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Garden of Eden truth

Garden of Eden Truth in Mesopotamia or is it in Africa? Read more to find out…

If anyone is searching for the Garden of Eden Truth surely one would need to seek biblical, historical counsel and evidence of the scriptures and earliest record of human civilization, which would be Egypt Africa, before maps were altered and countries renamed and divided. Do you agree? Watch this video:

The global problem with so-called scholars, discoverers, scientists, archaeology, theology and religions, is they are mostly of Greco-Roman or western notions or ideologies which often speak for Egypt, Africa biblical, historical, civilization proof and evidence.

This is like Queen British, Italian, German, Spanish, Australia, American slavemasters, always speaking for slaves worldwide they have invaded, tortured, robbed, raped, brainwashed and enslaved.

How can you speak for Egypt, Africa when you have no idea of such language, culture, ancient and eternal biblical Kingdom rule? You parade and wear their artifacts and jewels though. They also paint all their findings with a white Adam, Eve and Jesus paint brush, when they know all is black, brown, Egypt Africa from beginning to end.

As one can see from the above video science, history and religion are confused as to where is the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden for Adam & Eve could never be described as white people but more Egypt, Africa, Kush or Samaria.

The Garden of Eden of Adam & Eve or were they Egypt Africa kings and queens, surely has to be associated where the oldest human recorded DNA exists, right? Its common sense. This will then be South Africa. Watch this video:

The above video makes more sense of the Garden of Eden biblical and historical TRUTH. Simply because the person or researcher speaks, knows and understands the language, countries and culture.

It is TIME for people of the world to: Be Ye Not Deceived. Also cease speaking for people you have deliberately reprogrammed, repainted and relabelled with white lies. The Creator does have ears, eyes and a mouth, and HE communicates with HIS children from beginning to end.

In His Service,


renewing of mind yah

The renewing of mind Yah what a surprise! To renew the mind can take years or decades. Life is truly a long journey.

When your taught only from the religion of muslim, christian, christianity, judaism, buddhism, hindusim or atheism even if you add them all together none is enough of CREATOR TRUTH to equate to the renewing of the mind.

In fact, there is only one narrow road to universal truth within and around. Not even Jesus can save anyone when your MIND, SOUL, SPIRIT meets universal & historical truth. I am aware man-made versions of the bible state:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6

But this is a LIE. It has to be, there is no J in Hebrew and there is no J in the 1611 King James Bible so who is fooling whom? This is why we all need the renewing of the mind, heart, soul, spirit within.

Most people on planet Earth have been controlled, manipulated, enslaved and imprisoned by a world of politics, religion, denomination and beliefs of all kinds. Some believe in no Creator, evolution, science, atheism, homosexuality, racism, polytheism, monotheism, hinduism, judaism mixed with ideologies, lifestyles and cultures. Its is a very complex and dangerous world of good and evil.

This is why the RENEWING OF MIND is the only way to peace, happiness and freedom within. Reason, life and death are both ETERNAL. This is not something anyone can change, negotiate or alter. To simplify things, we are ALL CREATED to determine whether we are for or against creation and its statutes, laws and MAAT or commandments.

Many people do NOT believe they should be instructed what, how and when to do anything. That is fine, we all get to CHOOSE between good or evil and Heaven or hell within and around. Yet the renewing of mind Yah takes one to understand the creation ROOT of YHWH, Amun, Ptah, Akhenaten, Thutmose III and all kings of Egypt, Kush, Africa as real kings of the Holy Bible who created and developed all things of human civilization NOT the Moses, Abraham and David of the transliterated and distorted, whitewash versions of Greco-Roman lies.

If your also thinking the world is black and white, NO the world is more accurately pink and brown of mankind and Spirit to spirit of Romans 8:16. Yes, I will quote across versions of bible, manuscripts and facts. This is the only way to RENEWING OF MIND YAH.

What people of mankind MUST understand is one cannot alter, fake, white-wash or distort TRUTH. You cannot take what was and is EGYPT AS AFRICA including the Garden of Eden all the way to the 12 TRIBES of Yisrael, then paint them 12 white greco-roman disciples with white jesus lies, and call it HOLY TRUTH. All because you HATE the fact, EGYPT, AFRICA rules over all things civilization, biblical, spiritual and universal facts from Heaven to Earth. Do you believe it? Watch this video:

As you can see from the above video the WORLD is multilingual, non-white or black with many beautiful brown, pink and colorful people. This is EXACTLY how Heaven and the true Holy Bible looks with non-white jesus or disciples, more we are all AFRICA 12 TRIBES children of the oldest San people DNA as fact.

The renewing of the mind YAH, requires one knows YHWH, YAH, YAHUWAH and all the kings of HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH like Ptah, Aten, Akenhaten and more on this list here only if monotheism of good NOT evil.

The key to RENEWING YOUR MIND OF YAH or Aten is to always follow the road of Monotheism never polytheism or many beliefs or gods. As there is only ONE CREATOR in and through us all. Who guides, watches and records good and evil of all daily. As for all religions and denominations YE ARE THE TEMPLE of the living Creator Most High.

Only YOU can believe, walk by faith, not by sight, and desire or pray your way to your destiny or His plan for your life. Also if the TRUTH is not written in stone it is a fabricated, deceptive, lie.

In His Service,


Akhenaten & aten truth

What do you know about Akhenaten & Aten as truth? What if I told you Akhenaten was Moses? Also Monotheism as one universal Creator is created by Aten and Akhenaten? Not any other person, religion or denomination of world.

The BIGGEST deception on planet Earth is Greco-Roman man-made christianity, jesus and white history which is a global history of theft, lies, deception, slavery, invasion and paganism. Don’t believe it? Watch this video:


The gospel truth is there is only ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR of Heaven and Earth, which is in and through us all. It has to be as everything on planet Earth cannot survive daily without seasons, sun, moon, stars, water, His breath and Holy Spirit.

