12: 12 – For RA will go through the land of Hebrew, Dogon, Yoruba, Khoisan, Zulu, Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Egypt, Tuareg, Ewe, Igbo tribes and all people of Africa. He will enlighten and bless all as first-born in the land of Africa. The cosmic universal truth of Amun RA/RE; shall always be against all man-made religions and denominations of world.

Exodus 12: 13 – And the Spirit-spirit of Amun RA baRA, cREator most high shall be upon all believing people;, houses and lands for a token of universal KINGDOM royalty and truth. There shall only be blessings no plague upon my people; for only RA baRA enemies have and produce myths, lies and plagues.

Exodus 12: 14 – And this day shall be unto you for a sign and memorial, and ye shall keep it as RA AFRICA STONE within; throughout all african tribes, nations, tongues and world generations; ye shall keep and bow of Amun RA, RE. forevermore.

Exodus 12: 15 – Seven days shall ye eat RA Spirit-spirit holy bread; as 7 days make a week of SUN, moon, stars, cosmic rotation. Let your soul be magnified of hebrew, africa, YisRAel not man-made religious IsraEL of 1948..

Exodus 12: 16 – And everyday shall be to you a holy convocation, and in the seventh day Sabbath or a holy convocation; no manner of work shall be done in them, save that which every man must serve or eat. This only may be done by RA people as RA MAAT universal Sabbath believers and keepers.

Exodus 12: 17 – And ye shall observe the universal MAAT Sabbath and RA as Holy baRA, Do this on the 7th Day, as MAAT royal kings, queens, gods, goddesses, hieroglyhs and Pyramids of Kemet/Egypt and all african tribes of Africa. No invasion, religious mistranslations, or theft of Amun RA/RE artifacts or teachings of royal gods and goddesses of RA, can erase or destroy the universal KINGDOM people of RA.

Exodus 12: 18 – Ye shall observe and keep only RA Sidereal calender not man-made jewish or gregorian calenders, feasts, easters, traditions or beliefs.

Exodus 12: 19 – Kemet/Egypt lunar months of 13 shall ye observe to keep in honor to all gods and goddesses of the universal KINGDOM of RA baRA, Trust only in the cosmic universal KINGDOM and congreation of RA; not any other man-made religion or congregation of Rome or IsraEL of 1948 EL GOD. Be ye not deceived.

Exodus 12: 20 – Ye shall not eat or believe anything not written on AFRICA STONE; in your mind, soul, spirit and habitations shall ye eat truth as holy biblical RA bread daily.

Exodus 12: 21 – Then AmenMose and Thutmosis III aka Moses called for all the elders of Bantu, Khoisan, Youruba, Zulu, Hebrew, Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Egypt. YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948; and said unto them: ‘Observe to do as as RA has shared, created and written of the gods and goddesses of cosmic Amun RA.’

Solar calendar, any dating system based on the seasonal year of approximately 365 1/4 days, the time it takes the Earth to revolve once around the Sun. The Egyptians appear to have been the first to develop a solar calendar, using as a fixed point the annual sunrise reappearance of the Dog Star—Sirius, or Sothis—in the eastern sky, which coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile River.

Exodus 12: 22 – Ye shall not get drawn into tribal african or foreign invasion of racial, bias or religious disputes. There is no other universal, cosmic, baRA or cREator but Amun RA/RE Most High.

Exodus 12: 23 – For RA the LORD will bless Hebrew, Khoisan, Bantu, Yoruba, Zulu, Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Egypt Africa; and when He seeth enemy invasion or religious and mistranslations of RA people. Understand as biblical royal gods and goddesses of RA thy KINGDOM is universal and eternal within.

Exodus 12: 24 – And ye shall study, bow and observe this Amun RA wisdom, knowledge and understanding for an ordinance to thee and to thy house, sons and daughters foREvermore.

Exodus 12: 25 – And it shall come to pass, when ye believe and embrace the motherland of Africa as the Garden of Eden; which RA the LORD will give you first within, according as He hath promised, then ye shall walk, prosper of RA Kingdom and land as thy birthright, as RA kings and queens worldwide.

Exodus 12: 26 – And it shall come to pass, when people and children of all nations and tongues shall say: we are of Amun RA Most High; only then will the world pRAy, pRAise and be one in love of Amun RA/RE unity worldwide.

Exodus 12: 27 – Then ye shall say: the Garden of Eden, Africa is the past, present and future into the afterlife as the SUN not SON, moon, stars and Sidereal calender universe. Amun RA is passing over Africa and the world seeking lost children of Hebrew, Yoruba, Zulu, Bantu, Koisan, Lemba, Falasha, arawak, Nubia, Kush, Kemet, YisRAel not man-made Israel of 1948. Let all people and nations worldwide; bow their head to pRAy and pRAise RA baRA Most High.

Exodus 12: 28 – And the original hebrew, african children of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL went and did as spoken, taught and blessed; they did as RA the baRA LORD had commanded of AmenMose and Thutmosis III aka Moses so did they.

