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Christian & Christianity is all a SCAM

Christian & Christianity as a man-made religion or denomination is all a SCAM worldwide. Let’s talk...

Let me be 100% clear and you can send this article to any pastor, bishop, clergy, priest, including mega-church pastors even TDJakes or Joel Olsteen and tell them facts not fiction with proof.

Let’s look at who created Christianity or Christian in the first place? Like I have said in many articles, I bet most professed christians even pastors, bishops, priests or clergy do NOT know.

How about when was the 1ST western, man-made, bastardized, transliterated bible written, that deliberately ignored the writings or books of ENOCH and Africa, yet all the Old Testament is about Africa.

Did ENOCH walk with God or RA RE as an Ethiopian or african? Was it SUN or son as universal Creator in the real Garden of Eden, in Africa?

And although all books of their man-made bible versions were copied, bastardized and transliterated all from AFU-RA-KA aka Africa of the Royal, biblical lives, universal intelligence and spirituality of kings and queens of 1ST dynasties of the real Garden of Eden, most people of all religions and denominations are so enslaved and mind-controlled, they will still not believe this global fact not fiction.

Take a CLOSE LOOK at the word in the photo above which does not say jesus it says IESVS CHRIST which is IESOUS which means HAIL ZEUS. Also consider how did it ever become a J? The vowels of English are still A,E,I,O,U right?

This is the ‘root’ of the mythical, global, deception and to simplify things the start of a global, pantomine or 1HR bingo clubs of jesus on a donkey in Africa to mind-control africans, amerindians and people of the caribbean and world.


In the above photo who is the oldest and the original, earliest ROYAL, dynastic, form of religion or UNIVERSAL truth? This is also proof under the real disguise, deception and slavery of fake christianity and christian, they have stolen, copied, bastardized, enslaved brown people of all shades and countries and falsified the true CREATOR AS SUN and the HOLY HIEROGLYPHS into their man-made, bible version’s of a phoney, pink son named jesus with 12 pink disciples in Africa.

I KNOW…..your still going to say I LOVE JESUS. But what if IESVS, IESOUS or JESUS never ever existed? It was all a myth, fable, copy-cat I hate african and all things of ancient Royal, kings and queens of all tribes of AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

So we romans are going to invade, enslave and force the world to only worship, sing and bow down to IESVS, IESOUS, JESUS as HAIL ZEUS or the Roman gods and Vatican worldwide?

I KNOW……some will think we do not worship no vatican, nor dress like them? Ok watch these photo’s below.

When anyone prostrates, bows or kisses the hand of another HUMAN you are submitting all your mind, soul and spirit to this person in the eyes of the Creator. Unless it is your partner, husband or wife this is sin, demonic and satanic.

Have you noticed anything? Who are they trying to copy or fool? They all look similiar in their pantomine, fake gospel, outfits and guess what? One of the groups are actually the KKK and even the KKK also profess they love and worships fake jesus. YET they all want to mimic the true universal power of the CREATOR RA RE in Heaven and Earth.

Also there are some high, leading, mega-church pastors, bishops and gospel singers who sadly have been drawn to this SECRET SOCIETY of fake jesus and their high-society, man-made, political and religious power.

Which person could EVER say they worship only the UNIVERSAL CREATOR MOST HIGH and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and bow or kiss the hand of any person in submission to world or mankind?

It is better to take refuge in the Creator Lord than to trust in man or woman. – Psalms 118:8

Thus says the Lord: “CURSED is the man or woman who trusts in man or woman and makes flesh or world his or her strength, whose heart turns away from the Creator Lord. – Jeremiah 17: 5

To disobey is insanity. I like and do listen to Marvin Sapp, even dated someone who knew him personally, but the above photo greatly pains me within. I really do NOT get what the hell is happening to these churchfolks, and it can only mean they are truly heading for hell, unless they repent unto Heaven.

Listen, I have attended mega-church’s in the U.S and tithed ten’s of thousands with receipts and I saw what happened to Bishop Eddie L Long when he was highly annointed,

I was in the congregation and I also saw when he fell, and not even TDJakes attended his funeral and he died from the biggest scandal and shame of life with over 40 MILLION USD in out of court settlement.

I say this to say, I never speak or write what I do not have experience, insight, knowledge, wisdom and understanding about, as I have done way too much research over DECADES to advise or coach of the eternal, universal KINGDOM.


