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Bantu Tribal People of Bible History

Bantu Tribal People of Bible History, yet rarely mentioned in the Bible versions. Why? Lets talk…

Imagine Bantu Tribal people ruled most of Africa from as early as 500 AD yet they are hardly mentioned in any man-made bible version. Why? I also want you to see and witness even as recent as 1960 Bantu people: men, women, children and land look wealthy, healthy, talented and highly blessed in african of Africa, Sun of RA.

All of the above maps, videos and information dating as early as 500 AD; well before any western version of any man-made bible was written in 15-16th Century, demonstrates the biblical and civilized truth of the world is still Amer-Indian, AFRICA.

The Holy Bible and Garden of Eden is and will always be AFRICA even into the afterlife.

As for thinking people with little clothes are strange or poor; when you visit Africa or the Caribbean even in the 21st Century, do you wear a bikini, shorts and tank-top in the Sun?

Most pink people do not like the Sun, because they cannot handle the Sun. But they like and always want to OWN, STEAL, CONTROL or INVADE everything shades of brown people of Africa, Caribbean and Amer-Indian worldwide.

Look at all countries of Africa, Caribbean, Americas or Amer-Indian, their vibrant music and talent’s from Salsa, Merengue, Reggae to many tribal sounds of Africa. Their fashion, gold, diamonds, oil, commodities, education and history from brown, beautiful, rich, royal, african kings and queens, stolen, suppressed and lost through non-stop, pirate, terrorist, racist, foreign invasions and enslaved, mind-control. We shall arise.

The above maps, videos and information also should EDUCATE all religions and denominational people including Islam worldwide. Also regardless of ethnicity, culture or country you most likely came from AFRICA and africans as the Khoisan people have the oldest human DNA on planet Earth. Fact not fiction.

Also from the above videos one can see how hard-working people of Africa as Amer-indians of Africa worldwide, throughout history have demonstrated great knowledge, wisdom, skills, unity, love, beauty, spirituality and talent. This is why envious foreigners invade, rape, enslave and belittle Africa as enemies with fake, racist, evil, wicked, colonial, religious, political, myths, fables and lies even to this day.

May we all return back to the truth of human civilization and biblical history of the Holy Bible written only in STONE of Africa of RA; not man-made, bias, racist, mythical, decpetive, lies and sinful versions on paper.

In His Service,


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