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Ancient Egyptian Mummies Found 2019

Ancient Egyptian Mummies Found 2019, this is great news for real biblical, historical, Africa findings. Lets talk…

They just found more REAL Kings & Queens of the Holy Bible, thirty coffins found near Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, 2019.

This may not mean much to most people on planet Earth but if one seeks UNIVERSAL TRUTH of all religions and denominations one best pay attention to true biblical history, research, KINGDOM and spiritual blessings. The Garden of Eden is Africa 100%.

One can read the article here.

Examine the priceless artwork, writings and colouring of these tombs. This is exciting and completely reinforces the reason why CyberRev believes in everything Amun RA/Re YHWH Most High.

If your religion or denomination cannot predate Kemet, Nubia, Egypt, RA, you are lacking universal truth and brain-washed by translated versions of the bible NOT universal truth written in stone and Spirit to spirit within.

In His Service,


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