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Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art reflecting ancient Kemet, Egypt, Africa surely can be compared to vintage or antique wine or furniture worldwide. Lets explore and talk

I am going to be investing in Egyptian Art from around the world in 2020. I think it is absolutely crucial, historically important and invaluable. I started researching Egyptian Art and artists from around the world and found some of my Top 10 favourites such:

  1. Alaa Awad – He became famous for his special murals on Mohamed Mahmoud Street in Cairo of 2012.
    His paintings , drawings, mosaic and his murals capture the history and traditions of Egypt, which he translated into a colorful neo-pharonic style. Many of this same images can be seen in Awad’s artwork today as he is inspired from the famous works of art from Ancient Egypt that may be seen in temples and museums.
  2. Hossam Dirar – Especially the Queen of Gold series. In this series, I was inspired by the paintings of Klimt, who was, in turn, influenced by Egyptian paintings. Klimt was fascinated by the evocative power of the symbolism of ancient Kemet Egypt after an existential crisis, in 1892.
  3. Art of ancient Kemet, Nubia, Egypt like pieces in key museums are precious and eternal.
  4. Ludwig Deutsch – Amazing, beautiful original depictions of ancient Nubia, Kemet, Africa dynasties in colourful oil paints even Sothebys cannot ignore.
  5. See this Pinterest display of Nubia, Kemet, Egypt Africa art.
  6. Top 10 Outstanding Ancient Egyptian Paintings
  7. Ancient Gallery Directory – all things Kemet, Nubia, Egypt fine art.

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