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Creator SUN not son RA RE, Most High is something few people of the world, understand, acknowledge and live for why? Let’s talk...

How many article’s must one write to PROVE and declare most people on planet Earth have been enslaved, brain-washed and mind-controlled by false, lying, deceptive, religions, denominations, fake royal governments and people of world.

Here is a recent news article once again digging, discovering ancient, biblical, real, SUN not son, CREATOR RA RE, MOST HIGH. Read: SUN TEMPLES of Garden of Eden, real, biblical, AFU-RA-KA.

Now what? Does it matter to you? Does universal truth of who is the real Creator interest you? Most people are worshipping like religious bingo clubs what they have been forced, enslaved, mind-controlled and brainwashed to worship.

I just discovered man-made Prince Charles & his second wife have visited Kemet, Africa, Egypt, Royal, Pyramid, Holy Tombs and land after 15 years, as they subconsciously know, who the real ROYAL families are of the real, Garden of Eden, biblical, Holy Bible, AFU-RA-KA, eternally within.

The sad thing about KMT, Kemet, Egypt, Africa is most people of color or colour, have very little knowledge, education, value or belief they are the real ROYAL, DNA, of the original biblical, Garden of Eden on Earth.

So they continuously bow, believe and fall for fake, western, religious, denominational, government, ideologies and false narratives, they are only slaves belonging to slavemasters, invaders and pirates, who used guns and bullets to destroy AFU-RA-KA and ancient, biblical, Royal, civilization.

This is why most people of color or colour are now broke, depressed, lost, confused and tithe, offering, praise, worship, bow down, twerk and sacrifice themselves to a mythical, world and fake, pink, jesus on a donkey in Africa, worldwide.

They have little to no idea they are the original, real, ROYAL, DNA within.

They are now afraid to see the global, deceptive, religious, plot, it is SUN not son eternally as the only real CREATOR RA RE of Heaven and Earth.

I think I and all the real Royal dynasties, queens and kings of AFU-RA-KA are crazy, insane and evil right? You love world and things of world, even music, drugs, twerking and entertainment, more than freedom, love, unity, peace, cosmos or universe.

This is because YOU have been brain-washed and taught to believe false, man-made, biblical, religious, denominational, sociological, stereotypical, enslaved, narratives, Pharaoh’s are evil people of the fake EXODUS story of religious, political and denominational BS.

So let’s discuss this, if the biblical, historical, artifacts and ROYAL tombs of KMT, Kemet, Egypt, Africa are meaningless or worthless as kings and queens as Pharoah’s, why are they in museums of the world, stolen, priceless and still being hunted and excavated today?

IT WAS CREATOR, UNIVERSAL, DIVINE, ETERNAL, SUN; never mythical son or anything else.

Also ask yourself this fundamental, universal, question: IS THERE ANYTHING OLDER THAN BIBLICAL PEOPLE & STONE? Remember the alphabet system of ABCD is also of KMT, Kemet, Egypt, Africa alongside the oldest human DNA of all people on Earth.

I have also stated in other articles there was NO EXODUS of Pharaoh’s and they were never evil, wicked, people quite the opposite. This was a man-made religious, denominational, political, evil plot to discredit, falsify and alter the truth and original, Holy Bible of AFU-RA-KA and the only Garden of Eden on Earth.

I am once again trying to awake YOU all within. I am trying to get you to think, see and be FREE within. I am trying to release YOU from the slavery, shackles, lies and deceptions of man-made religions and denominations of world, into the only Church as Universe.

Do you think they want you to know this Truth? Do you think they want you FREE as the SUN not son within? I know this is hard to believe, but when and if you do, this is guaranteed FREEDOM WITHIN.

I will tell you why…because you will discover without the SUN there is no life or world. The world is simply people. the world is NOT a place it is people, worldwide.

This is why people claim, operate and rule the world, and they bow, serve and worship THEIR gods and images as mostly son, woman or man NOT SUN of Heaven and Earth.

