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Blow Ye the Trumpet! End Time!

Blow Ye The Trumpet! End Time! What does “End Time” mean for you? Lets talk…

Are you bothered? What if I told you end-time could mean a personal visit of YHWH RA GOD in the now to end your carnal sins, evil and lusts of this world in preparedness of His Word within?

Imagine, you have spent years planning, educating or studying even building your business or career and then sudden destruction. YHWH RA GOD permits a series of JOB experiences into your family, business and life and suddenly you are now faced with catastrophes unimaginable to mind.

If you think this cannot happen think of Michael Schumacher, seven-time F1 Champion, successful to world who drove F1 cars at speeds unimaginable to most humans, retired and happily went skiing with his family then boom. A freak accident alters his retirement with a now spiritual battle for his recovery and life.

There are many more examples in the bible and of the world of living whether or not you attend church, religion or denomination. The point is, trials and afflictions can happen to anyone. We all get afflicted and challenged in many ways some to levels of astonishment.

I believe, Joel in the Bible like many other prophets and books of the Holy Bible exist to forewarn the world as people to ‘be ready’ even in the ‘holy mountain’ of Zion which to Kingdom believers like the Kingdom of RA God is within. [Luke 17:21 & Joel 2:1]

We must all be watchful and ready, even if we claim to be atheist or an unbeliever of world, as this does NOT halt or alter the trials, afflictions, judgement, consequences of choice, sin, outcome of world or evil.


In the Book of Joel, he was instructed of Spirit to spirit to “Blow Ye the Trumpet in Zion” which I am sure astonished Joel within. Why would YHWH RA GOD proclaim to Joel via His Holy Spirit to warn leaders and worshippers in His Holy mountain of Zion?

This is a place where believers have sacrificed, battled, struggled through sins, afflictions, trials and disappointments to finally arrive or rest in His Holy Mount Zion within.

Joel arguably wrestled with why, who, when and where? In Mount Zion YHWH RA GOD told Joel to warn the drunkards and wine drinkers! This to is religion and denominations of today!

For anyone who does not understand how one gets a revelation from Amun RA God, it first takes RA God knowing and trusting you within. It is similar to anyone else testing you to determine whether they can trust you in a dating, marriage or business relationship.  The only difference is YHWH RA GOD will allow your tests to be of world, sin or evil to prove you are steadfast, obedient, righteous and Holy within.

If you know that he is righteous, you may be sure that everyone who practices righteousness has been born of him. – 1 John 2:29

One is not writing for the unbeliever but those who believe if this does not make sense to you, perhaps it is not meant to. There are enough links to further read and research.

One thing for sure we are all made in the image of YHWH RA GOD, therefore YHWH RA GOD can do everything and more what we can do. He is omnipotent, universal and eternal.

We are all created with choice of good or evil. Therefore, it is safe to state we are all destined by choice eternally for good or evil. Simply, how we all choose to believe, live and worship images, idols gods or YHWH RA GOD and the prophets of His Word is freewill choice within.


The Book of Joel is one to be believed by all whether you believe in YHWH RA GOD or not. There WILL come a time when you will be tested beyond your wildest dreams or human intelligence.

This can be of the future or now! Regardless of what you have been taught [even as a Pastor] judgement is now or future. YHWH RA GOD as He did to Joel or JOB can test us at anytime for good or evil.

I pray that you will study and read the Holy Bible and prophetic books of the prophets of past, present and future in STONE and translated versions of paper.

Take the time to build-up a relationship with the Creator Amun RA of all things Heaven to Earth and be found faithful, obedient and Holy within daily.


In His Service,


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