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Evil Eye/Generational Curses

Evil Eye or Generational Curses are things, beliefs and curses most people regardless of status, non-religion, religion or belief will receive or encounter in their lives. Lets talk...

I am yet to meet anyone who has never met another person who did not like or hated them for no reason. If you think about it these things happen on a daiy basis to most people. It could be at work, the gym, train, tube, grocery store even at church. You see, people are like animals not all suit, like or get along.

Many religions and denominations are the central cause of slavery, mind-control, racism, wars and pain worldwide. Pope is #1.

This is the only article I will write on this subject as I like to spend my mind, soul, spirit and time on positive NOT negative or evils of world. Have you noticed evil likes to mimmick, correct, copy or misrepresent good, holy or righteous worldwide? I heard Ozzy Osbourne kept the Sabbath as an Adventist child, then rebelled and created BLACK SABBATH now he has lost his marbles or KINGDOM life.

Could evil eye/genertional curse be white or pink christianity jesus who never existed?

Examine the facts, no scientific, historical or archaeological evidence worldwide. Just a fake narrative like Columbus discovered the Caribbean story of a white pink baby in a manger that lived 33 years designed to replace 800,000 + archaeological years of facts, when the region and Garden of Eden is clearly biblical AFRICA.

How can global racism, slavery and a LIE not be evil? Then you have NO J in the 1st King James Bible of 1611 why? Add the 1st slave ship of England UK was called ‘the good Jesus‘ this has to be evil eye and a generational curse for every christian or christianity religion or denomination worldwide.

Don’t get it twisted the eye of HORUS or RA is not evil it is truth. Why do most things world fear all facts & evidence of AFRICA, RED INDIAN, ABORIGINE & CARIBBEAN? Because they hold the truth of human civilization and with evidence are real 12 Tribes kings & queens of Solomon, Abraham and RA Kingdom.

Creator Meditation is the only Cure Within

Evil has NO POWER unless it takes over your mind, soul, spirit and actions. I have dealt with many situations in this life to FREE people in trouble, some in-person and others over the phone. I would never write or share those experiences all I will say is: LIKE JOB THE SERPENT ATTACKS but one has to be divinely anointed and empowered to handle real demons of this universe. .

People of all ages especially women and teens must now guard and protect their mind, soul, spirit and actions worldwide. Have you noticed teens carry knives, guns, drink alcohol and have sex like its nothing. Why? Most don’t speak with manners or grammatical sentences. Why? Rap, Rock and Hip Hop yet few would ever admit it not even Jay Z as genocide.

.What you listen to or believe is what you shall manifest and inherit.

If one thinks, act, breathe and believe in gang-banging, drugs, negativity, violence, evil, murder, theft, you will reap everything that comes with this mindset. If you are unsure what sex you are or was created with, you reap confusion and depression within. Only a fool male or female thinks they are in control of their own life or destiny.

That is like a driver saying I can drive as fast as I want and no car or law can stop or catch me. We were all young sweet 16 and 21, this is why we all have generations, people who have gone before us all regardless of age.

I am not going to write about an evil eye, more how to meditate and KEEP EVIL AWAY WITHIN. Try to use your mind for good not evil and positive not negative daily. This is how:

1st Step Prayer:

Amun RA Creator of the universe, I call upon your holy name Amun RA Hallelujah! Attack all evil thoughts, beliefs and spirits with your two-edged sword. Send flames of fire down to each and every serpent, demon and evil mind or foe.

I resist and rebuke all evil! I call upn Amun RA halleluyah now rejoicing. I declare that the enemy, devil or serpent has no power or authority. I also pray and declare all generational curses and evil eye shall RETURN TO SENDER throughout all generations and NONE SHALL EVER RETURN to mind, soul, spirit ever again.

Amun RA I thank you and praise you with my mind, soul and spirit forever.

Amun RA, Osiris, Horus, PTAH Hallelujah Amen.

Pray the above prayer three times per day morning, noon and night and always guard your mind, thoughts and spirit. Rarely does my mind, thoughts or words act without me checking or knowing what is being thought or happening. Even as a sword….

Step 2 Positively Meditate

Most people on planet Earth do not positively meditate enough. I believe every household family should be meditating at minimum ONCE daily as a group or alone.

This world is NOT getting any easier and has shrunk to a screen, smartphone or laptop worldwide. Technologies want your body, brain and data FREE for cash so be wise not foolish.

They tried copying, stealing, enslaving, changing our mind, soul, spirit and beliefs but the LATTER RAIN has come, and now we are returning back to ancient Kemet, Africa original Hebrew and biblical STONE not translated western evil-eye, bias, racist, religious papers.

The BIGGEST evil eye, generational curse and global deception is a fake white christianity pagan constantine jesus and slavery of the real 12 Tribes of Yisrael not fake Israel of 1948.

In His Service,


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