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Doing NOTHING is a Myth

Doing nothing is a myth, because no-one on planet Earth can sit and do nothing within. Lets talk...

Have you ever been accused of doing nothing? When in reality you were thinking, sitting, standing or laying down doing something in your mind, thoughts and being?

What appears to be described as nothing is STILLNESS or SILENCE in action.

The error, problem or misconception is STILLNESS or SILENCE is being lazy, wasting time or doing nothing when in fact, stillness or silence is the right place and position of creation or creative thinking.

When a woman fancy’s or desires a busy, popular or workaholic man she is unlearned, oblivious to the still learned man that can save her from hell and destruction within.

Anyone male or female who chooses to be STILL and SILENT as mush as he or she can daily is a very wise mind, soul and spirit WITHIN. The Universe will know, see and hear whom is using their energy, spirit, mind and soul in the most positive, loving and powerful way daily.

Listen to this Podcast on Waiting which requires being still and praying in silence and solitude.:

Doing nothing is definitely a MYTH. The only way anyone can do nothing is if they have no brain or thoughts and one would surely be pronounced dead.

The art of being still or silent is to use your EARS, mind, soul and spirit in the most powerful and positive way possible. The way you or I would sit, be still, think, pray and meditate is not the way I or anyone else would do it.

This is what makes us all very powerful, spiritual and unique especially to the Most High. Also imagine if most people in the world were actually doing NOTHING or being still, silent and meditating.

I believe the world of people would be more harmonious, united, peaceful, loving and abundant worldwide. What causes violence, competition, conflict and dysfunction is greed, envy, jealousy, evil and strife.

What I am actively learning as I journey into the depths of Heaven, Earth and Universe is how many people are deceived by man-made politics, governments, lifestyles, religions, denominations, false beliefs, porn, sex, drugs and world.

Most people think they are successful only by money or things of world. Wrong! Your success is more of are you happy, balanced or fruitful of good, love, spirituality, peace and freedom within?

One can never be successful unless you are successful of spirituality, harmony and balance WITHIN. How can you ever be productive if you have NO love, faith, unity, peace, harmony or love within?

The way and yellow-brick-road to spiritual success, dominion and UNIVERSAL-TRUTH is embracing stillness + solitude + love + peace + faith daily.

In His Service,


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