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Woman vs man

Woman vs Man should NEVER be an issue, but sadly it is why? Read and watch video…

Which woman can wisely do without a Man? Which man can wisely do without a Woman? Yet many would scream to claim they can? Really? So how would you ever populate the world without male and female conception? This can NEVER be of the same-sex so don’t be fooled by world, labels, lifestyles or mind-control of male or female against one another, to manufacture disunity, division, strife and depopulation of mankind.

In the Beginning

In the beginning Creator YHWH RA created male and female as woman and man. Notice how they both share the name ‘Man’. The Hebrew word for man is אָדָם (adam) or אּישׁ (ish). The “out of man” and The Hebrew word for woman is אִשָּׁ֔ה (ishshah, also transliterated ishah). It normally means woman, female, or wife.

So the only divine, universal, intention for and of the creation of male and female is love, unity, peace, togetherness, marriage, dating as Man and Woman in marriage. Can we agree or get an Amen Amun RA? I hope so, worldwide.

In the beginning there were no mistakes. The Man saw with his eyes and was filled with delight of the Woman and her beauty as most Man or male is still to this day delighted by the presence and beauty of Woman or female. Yet, today the wold as people have created of themselves diferent types, lifestyles and opinions of what THEY THINK is now male and female or marriage. This is NOT of the Creator Most High. Sure, one can debate and argue as much as one likes, one can never alter or change the fact of how we populate the world or create a baby or child.

So the beginning of mankind has not changed! It is still the same yesterday, today and forever. I like the word forever because this means eternal into the afterlife, when the world is purged of sin, evil, wayward mindsets and lifestyles, the only thing that shall remain is love, unity, peace, harmony, marriage and togetherness of male and female.

Woman in the Beginning

Woman in the beginning which no woman can change, alter or deny is the RIB of the Man. This means she cannot function with the head or body of her RIB which is still the Man. Sure, you can put a plastic strap-on and act as if two females are playing the role of Man, but this is like trying to bake a cake with cement not flour or claiming oil is pure water. It is not factual and can never be compared one with another. How can plastic be compared to flesh, sperm or spirit to spirit?

Woman in the beginning had a definitive role of motherhood, spirituality, togetherness, love, peace, unity, faith, obedience to universal Creator and Man. The Man was also to love Woman as his RIB and literal part of his body. We do not need religion and denomination to get back to the basics of what man and woman or male and female need as love.

One would also be wise to look at ancient Kemet/Egypt how woman lived with man of the 1st dynasty of human civilization. Watch video

When one watches the above video it strikes at the heart of ancient human civilization regardless of race, creed or what color label you claim. You may think you are white when you are more accurately pink, but all mankind on planet Earth has originated from Kemet/Egypt Afica into and across San People. Is such truth too much for white pagan Constantine, Church of England religions and denominations to bear? Is this why they falsified, enslaved and rewrote the Holy Bible pink claiming white?

Yes, the above is definitely woman and female of the beginning unless your history or people predate ancient Kemet/Egypt. So forget what your religion, denomination or fake white jesus or 12 disciples not 12 TRIBES of Yisrael not Israel of 1948 looks like.

Man vs Woman

There is no real Man vs Woman unless one is ignorant of the need of man to woman and woman to man. If one thinks they have a better union, creation or plan than the Creator of Heaven and Earth good luck.

There is no Man vs Woman unless one prefers loneliness, division, confusion and separation. Have you ever witnessed a lonely child, woman or visited an elderly home and see people all alone, few or no friends, visits abiding their time of departure on Earth. Time to get back to love, peace, truth, unity, wisdom, knowledge, love and togetherness as male with female.

In His Service,


Religion Definition

Religion definition or its earliest meaning may not be what you think. Who created or invented religion? What is religion? is God religious? Read more…

The definition of religion is:

The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.‘ideas about the relationship between science and religion [Source]

Ponder within, is the Kingdom of Creator YHWH RA higher than religion? Is your god higher than religion? Does the Creator YHWH RA need religion? If there is only one Creator why does HE need 33 Million gods & goddesses in India alone?

His Kingdom is Not Religion. The Creator YHWH RA could never be interested in so many religions and denminations of a man-made when HE only commanded HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME,

Religion is like the serpent or Tower of Babel of religions. The Creator YHWH RA, never intended for anyone to create any other religion or belief than HIS KINGDOM laws, statutes and commandments. This is 100% monotheism. But the worship of Babel and other gods, was the start of religion into polytheism.

