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CyberRev quotes of spiritual KINGDOM love, life, peace, trials, suffering, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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The greatest treasure’s of living and life are all UNSEEN, you cannot take thing’s seen with you into Heaven or Eternity.

The man who could go to Africa and rob her of her children, and then sell them into interminable BONDAGE, with no other motive than that which is furnished by dollars and cents, is so much worse than the most depraved murderer that he can never receive pardon at my hand. – Abraham Lincoln

And the ransomed of Amun RA/RE the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and joy, sorrow and sighing shall flee away. – Isaiah 35:10

When you meet TRUTH, no religious or denominational wall’s can hold you within, only the Universe or Cosmos of I AM.

I may not have the money YOU think I should boast, bank or spend, but my spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding is PRICELESS & ETERNAL.

You cannot stop or prevent a Divine calling, mission or plan.

The universal Creator has alway’s been about SUN not mythical, fable, man-made, religious, deceptive, son.

Intelligence has very little to do with world or thing’s of world.

Most people live upside down, they are blind to what is above their head’s a astrological, universal, spiritual, eternal, living Kingdom as cosmic SUN not son.

Few people ever find the narrow gate, universal, cosmic, spiritual, eternal, not religious or denominational, KINGDOM within.

The word’s fool and unwise, are in a dictionary and most bible versions. So don’t read and drink from my spiritual fountain, then try to destroy or spit in it.

Most preacher’s, prophet’s, bishop’s, priest’s, clergy, pastor’s are like Tarot reader’s. They talk a hole bunch of sh*t, what they think and see, and one or two ever discover honesty.

In life and living, try to only move with those of positive, supportive, love and LIGHT, not darkness, hater’s or backbiter’s.

Life is like nature, a flower, tree or water, they all live, stand, grow and prosper according to love and provision of the astrological, cosmic, divine, spiritual, universe as our eternal Kingdom.

Family or friend’s are family or friend’s who understand your called, chosen, universal and eternal only.

Regardless of what you or any one think’s, I covered and saved my mama and dad of divine, destiny, into the RA boat eternally.

First half of your life is all about family, world, pleasure, second half of your life after your Saturn return is universe, maturity, destiny and eternity.

Be the fool of leaping faith, hope, individuality, sacrifice, desire and manifestation.

Most parent’s were enslaved, deceived, religious or denominational, not free or unapologetic.

Universal and eternal education is FREEDOM.

Live sacrificial, loyal, intuitive, spiritual of the voice within. Not of emotional, carnal head or self, but an all-knowing, cosmic, matter, SPIRIT-spirit, universe.

If you are going to suffer, bleed or die, suffer, bleed or die for the eternal universe and divine destiny, not world.

Truth is not popular of world or people, yet truth is eternal of the universe.

For universal truth to be universal, it cannot be carnal, black nor white, but eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent and multicultural of all thing’s in Heaven and Earth.

There is no anti-semitism only anti-africanism of biblical AFU-RA-KA aka Africa , Kemet aka Egypt, YisRAel not man-made IsraEL of 1948.

You can only reach Heaven into your after-life, from within.

What the world call’s death or die, is just your CREATOR returning to take the breath HE gave you, when HE created you, home into eternity.

The Creator only need’s your breath, spirit and soul for your new eternal vessel, that can never become limited, old, stressed or in pain eternally.

Getting to Heaven or communicating with the Creator has NOTHING to do with any religion. It is all about your mind, soul, spirit, faith and belief WITHIN.

To learn or believe any or all religions and denominations of WORLD is fruitless. You only need the CREATOR KINGDOM UNIVERSE as Cosmos within.

You cannot claim the original Holy Bible of STONE that is not paper versions, outside of AFU-RA-KA when all mankind is AFU-RA-KA 100%.

The only people as kings, queens, gods & goddesses most pink people copy, hate, steal, lie, enslave, decieve, even rewrite their history is people of AFU-RA-KA and Amer-Indians. Why? They are the original Royal, biblical, Garden of Eden.

The hebREw word for cREate and cREator is baRA as Amun RA RE.

Use your time and life for baRA cREator, pRAise, REwarding your calling and universal fREedom as RE & RA.

No one can pRAy, pRAise, say amen or halleluYAH without Amun RA or RE.

True bible narRAtives as pRAise, pRAy, REdemption do and must say Amun RA & RE.

Most of the world of people, lifestyle and things are 100% lies, deception and fake.

Nothing beats living every thought, dream, hope, faith, tear and desire only for the SUN-not son and cosmos or Creator of the Universe as one eternal, living Kingdom.

Your pREsent and eternal REward is only cREator RA & RE.

Most people do not know the power and wisdom of Kemet/Egypt sidereal solar calender of the universe.

When I shout , I am screaming RA/RE is calling you of I AM.