The problem is most people think white jesus rules! That everything you read in the Bible is true or real. No way! In fact, it is ERROR! The real characters of the Bible in every translation would have to be rewritten, and all characters from Abraham, Moses and David replaced with most or all the kings of Egypt, Nubia, Kush and Africa. Do you believe it? Watch this video:

It hurts to state Moses, Abraham and David who was Thutmose III took over 40 years of my life. This is why I am sharing research, sign-posts, facts and LATTER-RAIN discovery so others do not have to suffer, research and travail into this marvelous Light.


How could Jesus be the 1st slave ship of England, UK sponsored and ordained by Queen Elizabeth I? Do you think this is accidental? Do you think their was never a plan to conquer and enslave Africa for its enormus wealth, power and blessings of Creator YHWH Most High? Of course! One can even state, white people secretly envy black people for their skills, talent, beauty, tanned-skin, holiness and historical wealth of diamonds, gold, pearls, fruits and dominion. Don’t beieve it? Just look at history and treatment of Africa and black people of the world, including Aboriginee past and present, yet blood-diamonds are sold in western countries they do not manufacture or mine, and priceless artifacts of Africa parade museums with white images of Egypt and history books including the Bible. Now watch this video:


You may think yes sure! But truth is obviously NOT popular. Over 20 years of research into truth, this has taken me down many roads of religion, denominations, history, beliefs and ideologies but never have I turned away from MONOTHEISM. I always keep to the path of ONE CREATOR and away from gods, goddesses, religions and denominations. One will never find truth which is mono not plural of word outside of monotheism. This is why Aten and Akenhaten can never cease to exist on Earth or in Heaven. They founded Monotheism of Creator YHWH and His Holy Spirit.

This is more than religion, denomination and world. This is the ROOT of the universal Gospel and there is no other truth that can set you FREE within. I am being cautious and serious in what is stated as I am writing this as most articles I write automatically from Holy Spirit, study, prayer and travail within. One laways pays a price for truth. This is what Africa is paying for centuries and WE have lost no tribes, kingdoms or truth of anything created or rewarded of YHWH. Read:

When CREATOR YHWH turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream” Being in trouble the gracious 12 TRIBES remember: for their comfort times of national woe which were succeeded by remarkable deliverances.Psalms 126:1


What will you do when you discover your jesus religion or denomination is all a lie? White-folks still cannot handle black pharaohs or kings STILL rule priceless artifacts, stone churches, bible manuscripts, the original alphabet, oldest DNA and inventions of civilization including Pyramids.

If your thinking like I use to think under SDA denomination, the pymarids are BAAL no the pymarids are ingenious of design, construction, unity, leadership, prosperity and elecric solar systems from Heaven to Earth.

We all have to return to universal truth or die eternally of evil. The ROOT OF TRUTH is written in stone as all biblical manuscripts and history definitely is not paper.As you can see from the above video, in the 21st Century scholars and PhD scientists have no clue how, who and when the pyramids or alphabet systems of Creator YHWH Most High and His 12 Tribes of Yerusalem and Zion work.

In His Service,


Further Reading: Moses and Akhenaten one and the same person.

Escaping Your Egypt & bondage

Escaping your Egypt & bondage, fundamentally takes what most people ignore of world, religion and denominations worldwide. Do you know what that is? Explore, read more.

Do you feel living is bondage? Even for the most educated, religious, spiritual, holy people on planet Earth, we all must or will experience slavery, bondage and or imprisonment of world within and around.

This is why in Exodus 20;2 its reads: I am YHWH the LORD thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

Have you noticed the words: ‘brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage?’ It is safe to conclude carnal practices of Egypt then is still carnal practices of Egypt or world today. You may disagree or ignore Egypt is not only the birthplace of slavery, bondage , false gods across egyptology but the birthplace of all history, religions and denominations of world.

This is huge! This is so fundamental, it got the attention and concern of YHWH, Creator Most High in Exodus Chapter 20:2 and more. You see most people of world are STILL living and experiencing their slavery, bondage and Egypt today. They are trapped in carnal, world systems of manmade history, science, religion, denomination, myths, idols, lifestyles and pagan beliefs. They are under the satanic evils of sight, world and sin fighting against the Holy Spirit.

They openly think they are white, black or other of this this country, culture, freemason, gang, religion, industry or denomination. Failing to understand in the eyes of Exodus 20:2 this is slavery, bondage and Egypt. What or whom you worship, bow down to or serve will always become your mind, god or eternal testimony. Even as a drug, lifestyle, habit, addiction or belief. If you think being white is superior over all things black, most likely you are ignoring absolute fact, unless you can 100% match the colour or colors black and white you are are more factually pink and brown. Try it.

Watch this video below:

The above video and information should bring to your attention or thoughts, most people including rich celebrities of world are living in slavery, bondage and Egypt. Most do not even know it. They operate and think they are RICH have need of nothing, but truly they are slaves in bondage of world and things of world. Most people of world also strive to be like fame or celebrities of world like Egyptian gods, negating or ignoring the love of money or world is always the root of evil, pain and sin.

For the record Egyptian dynastic kings and pagan gods are very different. Creator YHWH Most High certainly called, chosen and positioned people as King of kings. How else could His Kingdom of good rule over evil on Earth. This is why we have people throughout time, world and life, representative of good and evil rulers, kings and gods. The difficult part is working out who is for good and evil, inclusding the Pope by testing the fruits of their beliefs, actions or spirit.


Egypt is in the Bible for a reason, it repesents spiritual and carnal ideaologies. in fact Egypt was in ancient biblical teachings and history before mankind could ever read or write.