This journey, realization and truth is not easy. It takes faith, trust, hope, research and delving beneath what one has always been told and accustom to thinking. This is why I am sharing decades of facts, research, suffering and education of Spirit-spirit to save you pain, hurt and enslavement.


What will you do when you as we all shall return back to not world, but Heaven into the Universe? How will you answer the call, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of what YOU stood for whilst living on Earth?

Don’t get it twisted – you/I will still have to exercise faith, trust, hope, long-suffering, repentance, laws, commandments and submission to RISE or climb your/I own ladder or Tree of Life.

Let me ask all theologians, pastors, bishops, rabbi’s, imam’s and clergy TWO fundamental, biblical question’s?

  1. Do you respect, appreciate and believe King David of your bible version or biblical scriptures?
  2. If yes or no, did King David instruct all believers to look upward or towards the Sun, Moon and Heavens in praise, adoration and worship?

I hope TDJakes also read’s and answers these questions within. Here is the man-made, bible versions PROOF:

PRAISE the [RA RE] Lord! Praise the [RA RE] Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights! Praise him, all his angels; praise him, all his hosts! Praise him, SUN and MOON, praise him, all you shining stars! Praise him, you highest heavens, and you waters above the heavens! Let them praise the name of the [RA RE] Lord! For he commanded and they were created. – Psalms 148: 1-14

Ok, I inserted or interjected RA RE for he is the oldest, original CREATOR of Heaven and Earth. Many may argue and reject this, but real, hieroglpyh, biblical, facts are more powerful than man-made, fiction and all religions of world.

Ok, just in case you argue this interpretation is not so:

From the rising of the SUN to its setting, the name of the RA RE Lord is to be praised! – Psalms 113: 3

From the above scripture, yes, I inserted RA RE again, it is absolutely clear KING DAVID or really a real, african, Garden of Eden, Royal, King worshipped the SUN not mythical son, of most religions and denominations of the first, man-made, bible version of 1611.

They were OLDER and pre-dated 16th Century 1611 right? So all of the Old Testament of your man-made, bible versions were thousand’s of years older than the NEW TESTAMENT or 1611. So how do you get the name King David, Moses, Solomon or Noah etc, etc.

Ok anyway, I am trying to show you the false narratives, lies, deception’s and religious, denominational, man-made, plots are now being EXPOSED. It was never anything about son only SUN as the Creator of Heaven and Earth eternally.

Let’s examine and look into this from a scientific or universal fact. Without the SUN how would there be life or power on Earth? Also without the SUN how would people be alive to live or become a world?

Ok, JOB the most righteous Man who ever lived in your man-made, bible translation and interpretation boldly states:

Who commands the SUN, and it does not rise; who seals up the STARS. – JOB 9: 7

So JOB who also must have been an african KING of biblical, Garden of Eden, baRA, AFU-RA-KA aka Africa; where all people of the world have originated of all tongues, color etc. JOB is clearly pointing to the SUN not son or comos as universal CREATOR and KINGDOM of all life and Heaven.

Any fool can disagree or add another interpretation, but the words are clear WHO means who? Commands mean to command. SUN means SUN not son. Rise means rise or risen. Stars means stars in the cosmos, heavens or universe.

So it is 100% what the words or above mean and they are all above our heads, regardless of what anyone thinks, believe’s or argue’s. I am also aware that there are other NEW TESTAMENT scriptures that counter worship or observance of the cosmos, sun, moon and stars, but I know why.

The NEW TESTAMENT is called ‘new‘ because it is written by the Vatican and Greco-Roman’s of a man-made, pagan, organization or religious, demonic, institution to deliberately mind-control, enslave and make MONEY from all religions and denominations of world.

I could go deeper into all this and may do so, as and when it happens. But we have enough food for thought for all people of all religions and denominations worldwide, to understand if we all went to the UNIVERSE or COSMOS and universal Creator as SUN, as a child into adulthood, not man-made, religious, denominational son.

Would we all be more FREE, united and one, with less wars, divisions, violence, racism, slavery, hatred, evil and confusion worldwide?

You decide,

In Universal Service,


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