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Anthony Joshua is about PURPOSE!

Anthony Joshua is about PURPOSE! Do you know what purpose is all about? Do you know the value of purpose? Not many people are living a purposeful life, daily. Find out how and why

I recently watched the below interview of Anthony Joshua it was lifechanging. There was something different about Anthony Joshua, I could see he has been thinking, things have changed within and around, he was now set on living a purposeful life.

This means he is now NOT doing things for the sake of boxing federations or people who expect him to always win and never fail. This is too meaningless and unrewarding, trying to live up to the expectations of people or organizations of the world.

Anthony Joshua feels and knows there is so much more to his purpose, life and ultimate destiny. He has to 1st live for self within then he can live for the purpose of helping, empwering and motivating others worldwide.

If you watch Anthony Joshua, he would always step in the ring and at the end of most fights address the crowd as fans and ask them who he should fight next time etc. This is a clear sign Anthony Joshua was tryng to please the world NOT HIMSELF or hs purpose first.

He was trying to assure the fans and sponsors I am trying to please you all. As soon as Joshua lost his 1st fight to Andy Ruiz down comes the hacket for the head of Anthony Joshua. He had critics on YouTube and social media worldwide, questioning the championship loss of his 4 titles and belts to Andy Ruiz.


I would first ask the question did he REALLY lose anything beside some belts? The boxing belts don’t even belong to anyone, but the boxing federations of this world.

Do you really think Anthony Joshua could always keep on winning and never losing? No way. Even the best boxers of the world including Muhammed Ali, Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Mayweather even though he claims he never lost, will lose some of the time. In fact, losing and failure are the best educators of living and life.

Ask any millionaire or billionaire it was the repeated lessons of failure and longsuffering which taught them how to win big within. This is why Anthony Joshua has NOT lost one thing. He has gained more from losing his 1st fight, as nothing beats finding your purpose and reason for living.


Boxing like any job or profession is a tool and skill, you now have to master it and put it to use to win, Anthony Joshua now knows this. He is going to use boxing as the tool with skill and not as his life purpose. Can you comprehend this? Its deep!

You see one may work 9-5 even as a Doctor, but its the money or reward of such a skill like a boxer, you then use to invest and carry-out your life purpose, which maybe a philanthropist, author or motivational speaker.

George Foreman is a great example also Laila Ali, who have expertly used the tools and rewards of boxing, to create their real purpose in life of being a Pastor, setting up a school or clothing line and becoming an entrepreneur, Author and or life coach.

Anthony Joshua now has purpose and passion in its righful place. It is NOT about what others think, it is about what he believes, desires and who he fights for in relation to his purpose.

This is why he went to Nigeria and visited the poorest areas to meet with reality and purpose, which is priceless. I bet you with all the money Anthony Joshua has he does NOT have enough to help all those kids, teens and adults, living in the poorest areas of Nigeria.

But this visit can give him the purpose he needs to go into the ring and box to win for more money for the poor of Nigeria or this world. This is huge! And Andy Ruiz better get ready, because his purpose needs to be greater within than Anthony Joshua to win the next round.

In His Service,


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