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Corona Virus, Covid19, Agenda21 & More…

Corona Virus, Covid19, Agenda 21 and More…we are living in VERY serious times.

This week looking around the world online, watching and reading endless media reports and videos across a spectrum of topics. I wanted to catch a glimpse of the true state of people and this world in which we live.

I received a text this week, stating I needed to obtain an NHS QR Code display sign to place outside of business. This led me to research and find out what on earth is going on.

I suddenly realized [and you may too] this Corona Virus, Covid19 situation is getting very controlling, serious and frustrating to the point, WITHOUT swiping your phone how will you enter a supermarket, grocery store, chemist, hospital, bank, work or business local or worldwide?


HUMANS are definitely being cornered…politicians worldwide treat people no different to animals or herding. They make blanket decisions, hardly considering at length or depth what if you have no smartphone?

What if you have no money to buy a smartphone how will they shop, eat or equally be accepted with this Covid test or laws?

Already, humans cannot be and do not feel free. Most animals from a dog, cat, horse, mice or rat can roam freely without being caged, caught, injected and told what they can or cannot do on a daily basis. This is what bothers me immensely.

How are humans suppose to pay their mortgage, rent, bills, take care of their children, school or college, if they are restricted, limited or cannot go to interviews, employment, exhibitions, trade shows or even their local wine bar or Church?

I am NOT against any health service or government taking precautions or measures to protect people or communities of all ages and backgrounds, but do it with thought, sense and equality for all.

How do you expect an elderly or illiterate person is going to use an APP and know how to scan a QR Code and know what they are doing even for privacy or security and protection of their information from store-to-store or app-to-app? Technology and the world is not A, B, C.


What the danger and bigger picture could be is what happens next? What happens when their is another deadly virus? What happens when technology is being used to plant a MICROCHIP closer into humans?

What happens when without a specific or certain APP you may be refused access and the ability to shop, eat or work? Humans need to move around, exercise, socialize, feel and talk to one another or they get lonely, depressed, anxious, afraid, fearful, sick and stressed daily.

This is basic common-sense worldwide, yet the world of governments appear to still herd and isolate humans like sick cattle or animals why?

Watch these two videos and tell me if you think the world of people is getting better or worse. Also, to wake-up do selfies, collect likes, favourites, beans or cam sex online is this being wise or productive?

You many need to read, research and get ready, for this world cannot continue with people being isolated, restricted and mind-controlled by technologies or one-way-street, capitalist governments.

In Universal Service,


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