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Birmingham Rotunda Pub Bombing

Birmingham Rotunda Pub Bombing 21st November 1974, yet no-one has been paid any compensation why? Lets talk...

Today, I spent several hours speaking with Hilda Turner aka Campbell to the locals in her neighbourhood area of Handsworth, Birmingham, where her son Neil Robert Marsh aka Tommy grew up and was sadly killed in the 1974 Birmingham Rotunda Pub Bomibings by the IRA.

This is now 2019, Hilder Turner is still grieving and is desperately in need of closure and legal justice for the murder of her son Neil Robert Marsh aka Tommy before she is no longer on Earth. I personally remember seeing Tommy who was years older than me, but I remember he would always be either with a woman or hanging in the neighbourhood like most people growing up as a young teen.

One thing for sure, the affluent road and area where Tommy grew up is still a beautiful, attractive, safe environment today. The area and houses are well sort after with front driveway, huge, long rear gardens and well kept gardens and streets.

I am writing this article to;

  1. Keep abreast of the Birmingham Pub Bombings & Legal Compensation News
  2. I promised Hilda Turner I would look into matters and do a video for her to watch and remember her son Tommy with news links.

Imagine, your son or daughter gets killed walking past a building in the busy City Center of your City and 40 years later you have no compensation from either the Country you live England or the Country Northern Ireland who is responsible for the bombing. How did they ever get away with this injustice?

This is not the first time I have had long discussions with Hllda Turner about the Birmingham Bombing and her grieving the loss of her son Tommy. I have known this family from childhood days I just found this superb article written by Birmingham LIVE in 2018.


It does not take a scientist to conclude the Birmingham Bombings were unlawful, senseless and the cold-blooded murder of innocent people. The Rotunda in Birmingham City Center is likened to the Eiffel Tower in Paris it was the centerpiece of the City of Birmingham in England.

Tommy is the youngest killed and one with NO PHOTO find out why…

I remember the day I was told Tommy was killed in the Birmingham Rotunda Pub Bombing, I was in instant shock trying to fathom how, who, when, where, why? Still today the Birmingham City Center is where most people in Birmingham, England congregate of all ages to walk, relax, chill, eat, shop, club and meet the opposite sex.

I remember the days when ice-skating, movies, shopping and clubbing was progressively what most people from all ages and areas of Birmingam, England do on the weekend. The IRA knew they would seriously injure or kill people at the Rotunda, Birmingham.

Tommy was just 16 at the time and for some reason his Mother Hilda Turner told me today, she does not have a photo of Tommy. Now this could sound strange to some people…but back in the early 1970’s there was NOT any PC, smartphones or email etc. Everything was written by hand, post and mail. In fact, I can remember when there were no gas heaters and everything was black coal fires with the coal shed outside.

To actually get hold of a camera was a luxury and most people especially Caribbean or mixed raced people never bothered with photos or asking anyone to take a photo unless you attended a wedding, christening or some special event. I remember we hired a photographer to take pictures which cost big money and was a once in a while affair. Most childhood pictures were taken by close friends or the person you were dating etc.

Think about it how many photos did you have of yourself by the age 16 before 1974 or even 1980?

I am trying to get hold of a photo of Tommy from old-school records or a friend or family. His Mother does not have a photo of Tommy. She would like to have one from anyone who has a photo. Yes it’s a needle in a haystack but I think it is possible.

Coroner Sir Peter Thornton QC said the bombings were “etched in the history” of the City. – [Article/Source]

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