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Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead or more accurately Book of the Coming Forth, should be understood as all life is a journey climbing, mountains, crossing seas with trials, judgement and wars daily. Lets talk...

Are you dead to sin, world and evil? Are you striving or living for world, religion, denomination or RA KINGDOM within?

I am writing attempting to simplify the Book of the Dead or Book of Coming Forth as ancient religion of all religions and denominations on Earth.

When one listens to the Book of the Dead or Book of Coming Forth unless one has journeyed or learned in years, first of Spirit to spirit one will NOT understand, embrace and feel educated within. The Book of the Dead or Book of Coming Forth deals with Creator and creation of universal life from beginning to end.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. – Revelation 22:13

The above scripture is fundamental, spiritual and literal as one listens to the Book of the Dead or Book of the Coming Forth, because first one has to comprehend the Creator is universal and always LIVING as HE shines his sun, moon, stars as light and planet solar system on mankind daily.

Unlike manmade religions and denominations this is daily PROOF of fact to the mind, heart, soul and spirit and all senses of Creation. This is funamental try to see the Creator as NOT someone hidden, but evidential and always rising, loving, protecting, providing and showing his universal being in nature, sun, moon, stars, mankind and all things living – daily.

Get Over the Shock…

Get over the shock one has not heard such information or ideaology. This is because YOU have become indoctrinated of religion and denomination than accepting of REAL-TIME colorless, universal life, law, statutes and daily evidence of HIS CREATOR being at work daily as light, night, Spirit, breath and power worldwide.

You have also become falsely enslaved and common to white baby jesus religion and denominations created by pagan Greco-Roman Constantine and Pope, who rules most or all religions including Islam.

NOTHING predates Nubia, Kemet they falsely call Egypt of biblical, historical and scientific TRUTH written in stone not paper. Take a good look at history of the so-called west how they have repeatedly enslaved, invaded and used printing presses worldwide to rename maps, slaves and countries, while they loot gold, diamonds, artifacts and even history to fool the world they are civilized and or 1st.

This is the awakening! No-one is black or white on planet Earth, can you match a sheet of white paper in the mirror? NO. Did the Creator of Heaven and Earth tell you or label you white? No. Did HE tell you or label you black? No. So when you listen to The Book of the Dead or The Book of the Coming Forth, one should think the dead… is the after-life and the coming forth is the present life within.

The after-life is actually just as important as the present life. Remember THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT of world, or things of world right? Also HAVE NO GODS BEFORE ME means yes there are other Valley of the KIngs appointed gods of Heaven i.e. Ptah, Osiris etc, but NOT BEFORE YHWH RA ME AS MONO CREATOR. This means all KINGDOM believers live wholeheartedly for the now, and the after-life of KINGDOM daily within.

The Rebirth

The rebirth of any true monotheistic believer of Heaven and Earth begins when one finally realizes Heaven and Earth as Creation MUST include or involve the cosmos, not man-made religions or denominations. The universal cosmos exists and operates daily without fail for the world to see and know without it we would all die.

This is something Kemet, Nubia they now call Egypt knew, embraced and dug deep into their spiritual or Spirit to spirit, to fathom and record which the western world uses 3D, computers and professors to unravel today.

Think about it,over 5,000 years ago this is incredible. The Pyramids are NOT merely stone buidings, they are great monuments deliberately designed, erected and carved of stone to surpass time, space, knowledge, wisdom and eduation of world.

The Pyramids were actually aligned and created with the COSMOS as planets of the universe 1st in mind. This is HEAVEN. They even named the stars and planets wisely after gods of Heaven. They also used images like the Hawk, Crocodile and Snake to reflect, educate and teach power, life and sin or evil.

They were obviously being directed by a HIGHER power than colleges, universities or human intelligence. The Pyramids are accurately aligned with the COSMOS and this is why any true believer of HIS KINGDOM would be foolish to ignore the first human civilization, who gave us all religion, science, astronomy, mathematics, alphabet, reading, writing, architecture and all things world. Watch this video…

His KINGDOM is 100% not religion or denomination this is the latter-rain message to all worldwide. Someone needs to get this message to TD Jakes and Joel Olsteen.

In His Service,


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