Consultancy is an hourly or daily service CyberRev passionately provides. Get powerful, undiluted, 12 TRIBES KINGDOM BELIEVER, motivational building-blocks of the within to rule the without.  This is performed online or in-person, which has taken years of mastering the WITHIN to now be able to teach and consult in the following areas:

  • Who am I?
  • Who is God?
  • How can I know God?
  • How can I be happy?
  • How can I find peace?
  • How can I understand Love?
  • What is Church?
  • How can I be positive?
  • How can I be successful?
  • How can I be positive not negative?
  • How can I discover my calling or passion within?
  • How can I improve my self-talk within?
  • How can understand my mind, spirit and soul?
  • How can I align myself with universal God?
  • How can I reduce or eliminate FEAR?
  • How can I reduce or eliminate anxiety?
  • How can I handle stress of mind and world?
  • How can I reduce or eliminate rejection?
  • How can I better handle loneliness?
  • How can I embrace solitude & silence with a smile?

The above is just a short-list of the many things we as people of the Earth and world experience on a daily basis.

CyberRev holds a Hon’s degree in Business and is also an ordained Pastor, but strongly feels his greatest education has derived from KINGDOM Spirit to spirit. He knows and believes YHWH GOD speaks for himself through his prophets of old especially ENOCH.

He also knows and believes it is NOT world that educates but YHWH God educates his  believers, as HE has created love, peace, life, hope, desire, dominion and all things written and prophesied of Heaven and Earth.

CyberRev also is proudly non-denominational and non-religious. CyberRev chooses more a Spirit to spirit approach that is colorless and universal. We can all talk and hear from Creator YHWH direct within. CyberRev coaches and believes the Kingdom of God is WITHIN [Luke 17:21] CyberRev also coaches and believes in keeping all commandments, statutes and laws, like the prophets as this teaches us all to abstain from sin, evil, hatred, violence and death of another.

Benefits of Hiring CyberRev

  • Learn to love and master YOU within
  • Learn from someone who has walked the walk within and around of everything listed on this website
  • Learn from someone spiritual, intelligent, passionate and experienced who is accessible 24/7
  • Learn to better maximize your KINGDOM spiritual, business, personal, mind, soul and spirit
  • Learn to stop living in negativity, depression, fear, drug or alcohol abuse
  • Learn to be more productive not just to yourself, but to the world of people around
  • Learn to embrace silence & solitude and meditate your way to happiness and success daily.

Personal Life Coach hire or book CyberRev: email cyberrev1 [at]zoho[dot]com or DM CyberRev1 on Twitter or Facebook. CyberRev can do:

FREE 15 min questions & introduction [via phone] OR 1 hour hired or paid Consultancy online or in-person, all scheduled online or by phone worldwide. Register and make contact,

CyberRev is very deep, experienced and unique. He focusses deeply on your mind, soul and spirit. He will help you analyze your thoughts, thinking, fears, pain and anxieties to then calm, relax and plan your positives over negatives to an improved spiritual life within.

Every family, person, celebrity, business or organization needs CyberRev. Here are some STATISTICS of living in a stressful world. Read more about CyberRev here. More so, CyberRev will help you escape world and ready your mind, soul and spirit for the 12 Tribes Kingdom of YHWH within.

Christian or Christianity? Unravelling difference's between religions and denominations of world.

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