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British Gangs England

British Gangs England, have been around as early as the 19th Century here is a list of British Gangsters. But what causes people to form or join a gang? Read more…

Britain’s murder rate is highest in over a DECADE with two people killed every day on UK’s bloody streets. [Source]

I believe most of mankind are gangsters, making choices to join their chosen gangs, religions, denominations, political parties or circle of friends, club, neighbourhood, lifestyle and beliefs etc. The difference is NOT all are violent and dangerous, but even Wall St and politicians are gang members who openly support the KKK.

Gang leaders are some of the smartest people on planet Earth. They may appear ordinary, but think in different ways and use of violence, murder, death and robbery as their choice of tools and mindset. An Eye for an Eye is what they preach and act. Is the Bible gangster or gang related? I think so. The world is also notorious for slavery, lynching, invasion, regime change, racism, racial profiling, sanctions and genocide.

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, – Exodus 21:24

Your eye shall not pity. It shall be life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. – Deuteronmy 19:21

Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life; he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin. – Proverbs 13:3

Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death. – Exodus 21:12

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. – Matthew 5:17

And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him. – Genesis 4:8

From the above biblical scriptures one can conclude, not only has the Bible demonstrated and committed many acts of violence, sin, anger, deceit, betrayal, lust and war leading to murder. The Bible has many gangs, tribes and groups of people who were at war, violent, like most countries, the White Knight Templars, Rome, Vatican and Jesuits who have invaded, murdered, conquered, robbed, lied and raped many people worldwide including Holy Jerusalem.

What Makes A Gangster Join a Gang?

When one joins any gang regardless of race, culture, beliefs, location or no beliefs, you are choosing to do, act and walk after a specific clan or group of people according to their rules, laws and code of conduct or misconduct. You are really saying ‘hey I an ready to do whatever you ask, say or do‘ Could this be an irrational thought or CRY within, more than a rational decision?

When you examine the TEN MOST NOTORIOUS GANGS worldwide there is a pattern or correlation between all gangs of every kindred, race, culture, act or crime.

