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Africa Slavery was only 0.1%

Africa slavery was only 0.1% of the history of Africa people on planet Earth. Also guess what all of human civilization are descendents of Africa period.

The more I spend years reading, studying, praying and unravelling TRUTH the more I see and hear within of the Holy Spirit to spirit. Lets talk…

Most of what is being taught across all religions, denominations and world is racist, lies and myths. How many people on planet Earth know the TRUTH about slavery?

What if I told you Slavery was created and engineered by pink people for the racism and benefit of pink people? They even claim to be white and not one can match a piece of white paper, has white as a factual colour changed? No.

If they can control the narratives of your history, religion, identity and thoughts THEY control you within.

READ this PDF note the words:

ENFORCED or bonded labour were NOT UNKNOWN to the Northern and Western Europeans [i.e pink people] who colonised Africa the Caribbean and Americas i.e. Red Indians.

Christianity is a SLAVERY religion who obviously ignore THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, RAPE OR KILL.

Then reasearch what does COLONIZED mean? It means: A process by which a central system of racist, evil power, invades and dominates the surrounding land and its components i.e. PEOPLE, LANGUAGE, CULTURE, MIND, BELIEFS & LIFESTYLES.

Colonization and slavery was BROUGHT to Africa and the Caribbean. Most or all being designed to keep people of all shades of colour or belief enslaved of mind, heart, soul and spirit. Here are some further facts you may need to research and ponder:

  • Africa is the Garden of Eden from beginning to end
  • Africa represents and means ALL people, all nations & tongues worldwide
  • Africa has the oldest human DNA on planet Earth as San People
  • Africa has the oldest alphabet, history, science, and religions on planet Earth
  • Africa has the richest history, land, soil, minerals, precious stones and blessings of countries worldwide
  • Africa is still growing and populating its people despite oppression even today
  • Africa is fast becoming once again the center of the world
  • Most of what you read in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is Africa and kings and queens of Africa. Thutmose III is really David.
  • The hieroglyphs are the oldest alphabet, truth, history, religions and education of human civilization on planet Earth.
  • The hieroglyphs are NOT Egypt they are 1st Kemet, Nubia and Sudan of Africa.
  • There is and never was a baby white or pink jesus, and no J in 1st King James Bible of 1611 or Africa Hebrew language.


Do you know the Truth is a very serious and deliberate life or death question? I was listening to the BOOK OF ENOCH last night, where ENOCH the Ethiopian was describing how planet Earth is eternal.

In fact, everything created of the YHWH RA Most High is eternal, including the wicked and sinful, they will be judged and imprisoned eternally whether they believe it or not, as fact.

ENOCH the Ethiopian was of Africa, is this why they decided to not put the Book of Enoch in the western transliterated, mythical Bible? They sure did twist the knowledge, wisdom and teachings of ENOCH,so they could create a white baby jesus as the English western lord, god and saviour.

Yes, I was brain-washed and attended religions and denominations of this world for decades from a child. Then one-day I had an encounter with the Most High.

It was just us two in a room, through His Holy Spirit HE whispered ‘there is no jesus christ‘ I thought I was going nuts. He repeated it many times and told me I will prove it. And from that day, the TRUTH are facts written in stone, because HE told me HIS KINGDOM is never, and not made with hands, ideologies, religions or denominations. It is 100% Spirit to spirit only.

This is why Pyramids, hieroglyphs and STONE churches are built. The Holy Spirit of the KINGDOM of YHWH RA wants things created with power most humans cannot replicate, fathom, mispresent or comprehend. This is why we have stone churches of Axum Ethiopia, Pyramids of Sudan and Kemet Africa. Hebrew people of Yisrael not fake Israel of 1948.

I just found this article written by Dr. Kwame Nantambu entitled: Getting African History Right.

He states emphatically only 0.1% of the history of African people on this planet were enslaved. I find this fascinating and truth. Yet, I also believe there is physical slavery and mental slavery, and most people are suffering from mental social, religious and political slavery today.

Even pink or white people are enslaved, and they do not know how long or deep. They truly believe they can 100% match a white piece of paper, when reality tells them they are closer to a match of orange or pink. See photo below. But they would more listen to white KKK, republican, conservative BS than historical, biblical, physical, reality or facts.


Are you in or out of Truth? Even with your chosen religion, denomination, belief or unbelief, everytime you call on the name of jesus, you call on ZEUS the Greco-Roman Olympian god of pagan beliefs.

Have you noticed how Greek gods copied Kemet, Egypt, Africa gods with a racist white paint-brush, like they created all things from beginning to end?

This is where most people are being brain-washed worldwide. They do not know they are saying HAIL ZEUS. Now before you dispute this or claim this is incorrect, ask yourself who is the acclaimed oldest Olympian or Greek God? Zeus right? Therefore, if Zeus is the oldest, then jesus with no J in Hebrew or the 1st King James Bible of 1611 who comes from Greco-Roman Mary and Christianity pagan, mythical Constantine, all roots and roads lead back to Zeus.

You see they looted, stole, copied, bastardized and enslaved 12 AFRICA TRIBES of Yisrael, then created fake Israel of 1948 of Khazar phoney jews, and Constantine of Greco-Rome who invaded Jerusalem, created and funded White Knight Templars, told them don’t worry if you kill, you will be forgiven in jesus name. Also the 1st slave ship out of England, UK was also called JESUS right? There is always a correlation to lies, myths, deception, murder, rape and slavery.

This is why the Creator YHWH RA Most High is going to hold us all to HIS universal judgement and truth. All will live eternal for good or evil. So make your choice of eternity within. This is real.


Africa is not slaves or slavery period. What are slaves and slavery eternally are people of evil, wickedness, lies, murder, rape, racism and hatred. Africa is already the chosen and elect of Creator YHWH RA Most High, from beginning to end. This is why the Garden of Eden is clearly Africa NOT Europe or U.S.

Notice, how they claim white and right and not pink or orange, they invade countries, but no one can touch or invade them? But this is all about to change of Joel 2:2

A day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, as blackness spread upon the mountains; a great people and a mighty, there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after them, even to the years of many generations.

This is 100% real. Just as the Creator sun, moon, stars and seasons have been faithful worldwide daily.

I found another article entitled: 400 years ago, the first slaves were shipped to America. Remembering that dark period.

It was dark, injustice, illegal and racist, but it was also a global, historical lie.

Time to awake from all lies. Time to embrace the universal truth that no-one is black or white on planet Earth. There was also never any jesus born that lasted 33 years. And he could NEVER in that time, be head of or over 12 TRIBES of Africa Yisrael, that dates back 5,000 years and they did not speak his greek or english, and he would need stronger pale-skin for the sun and terrain.

You see FEAR, RACISM and HATRED is what made slavery and jesus deception. They wanted to be the original VALLEY OF KINGS, dynasties, wealth, gold, diamonds and kingdoms. Too bad they will reap eternal death for their crimes, whilst the 12 TRIBES of Yisrael shall again become one Country and one language of One Creator YHWH RA, eternally.

In His Service,


Understanding Slavery

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