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Amen is Amun

Amen is Amun more than 3,000 years old. So why do many Christians and Christianity say Amen? Do they know what Amen mean’s? Is it good or bad? Let’s talk...

What if I told you Amen is Amun the universal Creator and is more divine and accurate than the name Jesus with no J in Hebrew or the 1st King James Bible of 1611.

Be ye not deceived. Truth is always written in stone not paper.

Never worship man-made religions, denominations, images or objects. Worship only the Holy Creator of universal images and objects like sun, moon, stars, cosmos, man, woman, etc.

KING of KINGS is of the Valley of the kings from 1st Dynasty of human civilization Africa representative of world. Further, the FACT you are being told or taught to say AMEN IS AMUN RA.

Some will argue Amun RA is merely a SUN God and is pagan or sin. This is ridiculous! One could also argue jesus is portrayed a SUN-god depicted as SON of god.

Also the word god or gods are always inferior to Kingdom monotheism, ONE RA CREATOR KING in and through us all. Ephesians 4:6

Note, even a bible is used for good or evil as any cross or scripture. This is why as any Man or Woman thinks, so is he or she within. Only the Creator of Heaven and Earth will and can judge..

We all must get the Creator and his gods, goddesses, kings and queens of the Garden of Eden correct. Is AFU-RA-KA of the oldest human DNA and Bantu, Yoruba, Khoisan, Ashanti, Zulu, Kemet/Egyptians wrong or sinful to think, worship and believe within, the SUN not son is the closest universal power of Creator YHWH RA RE?

I don’t think so, and I have now adopted praising and thanking Creator YHWH RA RE for shining HIS LIGHT, MAAT and ancient truth on us all daily biblically, written in RA stone not man-made paper.

Amun RA Kemet/Egypt has more to do with the KINGDOM WITHIN Luke 17:21 than any sun, moon or stars. If they did not first have divine knowledge, wisdom and power within; do you think they could plan, design, build and write the 1st civilization of mankind in alphabet, mathematics, science, religion, astronomy, architecture and life? No.

There is NO other country on planet Earth even today that can match or build a pyramid, or write and coach life into the after-life as Kemet/Egypt period. I have chosen to follow the original, Garden of Eden, as the Kingdom of kings of CREATOR YHWH RA RE, not any fables or copycat religion’s or denomination’s.

Key to Effective Prayers

The Key to effective prayers is to know why and to whom you pray. Just because you were taught from a child by your parents to worship and pray in the name or to Jesus, does not make it biblical, divine or correct.

Holy and divine universal truth undiluted should always be the goal and journey of any true believer, regardless of whether it is found in Africa or Russia.

Some people have a problem with where biblical truth originated or is found, this is how you get a Greco-Roman fake pink-baby Jesus. Amen is Amun RA the Creator, which highlights and describes truth cannot be copied, translated, misrepresented, hidden and or altered in any form of world, evil, religions or denominations.

The truth will always come to Light! The hardest task is identifying, believing and submitting to HIS UNIVERSAL TRUTH that will often demand one changes their entire belief system away from sin, lies, world, religions and denominations.

What is a Christian or Christianity?

What is a Christian or Christianity is one who believes in Father, Jesus Son and Holy Spirit. However, Roman, pagan Constantine Christianity is also shrouded deeply in the mixture of Jesus Sun and Son of God.

The global problem and deception here is Christianity is completely fable, mythical, paganism, racist, ignorant, confused, brainswashed to the core across all followers even TD Jakes.

Do your research on Constantine who created Christianity. Also do research on whom and what the Vatican or Pope really created, worships and believes.

Is it the SUN of God or Son of God? You will be surprised. The SUN rightly is the closest thing to Heaven of the Creator, not the man-made Jesus Son of God with no historical or archeological evidence.

The Pope secretly knows the TRUTH is written in ancient Africa Kemet/Egypt STONE, but he also knows TRUTH is not popular enough for mass followers or global sales of Kemet, african multiple versions of the real Holy Bible.

The POPE is [copycat] worshipping the SUN DISK of Horus NOT FOR GOOD for carnal evil to conquer, rule and divide the world. The POPE is self-professed Christ of the Earth right? Worshipping the SUN is NOT evil, if it brings you closer to Creator YHWH RA Most High, but if you worship the sun or use the STONE/UNIVERSAL Bible for evil then it is evil.

Watching the above two videos is enough to conclude Christianity is like a huge cocktail of varying beliefs, paganism, myths, fables, evil and TRUTH mixed.

I know it is alarming and difficult to comprehend or believe this is why your watching and reading facts not fiction. Imagine you get to learn and FREE from my decades of learning, writing and chastening into obedient JOB tablets.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, MY PEOPLE [not world], that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. Revelation 18:4 KJV

Be Ye not conformed to this world. From the Garden of Eden evil has always tried to deceive mankind and rob them of HOLY UNIVERSAL TRUTH. Christianity is a force and belief rooted in evil not good. Take a look at the root of Vatican, Jesuits, Rome, Constantine, White Knight Templars who also invaded Holy Jerusalem in 1099.

How can you invade Garden of Eden AFU-RA-KA as Holy Jerusalem, then kill, murder, rape, enslave and steal gold and artifacts [to this day and expect baRA YHWH RA RE Most High to applaud or ever bless you? This is insanity!

The Ankh or the Cross?

Which is more important the Kemet Egypt Africa Ankh or the Christian, Christianity Cross to Creator Most High? This is a very important question in your quest or journey for baRA, YHWH RA RE universal truth

Based on the above history and evidence very little can be proven of most characters of the bible. However one can certainly prove what came BEFORE western versions of the Holy STONE Bible of Garden of Eden AFU-RA-KA.

Examine Kemet/Egypt, Africa historical and archaeological abundant facts paraded in Cairo, British and American museums plus Vatican library. Did the west copy Africa? Were black or brown people born of the oldest human DNA on planet Earth before a fake white jesus was invented. Yes.

The Ankh is Kemet/Egypt historical, biblical and spiritual TRUTH! To better understand what is universal truth think Holy, biblical, spiritual and Heaven to Earth of creation, blessings and servitude.

Like the Pyramids, Valley of Kings, RA, Ptah and so much more. Jesus and Christianity is another blasphemous attempt at enslaving, racial profiling and stealing what is Garden of Eden Africa, Amun RA, Osiris and 1st Dynasty of the world of human civilization?

Is Christianity created by the Vatican a evil, corrupt fake copy of truth? You decide.

Only ONE YHWH, YAH, baRA TRUTH can set us free! It can take over a decade to unravel the huge global puzzle of theologies, notions, translations, myths, fables, deceptions, religions, denominations and beiiefs of this world.

This is why I will always research, write and shine baRA, YHWH RA, LIGHT of knowledge, love and universal truth.

In Universal Service,


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