I make this statement clearly to highlght not even the Bible or many versions of bible were written, until Moses wrote on stone or Egyptians wrote on stone walls. This truth or topic requires DEEP research and in-depth study most religions, denominations, colleges and institutions of world do not want you to know.

One has also to be VERY careful what one takes of Egypt and world over Creator YHWH Kingdom and His laws, statutes and commandments. Notice I said HIS KINGDOM as nothing can ever rule or dominate more universal power than His Kingdom eternally.

Back to Exodus, as I want to demonstrate the mentioning of Egypt was deliberate for many of the above foundational and biblical reasons. The manin reason is still written in Exodus 20:2 ‘Have no other gods before me.’

You see Egypt is the birthplace of many global gods, beliefs and histories of world. Egypt is what has fashioned most religions and denominations of world, and the reason why some falsely preach, teach or counsel the TEN COMMANDMENTS are nailed to a wooden cross of pagan christianity belief and worship.

It is hard for many to believe they could be worshiping SATAN although they claim to be Christian and or Christianity attending a SUNday church or Iesous pagan, Greco-Roman god. Who killed Jesus again roman soldiers?

So how could Greco-Roman soldiers kill or crucify Jesus then now like Pope worship Jesus? That makes no Creator or biblical Hebrew sense. This is like saying Satan killed Jesus and now Satan worships and loves Jesus into Heaven. How can you ever be called a biblical name with biblical lineage with NO J in Hebrew or its alphabetical system? You can preach, believe and transliterate anything you like, does not mean this is true, correct, biblical or right.

So the next time your pastor, bishop, religion or denomination states the Old Testament is replaced by the New testament including all commandments, laws and statutes ask him or her can the YHWH KINGDOM of the most high operate without laws, statutes and commandments? NO WAY. Just like any person, country or ruler cannot operate on planet Earth without laws, statutes and commandments.

If they also counsel or tell you the sacrificial BLOOD OF JESUS has saved you ask them how? Do you still sin? Are you still living and reaping of world? How are you saved in proof and action? Beware of religous and denominational lies. If there is NO J in Hebrew alphabet how can I save with no biblical or historical existence of truth?

Has Creator YHWH and his prophets from Genesis to Revelation from the Dead Sea Scrolls made a mistake? Are not most ancient people of the Holy Bible non-white or pink Hebrew, Ethiopic, Africa and Egypt? 100% yes! So where do you get the pink or baby white jesus from? Try Constantine the Greco-Roman fake emperor who copied and stole the dynasties of Egypt, Africa and biblical kings who were actually the REAL and true kings and ancient kingdom people of the Bible. Is it chance or a mistake Africa continents has always had most of the diamonds, gold and natural resouces on planet Earth? No. Is it by chance ENOCH was an Ethiopian or Moses was adopted by an Egyptian as a Hebrew?

Egypt is in the Bible, ancient biblical history, into world, because of the good and evil practices of Egypt to this day. Exodus 20 is also written for the laws, commandments and statutes to repel or denounce all sin, evil and pagan worship of world. So without the Ten Commandments you have no protection against world, false beliefs, worship, religions and or denominations of world.

This is why the world like Egypt of past and present is killing, enslaving, worshipping world, celebrity, pagan gods and idols, ignoring Exodus 20 in full even pagan worship, murder or HAVE NO OTHER gods before me.

In conclusion, unless you can rise above the blbical kings, rulers and idols of Egypt your still enslaved, in evil, sin, bondage, captivity within and around. There is no religion, denomination or belief HIGHER or purer than the laws, statutes and commandments of Creator YHWH Most High. To think one can live by grace and or the sacrificial BLOOD of anyone who never existed with proof or blblical meaning of name, is the biggest deception of living or world.

In His service,


Holy Spirit Power is Key

Holy Spirit power is key, glue and the ultimate experience of living and life. Do you understand or know the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is more crucial and valuable than all things world. Imagine everything we can see and not see with our eyes, but desire or imagine with our minds was, is and shall be created by the Holy Spirit. This is supernatural and amazing to fathom, comprehend or experience.

This is also very different to the way most religions and denominations worldwide pantomine, how and what they think the Holy Spirit blesses, heals, operates or annoints. Lets be honest, if we had the Holy Spirit we could command anything and it shall be done! This is more than any magician, as the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation and beyond created the universe with Heaven, Earth and world.

Today, I sat in my kitchen and heard the whisper of His Spirit: ‘Everything you see with your eyes and desire within the Holy Spirit is witness.’ I then began to think, ponder and study the Holy Word, as I felt the Holy Spirit is truly the key to all things in Heaven, Earth and world. I began to reflect over my entire life and of Spirit to spirit Romans 8:16 and realized the Holy Spirit is NOT someone for the Sabbath or Sunday but all day, everyday.

The Holy Spirit should be the first person your mind and mouth worships, praises, consults, meditates, hears and chases daily from dawn to dusk. This is fact! This is what the prophets of every chapter of the Bible has taught, but many religions & denominations still coach and lecture people to sing, dance, pay your tithes, purchase a book or tape, and attend work or career of the world on Monday-Friday. This is NOT daily Kingdom living or holy counsel.

This is NOT how the Holy Spirit or Heaven as YHWH’s prayer of Psalms 23 or Psalms 1 and many other scriptures counsel. First, the Holy Spirit will and can ONLY come to anyone by invitation only! Second, the Holy Spirit will never come to anyone who does not think, act or do the will, law or commandments of YHWH Most High. Third, you also must be tested, pay the ransom or price of your alabaster box or testimony.