  1. They generally believe kill or be killed to survive. – This is because, if you live in a neighborhood where guns and knives are plenty and increasing in use of all races, are you going to be left slippin or with no tool or weapon of defence even as a Christian? I don’t think so. The Bible teaches thou shalt NOT KILL but the Bible is not against thou shalt not argue, fight, separate or divide.
  2. They generally feel no one cares and they need belongingness within. – This is in line with Maslows Hierarchy of needs which no person on planet Earth is excluded. We all have needs, wants, desires and need to meet or address every problem with solutions of needs, wants and desires in mind. This is what gangs are promising for evil not good, but disguised as quick-fix, helpful or good. But what a price! Prisons, cementaries and death-row is full of male and female people worldwide associated with drugs, gangs, prostitution and other crimes. Did they really care for you?
  3. They generally feel they need personal protection – He or she may feel vunerable, unsafe, lonely, isolated, threatened by their environment, lifestyle or enemies. It is not easy living in a neighborhood of guns, knives, gang bangin, violence, rape, hustle and drug trafficking with high unemployment. Who wants to suffer unto death for a living?
  4. They generally feel and desire some type of belongingness, love and respect. – Many are not getting along with parents, relatives and community, so they take the opposite route of any which way you can – even if it means I rob, steal, fight, kill and destroy others and even myself. But instantly and short-term a gang is offering me safety, protection, esteem, money, hustle, food, drugs, women and a lifestyle perceived as better than my now as we all struggle to survive. It also fits in with my weed smokin, hip hop, rap music lifestyle.
  5. They generally feel gang bangin is now essential and COOL – The sad fact is, this is the norm of most gang related areas worldwide. This is black, white, hispanic, africa, india, russia, scotand, irish, china, jamaica, canada, australia worldwide. It is tied to kill or be killed. One can get killed or attacked for just being successful, disliked or another gang member like Nipsey Hussle. But we can also use our marathon hussle to do good not evil and invest or create employment and good so we all can live in peace, love and harmony in every town, state, city, postcode, zip code or neighbourhood worldwide. Use negative to always lead to positive is a win-win. There is NOTHING cool about murder or doing a life sentence, jail, prison or bird stretch for your gang affiliated stripes, scars, rap sheet or your mind, soul and spirit within. No matter what decision YOU make only YOU will live with and suffer the consequences. There is no jail sentence or divine punishment for anyone but you if convicted.
  6. Most do NOT know gangs are NOT new, and all are being Mind Controlled: – There is no gang that is NOT being fashioned, monitored or mind controlled by local, national or state political government legislation of your police, Country or location. So the chances of YOU doing time for crime, getting arrested, shot, stabbed is as HIGH as 50-90% regardless of what gang you belong or criminal act you choose to do. The sad thing about Nipsey Hussle was he was using his gang bangin, rollin 60’s Crip lifestyle to actually do good not evil, and he got assassinated not murdered, like Malcolm X, Tupac, Biggie Smalls and others. The good always die young for doing good, never evil. It is usually their own who plan, accomplice or pull the trigger of betrayal for cash, robbery or promotion like Judas or the devil.
  7. The biggest genocide fuelling gang mentality is Hip Hop, Rap music, largely promoting violence and evil not good – Do you think Hip Hop Rap is being controlled by the Illuminati or government forces of any Country? Why do you think Putin of Russia wants to control Hip Hop/Rap? Putin is very wise, he can already see what Hip Hop is doing worldwide and he is NOT willing to allow Hip Hop or Rap to destroy the violent community mindsets of Russian people, promoting more gangs, violent music, violent mindsets, drug use and criminal lifestyles. But can Putin rule and win? Big fight. Even for our children, local community, home and personal safety, we need to be wise not foolish and the road to evil and destruction never has any good result or ending. Nipsey Hussle, Tupac and Biggie Smalls are evidence and sad proof of that. We lost our legends to violence!

What is the Solution to Gang Peace, Harmony & Positivity?

I think Nipsey Hussle is a positive global srategy and solution. I think the majority of mankind and people want GOOD not evil. They just need the right skills, education, training, mentoring, empowerment, love, respect and choices of mind, soul, spirit and self actualization.

Nipsey Hussle has proved to the world YOU ONCE AGAIN TARGETED, LABELLED, AND KILLED THE WRONG GUY. He was all about change, survival, entrepreneurship, hussle, doing good for his community. His fruits, lyrics and actions prove he was do or die for his Crenshaw LA community, and made efforts and actions to bring LA bloods and crips together in peace, unity and love. This has now been accomplished after the death and assassination of Nipsey Hussle. But the Marathon of life, love and peace continues…an example British gangs can positively learn, what is negative can become a positive entrepreneurial and social benefit for all.

Gangs are also becoming female related in and outside of prison systems. The senseless killing of Mariam Moustafa is just one example of female, women, using violence to act tough like male, men and kill or murder another, now they potentially face criminal charges and long jail or prison time.

The police of every Country is also a gang! They need to balance and learn what you think is BLACK or WHITE does not and never has existed. Grab a sheet of white or black paper, go on the beat and look in the mirror, to see if you or most people can match a black or white sheet of paper or paint. Your fear of people who are different to you we all suffer from, we secretly suffer from a lack of trust and stereotyping of others, but one will never know the pain, history, fear, book or character unless you sit, listen, talk with or read it or a person.

Gangs also have degrees, PHd’s, medals, and employment as politicians, army, navy, Wall St, banking, Internet, Web, employee awards, employment and affliliations. Like this Paedophile gang ring involving Ex-British Army Lieutenant charged for a very serious crime against chidren. Was he part of a gang? Allegedly! Being charged for a sex or child abuse crime, associates one with a gang or group of people, especially when your crime involves different locations and countries. We all need to become our own Nipsey Hussle and turn our local communities and mankind back to good, love not hate or evil.

In His Service,


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