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Elvis, Lisa Marie, Michael, Katherine & Heaven

Elvis, Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson & Katherine Jackson as a title or heading has to be pure Heaven. This is fact not fiction! Let me explain why…

I just spent over 3 hours watching videos of all of the above, on the Sabbath led by the Holy Spirit. It all started with watching videos of Michael Jackson, which led to video interviews of Katherine Jackson which then led to Lisa Marie Presley interviews concluding with videos of Elvis Presley.

What blew me away was the CORRELATION between most or all of the above, not only do they all have transparent hearts of gold and love which few can deny from music to family, living, life, trials, afflictions and suffering, but lived or are living from death to hope and eternity now and in the future.

It is now 3.33am I had to write this article to demonstrate 1st to the Creator Most High and His Holy Spirit, appreciation for the lives of all the above past and present, into Eternity for teaching the world of people LOVE IS THE CREATOR MOST HIGH ONLY .

Also, we all struggle, suffer, become confused, depressed, sin, battle and wonder what is living all about? In the interview of Katherine Jackson with Oprah Winfrey, this interview was TRUTH of the life, heart, soul and mind of the great and eternal Michael Jackson.

In the above video interview, try to listen and hear the heart, soul, mind and spirit of Katherine Jackson as Mother, who knew her son Michael Jackson more than anyone in the world as she brought her son into this world, and was the closest and most trusted person to Michael Jackson. This is fact not fiction! So what the world thinks or writes about Michael Jackson is mostly fiction, heresay and false unless quoted of Michael or his Dear Mother Katherine.

Let the Real Michael Jackson Live Forever

I think the Real Michael Jackson can be seen, known and heard in the above video interview. As fact and testimony, Michael Jackson gave the world his all. He gave the world everythng he had of gift, talent and love from a child chosen and called into the music industry. Katherine Jackson recalls Michael Jackson as a baby would dance to the sound of the washing machine, and if you watch the above interview look for the ‘smile’ on Joe Jackson’s face as Katherine Jackson repeats how Michael would listen attentively to the beat and sound of the washing machine then dance with joy and happiness.

I am tired of the way in which white-folks media and journalism always have to be spokesmen and spokeswomen for how talented and gifted people of colour love, dance, live, entertain, dress, raise their children and express themselves, why? Listen cautiously to white media…they lied, wrote and rewrote the history of Africa, introduced slavery and falsified, mistranslated versions of a white christianity Constantine pagan god and bible. They even created black and white minstrels of entertainment and world. Why? So they could divide, control, conquer, look and feel HIGHER than what is biblical, world and historical Egyptian and Africa dynasties of truth.

This is why they subjected Joe Jackson as a Father, claiming he mistreated his children. Really? As Joe Jackson stated in the above interview, NONE of his nine children was incarcerated or inherited anything less than fame, luxury and talent. So how bad could discipline of any kind if drilled, beaten or coached to be the best and second to none in the world be? How many people grew up being smacked, punished or beaten by their parents? Many. This was good as it kept most on the disciplined path to right not wrong. Most baby- boomers were not into gangs, drugs and disrespect as we now see millennials openly proud of being hoes, bitches, gang-bangers, strippers, drug-dealers, unemployed, illiterate of reading, writing or manners. Why?

Whoever spares the rod hates his son [or daughter], but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him. – Proverbs 13:24

The real Michael Jackson as some may claim was afraid of his Father, how many people grow up in fear of their Father or Mother? Is this good or bad? The Holy Bible in the above scripture counsels NEVER spare the rod or you hate your own son or daughter. It also counsels we all must FEAR the Creator of Heaven and Earth right? You know why? Unless one fears or reverences their Creator, Father or Mother they will do the opposite and think they can over rule, disrespect or control in reverse to the above counsel or biblical instruction.

This is why teens, youth and children of the modern world who practice carnal rights of ‘YOU CANNOT HIT OR TOUCH ME‘ as a teen , youth or child living with their parents who brought them into this world, often later disrespect, bully and control their Father and Mother.

Joe Jackson cannot be held responsible for being too heavy as he has only created and shared the JACKSON FIVE with now 26 grandcildren, and in the video above shared he NEVER divorced Katherine Jackson to the astonishment of Oprah Winfrey. This shows marriage over 50 years added to the above, which most people cannot even get past 5 years, so how can people judge or counsel Joe Jackson?