Happy is the man that hath not walked in the counsel of the wicked, nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in His law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by streams of water, that bringeth forth its fruit in its season, and whose leaf doth not wither; and in whatsoever he doeth he shall prosper. Not so the wicked; but they are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the LORD regardeth the way of the righteous; but the way of the wicked shall perish. – Psalms 1

Note, the above scripture is addressing happiness in the first two words. One can never experience happiness if one is not happy of mind, soul and spirit. Plus, one will need His Holy Spirit in-order to experience all or most of the above. This is solitude, silence, prayer, worship, discipleship and work.

As you can see, happy is the man or woman who does NOT take counsel from any sin, evil or wickedness in thought, mind or action. This alone is hard work that goes against the daily thoughts, education or practices of mankind and world. A person who is led and ordered of the Holy Spirit is peculiar as they choose to use their mind, heart, soul and spirit only for the things of YHWH Most High, his righteousness, glory and holy Kingdom.

This is why the prophets of his Holy Bible counsels: ‘Lean not to your own understanding.’ Proverbs 3:5

The Holy Spirit is Kingdom Come

The Holy Spirit is Kingdom come of past, present and future!

In Him, you also, after listening to the message of YHWH truth, the gospel of your salvation–having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise. Ephesians 1:13

In beginning and the end, there will only be Creator YHWH, His Holy Spirit with angels and his chosen believers or children of His eternal Kingdom. To think any differently is to guess or risk myth or false. No one who has ever lived or decided to live for good or evil, has done so without exercising choice.

To receive the Holy Spirit is to first show one is approved! 2 Timothy 2:15 This is what Adam, Eve, Moses, Abraham, Noah, JOB, David and all prophets and even angels of hosts had to do. Mankind of today is no different.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. The Earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. – Genesis 1:1-2

So in the beginning the Holy Spirit is who made all things with Creator YHWH. Today, nothing has changed. This is why the Holy Spirit is Kingdom come then and now. So in-order to receive the Holy Spirit, one must show he or she is willing and committed to the Holy Spirit and Kingdom of YHWH only, not idols, world or things of world. 1 John 2:15-17.

In all honesty no idols, sin, evil, religions or denominations will do. The Kingdom of YHWH is the highest level that comes automatically with the promise of the comforter and Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit as like Creator YHWH will never force anyone to worship, believe or serve against their will.

I hope and pray most people wlll choose to draw nearer within into His Kingdom WITHIN. Also pray and ask for as many spiritual blessings and gifts as one desires. Remember, living and life even death for the wicked is eternal. All we have as living is the now for the past belongs to Creator YHWH and the tomorrow is a gift. May you as I be encouraged we have all the tools and gifts we desire, want or need of Creator YHWH and His Holy Spirit, the rest is our choice and daily action.

In His service,


Poor People rule in his kingdom

Ever wondered why people who serve Creator YHWH Most High are often poor, afflicted, chastened and weary? Believe it or not, this is testing and longsuffering for good, blessings and glory.

Read Luke 6: 20-21 – And he lifted up his eyes on his Disciples, and said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of YHWH God. “Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.

How many pastors, bishops, educators or motivational speakers worldwide counsel or encourage people to be a POOR disciple? I cannot believe I am writing such motivational counsel or words, as I hate lack, being poor or dependent on anyone for anything. I believe I am writing these words as I have been praying to Creator YHWH day and night, asking like David:

Many there are that say of my soul: ‘There is no salvation for him in YHWH God.’ Selah – Psalms 3:3

Abba Father knows most people desire to be rich of world more than suffer for His Kingdom within. So when Creator YHWH calls and chooses YOU He takes your all of world to zero, and master potters you a new heart, mind, soul and spirit. This is a spiritual operation that can last decades, it consists of the fruits of the Holy Spirit which include longsuffering and self-control.

Just the word self-control scares most people. as this requires you versus you alone. You see, self-control is what germinates the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is the Jacob wrestle match of your life and world, this is why many people will stare, look and watch you in pain, turmoil, battle, fight and say: There is no salvation for him in YHWH God. But they are horribly wrong! They are thinking like world, NOT KIngdom of the Most High, within.

Most people think suffering, poverty, shame or loss is your own fault. My statement and questions to you are: Did Joseph ask his brothers to throw him into a pit or into slavery? No. Did David ask for his Son Absalom to seek to kill him? No. Cain & Abel were the first and second sons of Adam & Eve and not even they could live in peace, love and harmony without violence, conflict, hatred and murder.

Does this sound like your family, Church or denomination? To what I have read in the Holy Bible, very few prophets were rich, happy and at peace. Why? Because they were being chosen, chastened, afflicted, tested and rejected of people and or world daily.

For you are a people holy to YHWH Lord your God, and YHWH Lord has chosen you to be a people for his treasured possession, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the Earth. – Deuteronomy 14:2

The above scripture counsels no-one has chosen to be a Christian, Kingdom believer or follower of YHWH Most High. We have all been chosen, called and appointed to bear the fruit of His Spirit, keep His laws, statutes and commandments as a perpetual covenant.


Being poor of world is an awful experience and bad idea, but being poor of HIS Holy Kingdom is a brilliant sacrifice, testimony and service to the Most High. I know what it is like for Creator YHWH to take you from a MILLION to zero and walk by faith not by world or sight on a daily basis. YHWH Creator Most High does not want his children leaning to their own understanding.

Trust in YHWH the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. – Proverbs 3:5 KJV

When you begin to walk by faith NOT by sight or world and NOT lean to your own understanding, no hustle, no trick, no lies, no deceit, no breaking of His Holy Sabbath. Things can get pretty poor fast. What Creator YHWH desires and commands of His Children and followers is TRUST + OBEY HIS VOICE & WORD.

