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CyberRev Membership

CyberRev website is FREE or partner with us as a UNIVERSAL KINGDOM VIP [paid] member? You can partner with us for a monthly fee on Patreon, an online community of entrepreneurial creators to help us take colorless Kingdom, mindfulness, spirituality and Kemet, Egypt, Nubia, Garden of Eden truth worldwide.

We have many ideas and plans for web, social, digital and mobile with offline workshops on meditation, mind, soul, spirit and dominion within. But we cannot do this without a global team network, volunteers and funding from Kingdom VIP members who believe in ONE COLORLESS CREATOR in and through us all.

Partner, join and help us by becoming a universal Kingdom VIP member with monthly subscription. Register now if you feel or believe HIS KINGDOM IS NOT RELIGION and or the world needs His colorless UNIVERSAL TRUTH without racism, slavery, walls or stereotype labels.

What you get as a universal Kingdom VIP member are:

  • 30 minutes per month talking with CyberRev via social app worldwide
  • Direct life coaching and advice on life, meditation, spirituality and who am I?
  • We all need someone motivational and empowering CyberRev has the knowledge, skills and wisdom.


We humbly THANK YOU in advance.

CyberRev Team.

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