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CyberRev Volunteer’s Wanted

CyberRev volunteer’s wanted in your City, State, Town or Country worldwide.

What we are seeking are wise, mature, professional, spiritual and responsible people to become a CyberRev Volunteer to share and promote the CyberRev website and content online and offline.

We need people who do NOT talk unless they action what they believe, speak and hope. The world is heading off the moral, value’s and honesty cliff-edge.

Think about the next 3 generation’s to lead us into 2026 and beyond, what does it look like for the world?

This is why we need spiritual CyberRev volunteer’s worldwide who are WOKE, or desire to awaken from the WITHIN to wisely encourage other’s how best to rule their mind, soul, spirit, body and spiritual destiny.

CyberRev will supply you one FREE CyberRev T-SHIRT as your spiritual volunteer uniform. You will also be granted FREE direct personal mentorship, counsel and advice for 1 hour per month direct from CyberRev.

All we ask of you are 3 goals:

  1. We need you working and producing the fruit’s of your volunteer labor weekly
  2. We will be watching, and we will NOT trust or respect little or no result’s or labor.
  3. You can use the website link, logo or create business card’s from CyberRev URL, social media, logo design or artwork only.
  4. We will list the name’s of all volunteer’s and their location on the website.
  5. Most youth and adult’s worldwide will ask or say how can I make money today? Tell them CyberRev, will show them how and also give them the right to sell CyberRev t-shirts, only and if they become an official, working, volunteer for good not crime or negativity.
  6. *NOTE – Not everyone who volunteer’s or is referred will be accepted. We will ONLY select honest, trustworthy, spiritual and reliable people worldwide.

If you would like to become a spiritual CyberRev Volunteer please REGISTER here today!

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