This is a whole new world and NO RICH Man or Woman can enter unless stripped to go sell what you have and give it to the poor. This is no joke! If you do not do it now, when time of the Mark of the Beast arrives you will accept the mark or sell all. So in reality, Creator YHWH is just preparing His Children of what is now and to come.

So how poor are you? Have you ever been homeless. hungry where you go bed cold and hungry? Have you ever been so scared you run home to your closet to pray in safety, then plead for help, direction and mercy? Have your family, churchfolks and friends rejected, alienated and crucified you into a pit? Have you ever prayed to Abba Father YHWH Most High and said, bless me or kill me? If you have answered yes to most of the above you are truly POOR IN SPIRIT well done. I would rather be poor in spirit than rich in my own mindset, world and carnal spirit of things or stuff.

I have been around very wealthy and rich people in many parts and countries of the world. One thing I have commonly learned, is they all DIE and leave their riches or wealth behind. For me, I am glad to be POOR IN SPIRIT, as I have literally sacrificed, invested and stored my treasures of houses, land and cash in Heaven by YHWH as called, chosen, chastened and living testimony. The most painful experience for me, is watching friends and family disown, reject and watch you bleed in poverty without rejoicing as comrade.


When you reach the depths or bottom of brokeness or POOR IN SPIRIT your nearing your miracle. In Psalms 5:9 listen to David cry:

O YHWH LORD, lead me in Thy righteousness because of them that lie in wait for me; make Thy way straight before my face.

This is why I cannot hang with church-folks, family, relatives or people who do NOT understand what it is to be broken, rich, poor, homeless or chosen of YHWH Most High. How can you counsel or instruct where YOU have not walked, sacrificed or experienced in living or life?

This is why many called few chosen. Matthew 22:14

Many called few chosen, because only a FEW people could ever lose or sacrifice everything they have and experience zero, into solitude & silence. Yet humbly and obediently, rise, pray and worship YHWH Most High daily. I don’t care if you have a MILLION or BILLION in cash, you will never know your true worth or value unto Creator YHWH until you have zero and just your mind, soul and spirit within. You see Creator YHWH values your WITHIN more than the entire world or things of world. Read 1 John 2:15-17

So when your at your lowest, you feel and hear within enough is enough, your miracle is about to rain down from Heaven to Earth. Abba Father YHWH will never pour new wine into an old bottle or use old clay on His potters wheel for His called or chosen.

But now thus says YHWH the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am YHWH the Lord your God, the Holy One of Yisrael not Israel, your Saviour. I give Egypt as your ransom, Cush and Seba in exchange for you. – Isaiah 43:13

The above scripture proves do not FEAR, you have been redeemed, called, chosen and you will pass through waters [plural] rivers [plural], fire, yet you have been ransomed with a precious price. This is the most motivational love story in the entire universe. It is the toughest journey and sacrifice anyone will ever decide or make.

What is strange or hilarious is who’s celebrating your sacrifice or coming miracle but you? Keep your eye on the prize WITHIN and pray all you can, praising HIM daily even if poor or broken only for a while. Poor of spirit is poor of world, for one needs to be emptied of all things world even unto death, to be filled with His Kingdom within.

In His service,


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Never Give Up Fruit of Longsuffering.

monotheism makes heaven smile

Monotheism makes Heaven smile because in life we mostly have two opposites or choices like good or evil, Heaven or hell, love or hate, monotheism or polytheism.

In this spiritual article, I want to historically and spiritually examine why Monotheism not polytheism makes Heaven and the Creator YHWH Most High rejoice and smile.

Its Sabbath 5/1/2019, I am writing a FREE PDF on ‘Be Ye Not Deceived‘ which throughout December 2018 has taken me back into history as far back as the Egyptians, Cushites and when Africa was one region with one language before the tower of BAAL and flood.

And the WHOLE EARTH was of one language, and of one speech. – Genesis 11:1 KJV

To be of ONE language and one speech means one entire people ruled the world and guess what? It was Africa which included Egypt, Ethiopia, Jerusalem, Zion, Yisrael not man-made Israel of 1948. This is fact not fiction and here is a Pagea map to prove it.

Pangea Map

Be Ye Not Deceived, what you think is history or your belief could be wrapped in lies, deception, mythology and polytheism. I can assure you even christianity with baby white jesus and no J in Hebrew, plus the root and creation of Christianity is Constantine who claims to be an Emperor deceptively copied from ancient Pharaoh’s as Emperors. In fact, all you see of the Vatican Rome is deception, lies, theft, stolen artifacts, dynasty designs of ancient Cushite, Africa, Egypt and Jerusalem as one Geez Hebrew monotheism region.

What is truly happening here from ancient times, EVERY religion and denomination on planet Earth has copied and learned all beliefs, philosophies, history, education, science, religion and denomination from Egyptians, Cushites and dynasties of Africa. This is fact not fiction. This is why Rome invaded Jerusalem known as the Mithridatic War a symbol of Mithra polytheism versus Jerusalem Hebrew, Monotheism War. The battle was over polytheism evil gods versus monotheism ONE GOD. The Greco-Romans were the polytheism gods with Mithra, Horus, Osiris and still Jesus today.

Pope 666

Do you really think the above is accidental? Do you think polytheism will get you to Heaven? No, it will not. No person or believer on planet Earth can get into the Kingdom of YHWH Most High unless they understand, practice and worship ONE CREATOR and keep all His laws, statutes and commandments within. Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14 plus:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. – Exodus 20:3

Monotheism Rules from beginning to End

The earliest form of Monotheism has to be the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were the world, two people, male and female, woman of man, born of and from the rib of Man by the Creator Most High. All Adam and Eve knew was holiness, righteousness, perfection, love and paradise. This was monotheism at its best! If you are unsure what monotheism means read:

The doctrine or belief that there is only one Creator God.