Exodus 12: 29 – And it came to pass as the SUN not SON rises; RA the LORD shall bless his children as firstborn and Africa royalty of world. The first-born of kings and queens as ruling Pharaoh’s to the firstborn of all gods and goddesses of the Kingdom of RA Most High; all believing into the afterlife and all shall live forever.

Exodus 12: 30 – And the ruling Pharaoh rose up as the SUN, he and all his people, and all Kemet/Egypt and Africa could be heard pRAising and pRAying unto RA Most High. Never worship anything or anyone unless it has the name of the cREator RA inscribed in it’s mind, words and spirit.

Exodus 12: 31 – And he called for AmenMose as Thutmosis III aka Moses by sunrise and said: Rise up, go among my people, my hebrew, nubia, kush, yoruba, bantu, koisan, zulu, ethiopic, arawak, tribal children of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948; and beseech them to go multiply, serve RA and replenish the world and earth.

Exodus 12: 32 – Be blessed, march proudly with your family, workers, village, cattle and chariots, as children of RA expecting daily promises and blessings as royal kings, queens and childREn of SUN, moon, stars and Pyramids of RA.

Exodus 12: 33 – Hebrew, Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Egypt and all tribes of Africa; hurried upon the people, to bless them of Amun RA; for they rejoiced of land and said: ‘Eternity is RA’.

Exodus 12: 34 – And the people took their mind, heart, soul, pRAised and pRAyed unto RA Most High. They know Amun RA Africa is the Garden of Eden and all things DNA and Holy Bible is Africa first; into world.

Exodus 12: 35 – And the children of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948, did according to the counsel, blessings and words of AmenMose and Thutmosis III aka Moses. And they grew more in wealth of gold, diamonds, land, houses, silver, cosmic knowledge, wisdom and raiment of Africa, worldwide.

Exodus 12: 36 – And RA the LORD gave his people favour in the sight of all african tribes, foreign religious pirates and invaders. Let this day conclude, no-one can remove RA pyramids or holy bible in STONE; though many political, religious, racist, bias thieves and enemies have tried.

Exodus 12: 37 – And the african children of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948 journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men on foot, proudly beside their african families, children and chariots.

Exodus 12: 38 – And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much chariots, food, wealth and cattle.

Exodus 12: 39 – And they REjoiced and pRAised the name of Amun RA Most High. Because they were multiplied in and throughout Kemet/Egypt and all of Africa.

Exodus 12: 40 – Now the time bantu, khoisan, hebrew, nubia, cush, children of YisRAel dwelt in Kemet/Egypt, Africa; was from birth more than 6,000 years ago. Be ye not deceived of any man-made, religious claims of IsraEL of 1948 stating four hundred and thirty years in your bible version.

Exodus 12: 41 – And it came to pass that all the children and host of RA the LORD went across the land of Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Egypt, Africa and beyond.

Exodus 12: 42 – It was heavenly, glorious watching unto RA the LORD bringing them across the land of Nubia, Kush, Kemet/Egypt; Africa; united and seeing all the hebrew children of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948 throughout all their Africa generations.

Exodus 12: 43 – And RA the LORD said unto AmenMose and Thutmosis III aka Moses: ‘This is the ordinance of my RA people shall no religious or denominational foreigner eat thereof;

Exodus 12: 44 – But every man’s family, tribe and household of RA shall be circumcised of heart by daily cosmic, transit, observance only unto RA and shall pRAy and REjoice thereof.

Exodus 12: 45 – An invader, cruader, sojourner and a hired thief shall not comprehend or eat thereof.

Exodus 12: 46 – In every house of RA shall it be known; thou shalt not seek of world, religions or denominations of world only RA. They shall know the Holy Bible is written on hearts and Africa STONE; not man-made religions or paper forever.

Exodus 12: 47 – All the global congregation of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948 shall keep it.

Exodus 12: 48 – And RA the LORD, himself of Spirit-spirit shall circumcise all believers of RA Most High. ,And all shall be as one that is born in the land, cosmos and universal KINGDOM of Amun RA; but no unbelieving, unfaithful, sinful, uncircumcised person shall inherit such royalty thereof.

Exodus 12: 49 – All KINGDOM laws and commandments are universal from cosmos Heaven to Earth; and is within and through all believers and followers of Amun RA Most High worldwide. This is spiritual cosmos not religious or denominational.

Exodus 12: 50 – Thus did all the children of YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948; as RA the LORD commanded Amenmose and Thutmosis III aka Moses, so did they.

Exodus 12: 51 – And it came to pass RA the LORD did bring the children of YisRAel not man-made Israel of 1948 across all the land of Africa to unite, multiply and replenish the land through and by their hosts.


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RA Holy Bible

There is no anti-semitism only anti-africanism of YisRAel.

True bible narRAtives as baRA, cREator, pRAise, pRAy, REdemption must only say Amun RA & RE.


The man who could go to AFRICA and rob her of her children, and then sell them into interminable BONDAGE, with no other motive than that which is furnished by dollars and cents, is so much worse than the most depraved murderer that he can never receive pardon at my hand.

– Abraham Lincoln

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