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Belief the Heart of Creation

Belief is the heart of Creation for without belief how can one achieve? Lets talk...

The world is people like african kings & queens i.e. Adam & Eve of Africa were the first two people of this world. Have you ever research the oldest human DNA on planet Earth?

I personally do not believe the first two human’s Created by the Creator were actualy called Adam & Eve as they would more have had non-english or european names of the region, language and culture of the Garden of Eden which is Africa.

I would also like to repeat as stated many time’s throughout CyberRev article’s there is no-one 100% black or white as a sheet of the colour on planet Earth.

The main point’s here is who am I? Who are you or I created to be? What you or I think may be true or false but what is universal creation and fact’s is what daily and eternally govern’s us all. We are all colorless spirited people of Heaven to Earth and world.

All thought’s, belief and action’s are either good or evil, positive or negative within and around daily. We are either being wise, powerful for good and truth or evil, unwise and destructive daily.

I praise you RA because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. – Psalms 139: 14

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You Shall Receive What You Believe Within

It is truly amazing how the Creator has created us all like a SUPER-computer with spirit, mind and soul as a database turbo-charged with UNLIMITED thought’s, belief, hope, faith, trust and love daily within and around.

Yet most people living on Earth in world take Creator and creation for granted. They allow hearing, sight of thing’s of world, carnal, evil thought’s and lifestyle’s to manipulate and control their want’s, need’s, desire’s and belief’s. Why?

Imagine the Creator of life is eternal and HE will judge us all for what HE has created for good or evil. Sure, one can disagree with such a notion or fact, its like gravity if one wants to test gravity it does not alter gravity.

Believe it or not, we are all spirited and created to use our mind, soul, spirit and thought’s to first serve the Creator and his laws, statute’s and commandment’s as UNIVERSAL KINGDOM.

The global problem with most people or human’s is we think we are independently intelligent, smart and wise of self or world. Perhaps the world is man-made and programming or using mind-control to get people to think, act and do as they are enslaved, labelled or programmed?

Think this is far-fetched or incorrect? Why do most people think they are mostly black or white? Why was the first slave ship out of England, UK called Jesus? Why do we have a pink white jesus of 33 years when the Garden of Eden is Africa and there is no J in Hebrew or the 1st King James Bible of 1611? What is older than the region of Africa on planet Earth?

My people [not world] are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my kings and priests; because you have ignored the law of your AMUN RA God, I also will ignore your children. – Hosea 4: 6

So if the mindset of the Creator is MY PEOPLE and they are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, what say people who are NOT His people?

I believe we are moving into a time of LATTER RAIN for His people whilst the world of people read 1 John 2: 15-17 are moving into a age of mind-control, AI, IOT, 5G, automation and robotics which are largely designed to control and regulate people of world daily. Now people post and tweet FREE for a living daily worldwide.

This is why people should pay careful attention to what they think, believe or act upon daily. Are you living and breathing for the Creator in likeness of His image or are you living for world, aliens, sin or self? Will robots have more powers than humans?

Sure one can choose and do as one thinks or believes, but in the end like most things, we shall reap what we think, believe, follow and action.

In His Service,


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