I don’t like using the word God as this is to easily attached or perceived as gods or a little god or idol. I like to use the mightiest name of the Creator YHWH, so I am clear in what and whom I am worshipping and serving with my mind, soul, heart and spirit.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. – Deuteronomy 6:5

Remember how Eve was deceived by the serpent or evil, then gave her sin and deception to Adam. This has cost the entire world of mankind with penalties of sin, evil, and deception and many religions, denominations and gods have now gone into the world.

This is why Monotheism is the only way home to Heaven or His Kingdom within and back to ONE YHWH in and through us all.

Most people worship Polytheism why?

You may think I am fine, I worship baby-white jesus, he died on the wooden cross for my sins, I am saved. Really? What if this is imaginery, no J in Hebrew, It is impossible for the name jesus to be of Hebrew, African or Ethiopic decent. So who created this Jesus Christianity? Constantine of Rome and guess what? He was a pagan who firmly believed in gods, lords and polytheism. Do you really think Creator YHWH would trust a pagan with His divine, Kingdom, people, laws, statutes and commandments? No way!

Most people of all religions and denominations and there are 33 MILLION gods & goddesses in India alone fall short of:

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: = Matthew 7:13

The strait or straight gate could never be polytheism, it could also never be Rome or the Vatican who invaded Holy Jerusalem, killed and slaughtered Hebrew, commandment keeping believers and stole all their gold, artifacts and Holy manuscripts. It could also never be Christianity as this is the root of paganism and still is today upholding white baby images of Jesus which really is the SON or hidden SUN god as an idol of Rome, Vatican, who claim the Pope is Christ of the World and Mary Queen of Heaven. Be ye not deceived.

Most people believe what is wide-road and popular ignoring His Truth is narrow-road and unpopular! This is why it is important that one works out one’s own salvation with fear and trembling, for when your judgement day comes YOU alone will stand and account for your own mind, soul, beliefs and spirit within. Holy judgement can be anytime of the now or future!

For YHWH God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil. – Ecclesiastes 12:14

In conclusion, most people hate to read long, this is sad for if one does not read, study, meditate or pray, how will one educate or know? Have you noticed many teens and youth uninterested in holy, righteous, Heaven or peace. Most prefer violence, war, hustle or gangs. Why? You see most people like religions and denominations are being ‘controlled‘ by new world order, Vatican, Jesuit, paganism, polythiesm promoting worship anything you please as long as you are going to Sheol or Hell of world. It is time to do your research and awake out of Roman, jesus christianity and Islam also created by the Vatican. His Kingdom is monotheism One Creator, One Holy Spirit in and through us all. W do not need buildings, idols orimages to worship, for the universal Kingdom of Creator YHWH is within. Luke 17:21

Shalom, CyberRev.

Further Reading 1,

Jesus, Zeus, Iesous, Deception

What if you discovered jesus, zeus, iesous makes no vowel, translation, biblical, spiritual or Hebrew Kingdom sense?  Could white jesus christianity be a fake, fable, man-made religious, new world order deception? There is still NO ‘J’ In the Hebrew alphabet. The original King James Bible of the 16 Century had NO J for no name in it.  Can you call Creator YHWH anything you like?

How would you like to be called or addressed as anything other than your birth, legal or original name? No matter how much you pronounce, state or remind people of your name, they call you something translated or different. How frustrating and annoying daily? Your called Sally but people pronounce and call you Billy or Milly. Or your called Jane and people pronounce and call you sane or pane. What doYOU really know about Jesus? Watch this video:

Only Creator YHWH Most High and His Holy Spirit can save all. He created Heaven and Earth good and perfect Genesis 1:31. The only problem is most people on planet Earth REFUSE to pronounce, seek, research or address him with his original, holy name YHWH, YAH, YAHUWAH. They prefer some fake, man-made, pagan, english, greek, mumbo, jumbo translation that strips his original Hebrew name into nonsense.

Note above: Hebrew names matter to YHWH Creator Most High and all prophets of His Holy Eternal Word. One cannot change or alter what is Holy, eternal and prophetic of YHWH. Revelation 22: 18-19. Here is 100% PROOF below the orignal King James Bible used no J for any name, nor did it use original Hebrew but some man-made, poorly spelled or carnal constructed vocabulary system of world.

Note the above reads: IESUS, IESOUS NOT JESUS with no J. Don’t believe it? Here is the link to read more of the original 1611 King James Bible, man-made with terrible spellng and low levels of education in comparison today. Yet today, many errors still exist the letter J has mysteriously replaced the vowel  of I in English, so now J has equal or  more power than A, E, I, O, U.  How? Carnal Deception.

Greco-Roman Jesus, Christianity Global Deception…

Over twenty years ago, after my official water KINGDOM baptism, the Holy Spirit began taking me on DEEP bible studies across long periods of prayer, meditation, silence and solitude.  I knew through the Holy Spirit, Creator YHWH was leading and teaching me from WITHIN Luke 17:21, because the Kingdom of Creator YHWH is still within us all.

The biggest problem is DECEPTION as in the Garden of Eden with the serpent tempting and deceiving EVE, is still subtle, tempting and deceiving billions of RELIGIOUS & DENOMINATIONAL people of the world today. This has to stop! I cannot sit by and watch JESUS, IESUS, IESOUS, ZEUS lovers go down the Sunday, sun-god, pagan, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, one hour, not ONE-DAY sun-rise not rested road to hell and deception.  Watch these videos below:

Whatever you decide to do of good or evil as your only TWO choices, is your prerogative. My job, role and duty is only to WARN YOU Ezekiel 33:9. 

Yisrael NOT Israel of 1948 Shall Rule!