The Universal Kingdom is 100% FREE…it is above all of our heads, not some building or person on a Sabbath or Sunday.

Right now I feel tearful, when I think of the good people, good souls, I have seen with good hearts BLINDLY worship a pantomine IESOUS or JESUS. It is NOT their fault, they were conned and did as they were taught of their parents, grandparents and slavemasters even today.

They also did not have modern technology, so how would they know historical, truth or lie? For the last 20 years, I have been trying to awake people, to this religious, global conspiracy and deception, that has enslaved and fooled many good people worldwide.

I KNOW…..the CREATOR MOST HIGH is getting ready to awake people worldwide across all religions and denominations. This is why the CREATOR allowed covid-19 to make every human sit, meditate and reflect on their life and world.

Do you think it is easy to go up against all religions and denominations online or offline worldwide? And write or prove why they are wrong NOT right? I have been doing this a long-time and I am well-traveled to the point I would NOT state all the things I have encountered in my life in various countries – but I can assure you there is NO DEMON that can play or mess with me period, worldwide.

I am NOT competing with anyone and all I seek, want and desire is the UNIVERSAL TRUTH. I take this life and all my ancestors very seriously, especially the one’s who were enslaved, raped, lynched and killed for no other reason, but they were born of AFU-RA-KA, Garden of Eden, ROYAL DNA.

Don’t play with me….I have paid a VERY HIGH PRICE to sit, write and share with you my alabaster box or spiritual fountain. I now know why I had to lose the World and things of world, over 1 MILLION cash, to gain the keys to the UNIVERSAL KINGDOM OF HEAVEN on Earth.

This is why I am trying to awake and educate all people of all religions, denominations, cultures and countries to a HIGHER CALLING within. You do not have to look to anyone or hear another sermon or preacher say this or that when the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is within. [Luke 17:21]

Yes 100%, – you need SPIRITUAL GUIDES and leaders of LIGHT not darkness. One has to be very careful, do NOT walk with anyone who has negative or suspicious ENERGY who do not always point UPWARDS ONLY and have the wisdom knowledge and understanding of HEAVEN OR THE UNIVERSE within.

Read the above again...I am serious. This is why anyone who huffs and puffs for 1HR about ANY MAN OR WOMAN is a fool, snake, liar, deciever and wolf in sheep clothing. Because the big difference is the UNIVERSE OR KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS 100% SPIRIT-spirit around and within.

The Creator and Holy Spirit told me ………you are going to write and do what is 100% UNIVERSAL TRUTH ONLY. You are going to teach people of all ages, tongues and nations they have the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN.


It is TIME to stop the pimping of souls, minds and hearts of people worldwide. Right now as I just wrote the last sentence, tears fill my eyes, because IF I were to be 100% honest, I am ready to go home to Mama/Dad.

Don’t get it twisted…..IF it were not for the close, daily, love, and presence of the CREATOR & HOLY SPIRIT in ways beyond my wildest dreams where I get excited to sleep, awake, talk and plan with the Creator then rise and do what we have spoken and agreed.

I ALREADY know what my beginnng and end will be even into my afterlife. I am also designing what my afterlife NOT just what this temporary world of fulfilling my calling and testimony or legacy will be.

I am excited because whatever happens I am good. I am certified, I am already with Mama/Dad eternally. I am positively sure of many more things, than I have ever been able to say, do and create. I know who is my CREATOR and I know it is SUN not son eternally.

As for the teens, youth and kids of this world you are all born kings, queens many of ROYAL DNA. Your Melanin is proof of this and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, send them to this website.

The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN does love pink people, there is no-one black or white on planet Earth, just many shades of brown and pink people only. But we all have to be honest, true, loyal, repentant. humble, kind, and admit the UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

You are not the oldest human DNA of world as pink people and our Royal, kings and queens of the biblical, Garden of Eden, are not mummies or pharaoh’s.

And they were NOT evil, niggers or beasts, but highly intelligent people of mathematics, alphabet, calender, astronomy, spirituality, UNIVERSE, Creator, gods, goddesses, architecture and all inventions you have lied, stolen, enslaved and falsified including your man-made versions of YOUR fake, mythical, jesus bibles.

DO NOT MISS – the universal opportunity to be 100% honest, loyal, bold, upright, eternal and proven with action WITHIN. If you ignore what I am saying, may you receive what you have desired, chosen or spoken eternally within.

In His Service,


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