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Andrew Tate is INNOCENT until proven guilty

Andrew Tate is innocent until proven guilty, and that goes for Tristan Tate and anyone else arrested in this strange Romanian case.

Let me first say, most people on planet EARTH are like sheep reading media S*HT daily, and they have no clue how the structured, organized, monopolized, politicalized, fake, racist, science, religious, world, work’s.

This is largely because they have never travelled, researched or read long enough, how does the world of people really think, trade, vote or work?

Andrew Tate stuck his voice into Greta Thunberg online, via social media as FREE SPEECH, but this can be perceived by some as ‘bullying’ ‘chauvinistic’ or some other type of male slavemaster label, then it is cancellation, global, crisis management, slavery, time.

Question: What are the label’s for women when they #metoo or use or hustle a Man for cash, to fly, go shopping, pay their rent or they deliberately seek to date or get pregnant for a Man, so they can obtain child-support, income and hardly or never work again?

I hear you saying gold-digger, b*tch, escort, w*ore, but even with these word’s being the worst of such female stereotype label’s, they carry little LEGAL risk or cost of being caught or blamed.

Andrew Tate allegedly sent a few tweet’s, had a social media spat and could not finish his Pizza, he was under arrest.

This appear’s someone made a call and Andrew Tate was targeted for take-down, and I feel it was someone close or in support or admiration for Greta Thunberg.

Is this why Greta Thunberg weirdly staged her own arrest a few days later, as if she was already doing crisis-management-planning, should she be ultimately blamed for what is happening or has happened to Andrew Tate & Family?

Who would be laughing with Police if this alleged arrest is NOT being staged? Do they think people are stupid? This is a PR stunt, people of color do not get to smile or take a photo with no police, worldwide, unless under arrest.

Now the world online and offline, appear’s to be controlled and feared by a 20 year old girl, who could never know much about much, at 20. Even UK conservative MP’s fear Greta Thunberg.


Why is Andrew Tate being held with NO BOND? The only ‘legal’ rational reason, is they think with all his many passport’s, if they confiscate 10 he may have another 10, a flight risk, so they ruled to detain him and his brother until they have concluded their criminal investigation.

Yet Andrew Tate and his brother, family and brand name, are being tried across social media, worldwide, as in the online world even fool’s, racist or illiterate people, who rarely read, research or write, can attack or eat your reputation, brand, character, cake or income status, overnight.

We saw it with Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, almost as if the ‘The FIRM/SECRET SOCIETY‘ of this world, has a hitman, hitwoman, or shot-caller and it’s political or more accurately an elite, global, organized, crime gang including online giant’s.

Do you remember when the KKK was created by mostly U.S. politician’s? They walked or marched to the U.S. Capitol right? How come the KKK has rarely if ever, been busted or indicted by either the Democrat’s, Republican’s or by the FEDS?

Barack Obama was in power for 8 years or more and he never touched the KKK, which is really now MAGA under racist, tax fraud, capital U.S. coup leader and still felon, Trump, today.

Andrew Tate is clearly being targeted, BUT only people with educational sense or deep knowledge of how the political, social, scientific and religious law’s and world’s of eliteism work, will truly understand.

Someone simply felt Andrew Tate had way too much mouth and or power! Andrew Tate also helped this decision, by leaving too much social media, video and online content for them to ram that same voice and content up your rear, and into fabricated arrest or detention.

Do you think this is far-fetched or unrealistic? Watch this video of a Former Minister for Justice in Romania. She suggest’s: An Order has been made.

What most people fail to understand, and I believe NOT even Andrew Tate considered this, when your a person of colour or color, 10,000 pink people worldwide, will fear YOU, even if your one.

I am trying to write this article with due dilligence, because I know, I speak, write and address topic’s most people are too afraid to touch or address. Why should Greta write and say what the F*K she want’s without limitation, yet other people cannot?

Andrew Tate & Tristan, are going to be proven NOT GUILTY, even his alleged victim’s are online declaring support for the Tate brother’s. The Romanian government is already acting corrupt, they cannot afford to come up or conclude there is no evidence.

They know the world is watching, and this would not just be a political embrassment, but potentially hurt economically long-term Tourism, Banking & Investment into Romania.

I think they are holding the Tate brothers partially through fear….and panic, they have to get this social, political, shot-call, 100% right.

In Universal Service,


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