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Established definition

Established definition, depends on what one is trying to establish, create, define or understand. Is it of self, world, spiritual or a mixture of all or more? Read and watch video for more…

The Dictionary definition of the word established can vary meaning :

accepted or respected because of having existed for a long period of time or to start growing successfully somewhere.

It is fair to conclude, most people on planet Earth desire or wish to achieve the mindset or status of established, one is now feeling a sense or certainty of established in business, career, employment, education, investments, spirituality, marriage or other.

I was reading Psalms 40: 2-3 that uses the word established. Yet when one examines what it took King David aka ThutMose III to become established it was largely a mixture of patience, longsuffering, affliction, faith, prayer, hope, mercy to name just a few words and experiences.

I waited patiently for YHWH RA; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of the tumultuous pit, out of the miry clay; and He set my feet upon a rock, He established my goings.

Notice the HE established my goings. How many times have you prayed, cried, begged and waited patiently in the midst of storms, fears, battles, adversaries, trials, temptations, obstacles and more? It seems like becoming established is not just a huge word, but a very difficult word to achieve in living and life. David aka Thutmose III certainly felt so, alongside many other prophets, kings, queens and people of 1st-25th Dynasties who still stand at the center of all civilization, world and biblical characters.

There was a time in my ife I felt established only to then experience a curveball or unexpected circumstance that led to many other unforseen circumstances that replicates the words, sounds and experiences of David aka Thutmose III. This is why to become established one should WAIT upon Creator YHWH RA Most High.

Sure, one can think they can go it alone and become established with money, world, things or other, but when Creator YHWH RA pays one a visit, it is ultimately how and what HE desires or commands is the final conclusion, steps or path. This is regardless of how wealthy or poor one believes or thinks he or she is within or around. I have seen rich people suddenly die and all they have is scattered, sold or as nothing. Things of this world can never compensate or replace love, life, happiness and truth.

This is why many of the kings, queens and pharoahs of Africa and human civilization understood, taught and practiced:

Happy is the man that hath made YHWH RA his trust, and hath not turned unto the arrogant, nor unto such as fall away treacherously. Psalms 40 :5

The above is the absolute recipe, strategy and mindset of success and becoming established within and around. How can anyone expect to become established without the Creator YHWH RA and His laws, statutes and blessings within?


Are you established? Are you still praying, asking, planning, studying and moving towards established? There are certainly varying levels of established, one may be established in business but not in spirituality or education. I have known wealthy people who generated much cash but could NOT read or write and was more world than Kingdom living. Have you ever seen Wall St stockbrokers earn much cash feel they are established with things, assets, popularity, status until the CRASH, loss of job or living? It happens to most if not all alive.

However, only the tough, resilient and determined will strive towards becoming established or finishing their RACE of living or life even unto and beyond death like Nipsey Hussle, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy and great kings and queens of world and the Garden of Eden Africa we have had the pleasure of knowing or witnessing here on Earth.

In His Service,


Psalms 91:14

Because he hath set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he hath known My name.

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