Michael Jackson may not have been happy with his Father, but one close friend has stated Michael forgave his Father and towards the end of his life they were close enough for Joe Jackson to call Katherine Jackson to inform her, she needs to come to the Hospital Michael Jackson is hurt or in a serious condition. The Jackson family was obviously in contact and together in the hospital even to the point the three children of Michael Jackson went ‘immediately’ home to live with Katherine Jackson and are close to Joe Jackson and family.

The real Michael Jackson was no different to most people on Earth, he wanted to be accepted, loved, appreciated, trusted, happy and do his best for mankind. But the world of people JUDGED, lied, sued, manipulated, purchased and controlled Michael Jqckson like a ‘minstrel‘ of music and easy target for lawsuits and money.

Katherine Jackson is one saint of a Virtuous Woman. Listen to how Joe Jackson speaks of his WIFE of over 50 years of marriage to Oprah. This is the truth! Not some media white-wash who speaks like some uncultured western reporter who wants to destroy fame, respect and fortune. later returning home to hypocritically drink, sniff cocaine or falsely act like they know black or talented people more than they know themselves or their family. Please!


The same correlation of who, what, when, where and how of Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley married to Michael Jackson is astounding.

It is almost as if the demonic forces of the Music Industry bosses want blood, death or sacrifice never appreciation, respect or honesty to be their end-result or legacy of legends or people who gave their family, talent and time to music and world.

Lisa Marie Presley, truly loved Michael Jackson with all of her heart! They definitely had a 100% real relatiosnhip and marriage to the point Michael Jackson wanted Lisa Marie Presley to birth his children. As a virgo myself, I know how Michael Jackson as a virgo would think and act like a visionary, perfectionist, disciplined, spiritual, loving, kind, good, not evil person. YET, you can always count on the world to take advantage of such people to try to defame, sue, control or discredit such talent even in his own business or household.

A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” – Matthew 10:36

Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson was no different! They were both in the music industry, talented, legends, celebrities of world, rich and successful yet both controlled as mintsrels of the music industry. I feel logically, to be subjected to YEARS of travel, demanding schedules, performances, interviews, dance rehearsals like a machine, it is only a matter of time before your brain, body, soul and mind gets tired, weak and burned-out. But because one is a perfectionist or does not want to be seen as unreliable or get dropped by your label who issues the advamce, promotion or distribution of your material how many humans would end up with difficulty in sleeping, concentrating or in need of energy to travel and perform multiple times per week?

Is this why drugs comes naturally by courtesy of the music industry?

It is time to set the record straight! Music bosses & labels need to take responsibility for who supplied and paid for the drugs to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson? If you work for an employer are they not responsible for your welfare even if they have to take a drug-test, refer or engage in rehabilitation? Or do they just sit back and watch you die so they can own your catalog of music and assets?

Your own household as the above scripture states is not just family, it could be your record label, business, friends or associates. Lisa Marie Presley as she stated questioned why is she living first her Father then Michael Jackson fate and journey? She also stated Michael jackson would inquire how her Father died and conclude he felt he would die the same way. Why? Because this is how the music industry operates, your a minstrel and you dance, sing and entertain for a loan or advancement, and if anything should happen they will own your catalog, master rights, music or assets.

In conclusion, Lisa Marie Presley and Katherine Jackson are the chosen and called ‘glue‘ to keep the legacy of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson legacy, Estate and families alive. They are the ones who must keep what is TRUE not false in the media and public of world. When I watched this video of Lisa Marie Presley covering a duet with her Father it blew me away, and the conclusion for me is all of the above titled in headline will and shall live eternally in Heaven. They have nothing to fear for they have done what they are chosen and called to do. The medicated drugs and struggle was to keep them mobile, pain free or get some sleep for they have travelled for years or decades and their mind, soul, and body needs help with pain, fatigue and suffering. I just think the Industry or drug supplier OVERDOSED them to death.

But in the end listen to the heart, mind and soul as Creator YHWH Most High states is what HE wants and desires:

Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to Creator YHWH the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity.” – Joel 2:13 NIV

And this is what Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley sing, sang, perform, performed and wrote songs from the heart, soul, mind and spirit towards. And this is what they all shall be rewarded in Heaven of heart, mind soul and spirit NOT world or media for. All good people NEVER see the world as black and white they see it equally as mankind.

In His Service,


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