I do NOT care or shall NOT attend funerals especially of my family or loved-ones. Why? I am more into loving and caring for you whilst you were alive on Earth, then ensuring daily you are transported of the universal boat of RA/RE within, into your afterlife where we can all live eternally.

To attend a funeral watch a pastor, bishop or clergy with guests be sad, cry then say goodbye is ignorance and stupidity of eternity.

I will never have a funeral…I have already arranged my own tomb and transportation from within into the 2nd Sky of eternity. This website is eternal proof.

Astrology of RA is just as important as pRAy, pRAise and the cREator.

I wish I could keep you forever, but later, some people we love need rest and sleep into ZION.

One CANNOT enter the KINGDOM of Heaven within, until broken, tested and educated of universal Spirit-spirit then ransomed.

The UNIVERSE is above your head with planets, cosmos, Royal gods and goddesses. So why ignore it claiming any religion, denomination, political party or gang.

Meditation + education + presentation = wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

One CANNOT keep bowing to religious, political slavemasters or pagan gods as enemies of RA/RE, at the cost of your own freedom, spiritual, universal and eternal salvation.

Most religious people of all religions worldwide do NOT know they worship EL GOD of man-made IsraEL; ignoring Amun RA of Kemet/Egypt, biblical AFU-RA-KA or YisRAel of the Garden of Eden, Africa.

Your body is full of spirit and water to flow daily into Heaven and the after-life from within.

We were never created to be fashioned or working for world. Only fashioned and working for the Universe, cosmos and eternal life within.

Most women are SINGLE because most have forgotten how to be a spiritual, universal, loyal woman.

The world of people is NOT a place like Heaven or Earth it is people on Earth.

Never limit or call yourself black, white or other without asking yourself who told you your black, white or other? A slavemaster. Be free within.

The UNIVERSAL KINGDOM within has nothing to do with man-made politics, religions or denominations of world.

You cannot keep wearing many labels of world and HIS KINGDOM crown within.

Ears to HEAR means not everyone on Earth can HEAR within.

I know you been told white jesus on a donkey is real, but he is a myth, fable, deception and a global lie.

Marriage to Creator RA/RE was never intended to be stifiled or reduced by western invaders to one woman. Remember Abraham, ENOCH, David and Solomon are Hebrew africans of the Garden of Eden AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

Love is spiritual, universal, everlasting, unconditional and NOT sex; unless two people agree their act of sex at anytime is spiritual marriage.

Love, loyalty and happiness are worth more than money, their priceless.

Money is metal or paper …..yet women and men love metal and paper more than love, wisdom and knowledge of the Creator, universal Kingdom which is free and priceless.

Male, female, boy, girl, woman, man, now the world got you jacked-up, confused and brain-washed as children of darkness not light.

Why songs of b*tch, h*e, guns, gangs, violence or flesh? We all have two choices heaven or hell within.

The reason Kingdom people go through so many spiritual storms is the Creator chasten’s those whom HE love’s, then wisely ensure’s once your purged and purified there is NO WAY your going backwards to enslavement, sin or crime.

ZION is actually a place Kingdom believers are resting in or travelling daily too within.

There is NO Noah’s Ark, but there is a universal boat of RA/RE that sails the universe daily rising as the SUN not son and setting as the moon or stars into our afterlife.

All religions & denominations including Christianity i.e. jesus are FAKE LYING pink copies of Kemet/Egypt, Amun RA, Aset, Heru & Asar.

Want to be in a GANG be a gang member or soldier of the KINGDOM of RA not world.

Living one year with monks in solitude and silence taught me silence makes you wise, aligned. And life, the universe, nature and world still rotate’s forward daily in silence.

Meditation is not religion or denomination, it is being ONE with the Creator and limitless, astrological, spiritual, eternal, universe within.

The world as people are fast becoming Cyborgs, this is mind-c0ntrol on steroids unless you have the universal, spiritual, RA RE Kingdom within.

They don’t know who I am. – Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality.

I am what I do, say and live by daily WITHIN nothing else.

It is impossible to have TRUTH without universal, divine or eternal power.

Talent does NOT need money. It is money that bow’s to talent worldwide.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant have both inherited more than basketball. They have now flown into Heaven and their etermal afterlife.

Nipsey Hussle was not world he was spiritual, Kingdom and eternal afterlife.

Never run with the world or things of the world, run with your spiritual passion only.

Who controls the narrative shapes the reality of how the world views society. It controls who’s loved, who’s hated, who’s degraded and who’s celebrated. – Colin Kaepernick

I’ve always had an interest in books. I’ve had an interest in black literature. The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ was a book that changed my life, – Colin Kaepernick

The manipulation, the colonization, the distortion of stories, narratives, history, has been done. – Colin Kaepernick

Racism is a poison! Hatred is a poison! – Angela Merkel, German Politician

If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people that are being oppressed and loving the people that are doing the oppressing. – Malcom X

If Bill Cosby was broke no woman from 10-26 years ago would sue him.

