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Ankh Spirit not Cross

Ankh Spirit to spirit not Cross is how the Egyptians connected everything on Earth to the Kingdom or universe of Creator RA YAH Most High.

They wanted more than to worship, walk or live on Earth, they wanted to connect mind, body, soul and spirit to their Creator 24/7; into their afterlife. They achieved this in more ways than one with the Ankh and Pyramids.

The more one researches or delves into ANCIENT TRUTH of the 1st Dynasty of world and Garden of Eden on Earth. They will discover all is Africa: Kemet Egypt, Nubia, Sudan, Ethiopia, YisRAel not man-made Isra-EL of 1948..

And the more one embraces truth in STONE not paper, the conclusion is all other religions and denominations are fake and fruitless, including Islam and Christianity.

Did you know water and salt is a power source? Did you know the body is 65% Oxygen?

Every sound we hear or make, every word we speak or thought we believe, is MATTER and VIBRATION. This is how the Creator hears, sees and records all things daily. – Psalms 139:2

The Creator has given His Children love, power and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 READ. We only have to use this biblical or spiritual formula in the right way, to achieve the right divine results as promised.

I can assure you Kemet/Egypt is not the only root or early source of human civilization. But all tribes, natons, tongues and people of Africa, as Kemite, Cushite, Bantu, Yoruba, Hebrew, Ethiopic, like most things from beginning without end.

The Ankh connects us not just to Heaven and Earth as a device, it potentially holds by faith the foundations of science, spirituality, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of Heaven, Earth, Holy Spirit and universe 24/7.

In His Service,


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