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All one really has is YOU and your true beliefs or KINGDOM world of YHWH within. Most people regardless of wealth or riches struggle to find and develop the KINGDOM WITHIN so they slide into fear and depression. They trust carnal world, lifestyles, sin, hustle, drugs, sex and violence more than silence with YHWH God alone. The world not repentance or YHWH God is their way of escaping stress, rejection, failure or loss.

We ALL need someone who understands life, love, prosperity and salvation, who can help us create positive building-blocks to get us back on the road to empowerment, forgiveness, self-actualization and happiness of YHWH KINGDOM within.

We ALL also need to make a righteous or unrighteous eternal decision. Do we live of the now daily blessed, set-apart, following after, keeping and doing the things written and commanded of YHWH to Moses, Noah, ENOCH and the 12 Tribes of Yisrael or die of sin, world, evil and Sheol eternally.

Yisrael Jewish Festivals Calender – How and what to do.

Christian or Christianity? Unravelling difference's between religions and denominations of world.

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