Like Michael Jackson entertainment and media owners always decide, who they will lynch or mind-control as slaves.

There is no anti-semitism only anti-Africanism from the Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA aka Africa until now.

There is NO such thing as black or white history, only Afu-RA-ka as the original Garden of Eden, world and oldest human Royal DNA.

Each time we ignorantly label people white or black that is colonial racism, deception, stereotypes of division, when most are shades of brown and pink, worldwide.

Don’t make the mistake of living or doing everything, but His calling and will for your life daily.

Being a universal Kingdom, spiritual woman, is uplifting and embracing a spiritual Kingdom Man, not carnal, religious or denominational world.

Kingdom men and women have knowledge, wisdom and power of the the now and afterlife into eternity within.

TRUTH does not look or sound like anything you have heard because you have never read or heard biblical, AFU-RA-KA RA RE TRUTH.

I love freedom because freedom is NOT religion or denomination; it is 100% universal, spiritual and eternal facts not mythical, carnal fiction.

Genocide and insanity looks like hip-hop, kanye west, jay Z, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Lil Durk, T.I, of rap, evil, gangsta, mind-control, drugs and violence.

What their not telling most members of religions and denominations is AbRAham and all things are created by RA RE as SUN not son of biblical AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

If you claim to be pink or white you came from brown and black, fact.

Africans, caribbean’s, afro-american’s, british-black’s, latino’s, cuban’s, brasillian’s, colombian’s and people who claim mixed, brown or black; know NOT their true history or Amer-Indian, AFU-RA-KA Royal gods & goddesses, universal identity.

Life is like a global conveyor belt as one gets old or passes another is born to repeat life as their ancestral journey within and around.

The problem with world as people is, most want to think and do as they please, not what the universal baRA Creator or Holy PTAH Spirit wants them to think and do daily.

If you do not believe in Amun RA do not say: AbRAham, HalleuYAH, IsRAel, pRAise, pRAy or AMEN.

When your passion rules your mind, soul, spirit, it bows to the universe with faith, hope and tears.

You invade, enslave, terrorize, stereotype and rape us, yet you fear us even today. We should fear you, but instead we pity your eternal destiny.

To understand universal truth, one has to unravel the lies and truth of historical religious and political narratives.

The locusts have no king, yet all of them march in loyalty and rank. – Proverbs 30: 27

All AmeriIndian people are truly africans of biblical AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

The real AbRAham is Nimrod; this is the truth missing from all man-made bible versions.

A wise woman will always listen to a wise man and rejoice within daily.

Family is for birthing, loving, supporting, nurturing for us all to then become spiritual, universal, eternal, FREE not religious or world.

Copy your forefathers, for their work is carried out through knowledge, and endure in their writings. [Source]

Great is the great one whose great ones are great…. [Source]

Do not destroy ancient buildings with destruction…. [Source]

Be active during the time of your existence, and do no more than is commanded. [Wise counsel of Ptah-Hotep]

Activity produces riches, and riches do not endure when it slackens. [Wise counsel of Ptah-Hotep] – Source above.

Imagine pink people, falsified and stole everything from Amerindian and Africa; the oldest human civilization, then enslaved all people of colour from Royalty of original creator’s, king’s and queen’s. -CyberRev

A Man cannot love a Woman who fails to respect and protect him, with loyalty, love and unity. – CyberRev

One can only wisely persuade a woman, not force her to change. – CyberRev

I can only love you, if you allow me to love you. Think about it. – CyberRev

My heart is in pain [Mama] we were never mean’t to ever be apart. – CyberRev

Do not play the secret game of woman, I use men for money. – CyberRev

Elon Musk is a 44 BILLION USD fool, with a bot filled, low engagement, social media, purchase. – CyberRev

Andrew Tate has a weakness women, this is the real Matrix and his ultimate downfall.

Women need to rise upward, never downward of a selfish, lying, cold, carnal mind or world.

Beauty is me being natural, royal, king, queen, spiritual, universal, loving, humble, wise, loyal, prayerful, by faith not sight.

In 2022, I think I have lost decade’s NOT being or thinking me, within, only.

Your universal passion and spiritual calling, should be the 1st thing you set-out to accomplish by any mean’s necessary.

Never listen to anyone who does not support or cheer you, into your spiritual destiny.

Pele the great has finally transcended into his eternal afterlife, Thank you Most High for such a beautiful, talented, light.

Lewis Hamilton is one genius and legend who reigns high worldwide and universally.

The world has to stop trusting and supporting fake RealityTv, lips, hair, butt injections, hip-hop, PTSD, LGBTQ, drug-filled, jesus on a donkey, lying-ass people, over good, spiritual, anointed, balanced people.

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is NO DEMOCRACY.” – Abraham Lincoln


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