Most people of the world totalling BILLIONS some with PhD, BA, MSC or no education are being DECEIVED within the walls of religions & denominations, gods & goddesses of world. There is a HIGHER REALM or calling of any true Kingdom of YHWH believer, and that is His Holy Mountain not made with wood, stone or world.


The entire New Testament is supsect having copied and altered the Hebrew, Judaic 12 Tribes into 12 phoney white disciples. What one has to understand is the original Hebrew ENOCH, Dead-sea Scrolls the Ethiopic Bible manuscripts of Qumran was ‘TOO BLACK‘ for white people as Africa and its historical wealth to not enslave, rape, alter, steal and fabricate to make white western people look and feel superior as always. This has to stop! When Creator YHWH through His Holy Spirit told me ‘There is NO J in Hebrew’ it changed my life and blew a hole in my mind for a while. I had spent most of my childhood and teen life worshipping and praying to Jesus. To be honest, I have been rejected, separated and alone like most prophets and Kingdom believers worldwide ever since, awaiting the ‘reverse of captivity’ as stated in Jeremiah Chapter 30.

I also fully understand,  knowledge is increasing with the use and access of web, Internet, mobile, technologies. DO NOT BLAME YOUR PARENTS….in 1920, 1930 even to 1960 there was no way they could have calculated, researched and unravel this GLOBAL JESUS DECEPTION. One cannot be judged for what one does NOT know! But once you know the TRUTH then you shall be judged of His truth.

In His Service,


PROOF Solomon Temple & King David Real

Proof Solomon Temple & King David real, is a controversial and difficult topic or matter to address for many reasons surrounding religious, denominational, biblical, political, theological, scientific, historical etc.

I will begin by boldly stating, fake Israel created in 1948 ignorantly and racially prefers war, invasion, tourism, biblical and Hebrew Torah theft, lies, manipulation and forgery than 100% TRUTH, laws, statutes and commandments of YHWH Most High.

Let’s prove it, what if I told you the Temple of Solomon and King David is not the tourist Haram esh-Sharif or Temple Mount but located only in Arad, Yisrael?  Here is proof:

Notice the Arad Ostracon states ‘Temple of Yahweh‘ [Source]. This Arad Ostracon is 100% PROOF not only for Holy Temple, but YHWH, Yahweh original Hebrew Creator names. Nothing to do with any other name, religion, denomination, god, allah, mohammed, Jesus or lord. The above is historical and biblical fact dated 597 BC written in ancient Hebrew.

Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the SIDES OF THE NORTH, the city of the great King.
 – Psalms 48: 2 KJV

So why is the world of religions and denominations continuously fighting, following tourism, wondering after the fake Temple Mount of Israel as Arab man-made sites. Why ignore the above biblical proof and Holy prophetic masterplan of YHWH?

Israel, Arab facts and answers could be rooted in racism, politics, military invasion, deceit and lies. Also like NO J or A in Hebrew, the world of religions and denominations obviously prefer a human tower of Babel with white or pink baby Jesus, or human mohammed clearly wanting NOTHING to do with any Hebrew, Ethiopic Bible, people, truth or Creator, including the Holy name of YHWH or Yahweh. Why?

Because most people, countries, religions and denominations of the world truly represent BABEL and BABYLON combined. It is easier to sit, whisper or claim fake white baby jesus or mohammed both created of the Roman Catholic Church, muslim with 13 wives, ignoring they financed the White Knight Templars military order, Zionism and downfall of the Ottoman Empire along with many other western countries to invade, kill, steal and destroy real Hebrew Jews and artifacts of Holy Africa Jerusalem in 70 CE.


The reason most archaeologists and so-called christian, christianity or biblical scholars create fake landmarks, images, artifacts and myths of jesus, muslim, new testament, prophets and endless versions of the Bible, is they represent forgery and world. There is NO WAY no christianity, roman invented pope, jesus, muslim is related to King Solomon or King David throne. This is Hebrew, Judiac of 12 Tribes monotheism only.

You cannot steal, erase or fake Truth! There is not much written or stated about ARAD in Yisrael, or the fact fake Israel imitating biblical Yisrael has always been located in Africa .  Research all the videos or articles online and few mention ARAD as the only location of the Temple of Solomon and King David. If King David does not exist neither does Solomon, Abraham and or the Children of Yisrael, nor fake Israel of 1948. The Devil is always a LIAR, so one writes to highlight YHWH eternal truth. Watch videos below:

So from the above the main reason most people, religions, denominations or archaeologists cannot find or discover 100% truth is, they are looking at wrong carnal world signs, information and in the WRONG place or places.

It would be highly embarrasing for muslims, christian, christianity and khazar fake jews to admit the Temple Mount is a fake Hebrew temple or Sanctuary. Also consider, Israel and Palestine representing all or most religions and denominations on Earth for decades are still fighting over a LIE. How many people know there is a global world order plan in motion? Why do you think Trump is erasing NAFTA, fighting against EU, China, Iran, Turkey, Cuba and even his own U.S. democratic citizens? I have not posted 4 videos on one page for nothing.

Thus he said: ‘As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms, and it shall devour the WHOLE EARTH, and trample it down, and BRAL IT IN PIECES. – Daniel 7:23

And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of YHWH shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as YHWH has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom YHWH calls. – Joel 2:32

Depending on what version of Bible you use or read without apology, I have put back the name YHWH you should too, as this is how, what and the only correct translation of Holy Creator monotheism truth.

In His Service,


2018 Prophecy Explained

2018 Prophecy explained, like UN Resolution 194 the returning of Yisrael 12 Tribes of back from captivity of Babylon of world, Jeremiah 29:10, back to their homeland Yisrael not fake Israel of UN 1947.

The captive creation of fake Israel of 1948 by fake Khazar invaders, is the reason most of the 33K religions and denominations have got it twisted or error as declared in Jeremiah 29-8-9.

