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Chasing Dreams

Are you Chasing Dreams? Chasing what Creator YHWH or God promised, revealed or told you within? Or are you chasing dreams of self or world? Find out...

I do confess from the age of 16 I have been chasing dreams of the promises of Creator YHWH RA Most High, At 16, HE told me I am going to become a miilionaire and with time, this came to pass . Now HE has repeatedly told me I will be a multi-millionaire and losses [THE PRICE] or sacrifices are spiritual receipts, of treasures stored in Heaven. There is no promotion without a test, sacrifice or price.

For me right now, that is close to 3 MILLION in cash & things literally. All in the midst of chasing dreams, keeping faith, trust, hope, long-suffering over 10-15 years, and your still suffering, waiting, rinsing and repeating.

Then Creator YHWH RA the LORD answered me and said: “Write the VISION And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. – Habakkuk 2:2

Always remember, the Creator has given us all a universal TOOLBOX with communication tools from Heaven to Earth. This is essentially the power of the conscious and subconscious minds. We also have the power of Spirit to spirit. This is more powerful than any super-computer, AI or IOT machine or software.

What is a Dream?

To me a dream of good not evil is a spiritual vision or goal. Also the Creator of this universe is always predestinating and creating new things whilst seeking collaboration of kings, queens and creators, who are willing to create good NOT evil things and spiritual kingdoms on Earth.

I also understand, most people and parents do NOT believe in dreams or the silent voice of Creator YHWH RA Most High speaking to His child or children 24/7. I wish my parents had physically showed me how to HEAR from Creator YHWH RA and HIS Holy Spirit, more than academia, schools and things of religion, denomination or world.

Chasing dreams is also exploring why am I created? For what purpose or reasons were I born or created? What is my legacy or destiny? What will I have to suffer, persevere or battle to reach my vision, goals or destiny?

To me, the above makes more sense of living and life, than some primary or elementary misinformed teacher or careers advisor of world telling me what they think I should become or will be. Now we have religions and denominational members [like BINGO] paying weekly to tell people, what they will or shall become.

People will go to great lengths to find out their daily horoscope, read the coffee mug, crystal ball etc, etc. worldwide, until they feel they know like a compass, what may or may not happen on a daily basis. When in reality, the 100% fact is the Creator does have ears, eyes and a mouth to SPEAK through HIS HOLY SPIRIT from Spirit to spirit. [Romans 8:16 & Psalms 119: 105]

Chasing Dreams

Chasing dreams are a mixture of fun, focus, laughter, joy, pain, suffering, rejection, sacrifice and loss. You see, who really cares about your vision, calling, dreams or destiny but YOU and the Creator Most High?

Most people, don’t care what happens to your vision, dreams or goals unless they invest, collaborate or fight the battle to win by your side.

I believe we are all created for a purpose and destiny worldwide. I also believe to win or realize your vision or goal one has to suffer, sacrifice, experience rejection, loss, humility, wickedness, sin and evil, before one can mature and receive salvation, grace, mercy and HIS glory of Heaven to Earth.

I also believe we are all kings and queens for good OR evil. This is why you see the world has people deceived, entertained with stripping, partying to hiphop gang and music anger and violence.

Also now a female or woman is more a hoe, bitch and stripper than a spiritual, educated or intelligent Lady. Now popular reality TV ratings is, the latest housewife on violence, crime, drugs, steroids, alcohol, false breasts, lips or ass. Do you see how morals, values and times have changed worldwide?

The bigger picture of chasing dreams and goals is eternal DESTINY. Did you live a life of good NOT evil? Did you live of the Holy promise and word of Creator Most High within? Did you get tried and tested to the point you almost lost your mind, but never quit the just shall live by faith NOT by sight of people or world?

For sure, chasing vision or dreams can get rough, tough, lonely and costly. Still The Prophet Isaiah and King Thutmose III aka King David states:

And your EARS shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left. – Isaiah 30:21

That this is Creator YHWH RA God, our God forever and ever. He will guide us FOREVER. – Psalms 48:14

Re or RA is NOT a sun-god! He is the Creator of sun, moon, stars, Heaven and Earth of this universe. All things are a reflection of YHWH RA Most High. Don’t let western academia, world, mythical use of words, labels and phoney translations alter what is truth, correct and eternal written in STONE.

There is also NO old or new kingdoms of Heaven or Earth. Nor any new or old testament, just eternal laws, commandments and statutes of YHWH RA Most High.

Your best counselor, instructer and spiritual coach is WITHIN. Why would anyone be created of a Creator, who does not himself hear, speak, counsel, guide, bless, reward and direct?

No matter what your dream chasing of good NOT evil GO ALL THE WAY. Pay the price, suffer unto righteousness, let your tests become your testimony of Heaven to Earth eternally.

In His Service,


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