Religion(s) is something man-made NOT of God or Creator YHWH RA

From the above videos one can see mankind was pretty savage, sinful, evil and unruly in most of their thinking and being. This is like the days of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:3-4:

They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

I guess one can conclude Babel is like the word babble, when one speaks and another does not understand what one is saying. Almost like a child or baby babbling. Genesis 11:5 states:

So Creator YHWH RA the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel[c]—because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole Earth.

Only the Creator of mankind could scatter mankind and give them languages to speak totalling over 100 to confuse and slow down sin, evil and idolatry worldwide.

So religion was definitely created of mankind and represents babbling confusion worldwide. Nothing good can ever come out of religions or polytheism. So who wrote so many bibles and created so many religions?

Religion is like entertainment or mind control, soothsaying people who prefer to trust more what they can see, feel or hear. They hate affliction or trusting in blind faith, its too demanding, lonely and hard. They refuse to believe Luke 17:21 His Kingdom is always within.

They also do not want to believe Kemet/Egypt is the oldest evidence of monotheism, Garden of Eden, and human civilization on Earth only as Africa.

In His Service,


NUT Goddess

Nut Goddess is something most religions and denominations of world have largely omitted, ignored yet completely copied from ancient Kemet/Egypt beliefs of the real kings and queens of the 1st Dynasty or dynastic period of human civilization.

How can you historically and physically date something biblical written in stone, with older and more truth, than fake discoverers like Christopher Columbus and Alexander the Great irrelevant? Why ignore Kemet/Egypt biblical beliefs and facts of stone? This is like ignoring TRUTH written in stone not paper, as the earliest history and artifacts of human civilization. This is ignorance and blindness within.

Regardless of what YOU or anyone chooses to believe not one person on planet Earth can ignore ancient or 1st dynasty beliefs or biblical artifacts or Kemet/Egypt hieroglyphs as nothing else predates human civilization cosmic facts, science, education or life period.

If you watch the above video and listen carefully, you should understand or gain the understanding the NUT SKY hieroglyph is the oldest of human civilization with knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the SKY CALENDER system, in conjuction with the sun, moon, stars as cosmos and life etc. This is superb, excellent knowledge and orginal understanding of the oldest education of any calender and cosmic system on planet Earth.

When you compare this is to any other calender system like Gregorian etc the Kemet/Egypt calender system consisted of one year as three seasons of 120 days each. The Kemet/Egypt calender also had 10 day periods not 7 days week as we have today. This civil calendar ran concurrently with an Egyptian lunar calendar which was used for some religious rituals and festivals.

The whole point and understanding of what Kemet/Egypt stood for in what they mostly created and lived was peace, harmony, love, unity and respect for all things Heaven to Earth. That included the MAAT, the Calender or NUT SKY goddesss, the hieroglyphs and pyramids etc. This is no diferent to people and their chosen temples, churches, religions, denominations, mosques or synagogues of fake, mistranslated, fable history and beliefs today.

The waterpot of sun, rain, snow and seasons still pour out and feeds the land, ground and all inhabitants of Earth today right? To think Kemet/Egypt beliefs or facts are beneath or irrelevant to any religion or denomination including Islam or Christianity is blindness and ignorance. How can any other belief, religion or denomination supersede 1st dyansty artifacts of human civilization? Thats like saying the Garden of Eden is irrelevant, and it was white not black or brown people in Europe not Africa. Or unless you bow to a white Greco-Roman jesus you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is exactly what modern-day fake and fable Christianity is teaching and saying as religious mind control.

The fact NUT pronounced NWT which means SKY nothing else, is depicted as a Woman or female, is NOT suggesting any worship of female or woman, but more the birthing, mothering, period cycles, protection, love and nurturing most mothers and women naturally exempiifies. This is no different to the Man or male who is more the protector, innovator, warrior, ruler and creator of children etc. We all have and play our role in and through the Creator and cosmos of this universe. If you disagree, our only two choices are still good and evil, or truth or lie right?

Most religions and denominations including Islam and Christian, have you noticed how they demonize and demote women? In the christianity or christian religions and churches from fake Israel of 1948 to Catholic, Baptist, Adventist, Mormon and into Islam of Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, women are taught to be silent, walk behind or beneath the Man. This is NOT how Kemet/Egypt operates or operated in biblical traditions and beliefs. It is more we are all born kings and queens of CREATOR KINGDOM KING of Heaven and Earth. Also there is NO need for any other religion or denomination as Kemet/Egypt monotheism on planet Earth.

In conclusion, it is advised one thinks HARMONY, LOVE, PEACE & PRAISE first to creation of the Creator of Heaven and Earth, then towards each and every person with MAAT, NUT, HORUS, RA, YHWH in Heaven and Earth. Purely, as male and female of human civiization always working as one. This is what all religions and denominatons of world should strive to educate, teach and practice and nothings less or different.

In His Service,


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