And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray unto YHWH the LORD for it; for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace. [9] For they prophesy falsely unto you in My name; I have not sent them, saith YHWH the LORD.

Fasten your seat-belt, 2018 is the Holy appointed year of the end of 70 years captivity and the accomplishment of Babylon rule over the 12 Tribes of Yisrael worldwide. Fake Khazar jews of Babylon imposters, built their own fake version of Israel and tried to steal the name Yisrael of biblical times and prophecies.

Ask yourself this one fundamental question, IF Israel was created in 1948 by UN resolution 194 what was it 3,000 years today of biblical prophecies? Yisrael, is the one and only answer so why try to change and steal the name Yisrael and Hebrew Jew identify of the Holy Land?

For thus saith the LORD: After seventy years are accomplished for Babylon, I will remember you, and perform My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place. – Jeremiah 29:10

I declare to fake Israel of UN resolution 194  your time is up! Now the true Hebrew Judaic Ethiopic Jews, shall return from captivity and all nations, tongues and people shall return to their promise and Holy land from within and around. Let me further highlight, Daniel Chapter 2 prophetic dream,  click the above link for original King James Version of the Bible in 1611. Note the English spelling mistakes ‘Yron‘ far from modern English or original Hebrew word barzel for Iron.

This is NO accident! This is evidential PROOF of the erroneous transliterations and interpretations of so-called biblical scholars of mankind who Creator YHWH MOST HIGH has not approved, called or educated of the Holy Spirit. This also means most of what Christian and christianity believers of all religions and denominations have been taught and heard preached, are error and lies of Jeremiah 29:9.

I know, this is radical, difficult to imagine or believe but is 100% truth. You see, what Creator YHWH is truly doing is only what His prophets have written and recorded from beginning to end. Creator YHWH is not interested in division or 33K religions and denominations of confusion of world. The Holy Bible and prophets of old only talk about 12 TRIBES of Yisrael not fake Israel of 1948.

These are 12 TRIBES representative of every nation, tongue and people not racism or black or white fake labels of people of mankind. This is Kingdom believers who understand and know they are ‘called‘ from within only of His Holy Word and Holy Spirit without religious or denominational labels and beliefs. There will be NO sections for baptist, catholic, adventist, hindu, Islam or other in Heaven only ONE PEOPLE, ONE GOD, ONE KINGDOM, born and bred of YHWH prophetic laws, statutes and commandments forevermore.


I recently heard TD Jakes preach about Joshua, how Joshua was ‘chosen‘ to take over from Moses to lead the Children of Yisrael into the promise land. I enjoyed the sermon, but this led me into Bible study and thinking: how can we receive the power and learning of the lessons of Joshua or any prophet of the Bible without YHWH laws, commandments and statutes? It is nice to preach and teach Joshua or any prophet of the Bible, but if we do not keep the laws, statutes and commandments ENOCH, Abraham, David, Joshua and all prophets had to keep including the Holy Sabbath which is perpetual and everlasting even in Heaven, your preaching is brass and tinkling symbols of religion and denomination.

Moses My servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the Children of Israel. – Joshua 1:2

I am mentioning the above to Kingdom call and correct all leaders of religions and denominations worldwide, including Islam back to ONE KINGDOM PEOPLE under ONE CREATOR YHWH. Why? This is the ultimate plan of YHWH from beginning to end, also this is what YHWH is doing from Genesis to Revelation, HE is getting ready to tear down all religions and denominations of world, so HE alone stands as sovereign Creator of all judgement and things.

Lets face it, if the Holy Bible is written only to call, save, redeem and bless 12 TRIBES of YISRAEL why are you under any religion or belief other than the statutes, laws and commandments of Creator YHWH? All 12 TRIBES representative of all nations, tongues and people will ALL have to keep commandments, laws and statutes even in Heaven.

Speak thou also unto the Children of Yisrael, saying: Verily ye shall keep My sabbaths, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that ye may know that I am YHWH the LORD who sanctify you. – Exodus 31: 13

I love the above scripture, because this is hallmark, generational, biblical, Hebrew, Judaic proof Creator YHWH does not change, creates and HE speaks from beginning to end. This is also proof HE is not playing religion and denominational false interpretations of living by grace without obeying His law, statutes and commandments. How can anyone ever expect to obtain GRACE without keeping His laws, statutes and commandments? Look what the prophets of old and everyone in the Bible including unbelievers went through by judgement, especially the prophets and Children of Yisrael for NOT keeping his laws, statutes and commandments.

Now modern-day world religions and denominations want to change his times, laws and statutes this is impossible. They best learn from the past from the days of Moses through to every prophet including David and Joshua.

2018 Prophecy

Watch this video below of the importance of the year 2018.

I am in NO WAY endorsing anyone except Creator YHWH MOST HIGH, His Holy Bible and prophets of old. I am not even asking anyone to believe me, just believe only in His laws, statutes, commandments and prophets of His Holy Word, for this is the beginning and eternal.

I thank Creator YHWH Most High in 1948 from the UN resolution of babylon captivity of Yisrael unto 2018 = 70 years accomplished. My Kingdom job and duty is to warn of what is now and to come of His Holy Word:

But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself. – Ezekiel 3:19

I do not write from head or world education, only from the Holy Spirit driving me into Holy Word, calling and preparing me with silence, solitude, grace, mercy, tests, Kingdom wisdom and blessings of the fruits of His Spirit to spirit found in Romans 8:16.

We all need to know what TIME it is, and to identify the wolves in sheep clothing and fake jews of this world. There is so much deception in man-made UN Israel to the point many of the tourist sites are 100% fake and manmade.  Watch the video below to learn more.

In His Service,