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Egypt/Kemet Marriage

Egypt/Kemet Marriage they formed world, love, marriage, survival, countries, business, trade, science, astronomy, religion, worship and family on Earth. What was dating, marriage and divorce like? Lets talk...

Egypt/Kemet which the word Kemet means ‘Black Land‘ is this why foreign invaders, so-called historians and uneducated scholars who could NOT read hieroglyphs, decided to change the map and country name of 1st Dynasty kingdoms of kings, queens and founding people of human civilization?

Is ancient global TRUTH written in stone not paper too black or brown for pink or white people? Black land does not mean black people, it means the actual land of good soil caused by the Nile is rich, fruitful black Africa.

Note, black and brown makes pink and white people, not the other way around. Also there is no-one black or white as people on planet Earth. We are all just colourful people of 12 Tribes, nations and tongues worldwide. The only thing that separates us is good and evil, believer or unbeliever of YHWH RA Most High [not white jesus] truth.

Egypt/Kemet people were spiritual, intelligent, united people to have built monumental Pyramids western countries in the 21st Century today with all its technologies cannot fathom or replicate. They were a people so in-tune with the Creator Amun RA/RE of this universe they lived daily for holy laws, statutes, commandments and eternity into the afterlife of paradise.

I don’t know of any religion or denomination on planet Earth today that counsels, educates or exemplifies more than Kemet, Nubia, Egypt Africa in action. What is more important is the SUN/UNIVERSE which daily reflects Creator YHWH RA than any pope, bishop, clergy, imam, rabbi, religion or denomination.

Is this why mankind has packaged most religions and denominations as the fake SON OF GOD including Islam, instead of the SUN OF YHWH RA? Yet they all say AMEN which means Amun RA.


In Egypt/Kemet marriage between male and female was designed to righteously multiply or populate world and Earth of One Creator, not stifled by invading terrorist polythiesm westerners, who forced with enslavement monogamous marriage to only one person at a time.

From this we can see where most countries of the world to this day, learned and copied like most or all things Kemet/Egypt from the earliest dynasties and only true civilization of world. This is why we are all told to marry only one woman, unless one is Muslim or other.

It also proves Egypt/Kemet were the orginal founders of all religions and denominations including Islam, Jewish, Christianity or other. Marriage in Kemet/Egypt was a VERY spiritual, rich, united, committed and fruitful experience.

At its height Egypt/Kemet was around 5 MILLION citizens who built, protected, lived around and within the most spiritual, luxurious and richest dynasties of human civilization.

Though invaded, stolen, copied and mistranslated, no king, queen or government worldwide to this day, has witnesssed or achieved the status, lifestyle, wealth or universal wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Kemet/Egypt, Africa.

All characters of all man-made bible versions are Tribes of Egypt/Kemet, Africa just white-washed as disciples, kings, queens and foreign people.

Most marriages of religions and world were designed, formed and arranged of Kemet/Egypt, this is where Islam and other western religions and denominations copied such a practice.

There is NOTHING NEW under the sun right? This is also where Christian, fake christianity, other religions and denominations have chosen to deviate…from the Kemet/Egypt black land of marital human civilization. They have changed times and laws in many ways even created and painted a white jesus, white 12 disciples not 12 Tribes diety.

I am trying to show you the reader not just how dating, marriage, love, divorce, spirituality and living into life of Egypt/Kemet is and should be for all wise, truth seeking people of all nations, tongues and people. But, how the religions and denominational white-wash, fake Israel not Yisrael, christianity, Islam and Khazar jewish lifestyles, bastardized languages, lifestyles and alphabet systems have deceived most people on planet Earth for centuries even today.

From the above video one can learn a woman or female is always a RIB this is why she is called wo-man or fe-male. Egypt/Kemet knew the wo-man and fe-male was, is and shall always be a created gift of Creator YHWH RA Most High. In other words, in marriage the TWO always become ONE never divided or separated. They are a union, united with vows before the maker and creator YHWH RA.

The kings of Egypt/Kemet, had many wives, Egypt/Kemet was not holy or righteous for all. Plus think of the foreign invasions of Kemet/Egypt i.e. Rome yet AFrica is also the Garden of Eden right? So sex, love, populating or child birth is no different then to how you see most countries and the population of Africa today.

In fact, they were commanded and told ‘go forth and multiply and replenish the Earth‘ right? This requires sex, love, marriage and dating and is what Egypt/Kemet and the 12 Tribes of Africa still do today. It is always the pink foreign invaders who think to change times, laws, lifestyles and commandments. This is why they introduced slavery and named the 1st slave ship of the England, UK Jesus.

It is fair to state women were of equal status to men as the RIB, yet they embraced the Man as their spiritual and household head. There is no way Creator YHWH RA would ever take the RIB from the man to make wo-man, and then make her the head.

This is what many women need to learn, embrace and uphold worldwide. Yet western society is trying to not just destroy communication and the union of male and female but marriage constituted of Creator Most High worldwide. This is how the anti-christ and anti-12 Tribes colonials and fake religions and denominations operate.

The woman or female was the keeper of the home, children and nuturer and she had to work or have a job. Egypt/Kemet understood the ‘spiritual‘ gift, love, creation and empowerment of teamwork, unity, working together never apart, demonstrating across spirituality, wealth, riches, blessings, artifacts, history and the eternal legacy of 12 Tribes Kemet/Egypt written in stone not paper.

Was Egypt/Kemet highly sexual and active population to the point some not most were promiscuous, gay, lesbian or other? I believe so, because we live in a world of sin and human lifestyles, practices, sin, good and evil right? So today is a reflection of all mankind as kemet/egypt was then and is why we have choices betewen good and evil still today.

The conclusion of the matter is, one can take good or evil, positive or negative from any situation or experience. You can claim to love someone and they hate or reject you because they do not believe or receive you within.

One thing for sure the order of creation has not changed and a woman as stated above will always be the RIB and helpmeet of Man. No two lesbians or gay males can ever change or alter the creation, mind, statutes or commandments of YHWH, YAH, RA Most High.

Yes, we all must not judge as we all have choice and what you choose is YOUR choice, way, lifestyles, belief and habits within. And we all shall be judged eternally for good or evil.

In His Service,


Ever studied Yaakov aka Jacob Marriage of Genesis 29?

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