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Abraham Lincoln learned Africa rules the world

Abraham Lincoln learned Africa rules the world. Lets talk…

Abraham Lincoln grew up color-blind, red-neck as most pink folks who think they are white but can never match white paint or a sheet of white paper. Then Abraham Lincoln had a change of heart the more he experienced, relied and encountered loyalty, strength, unity, love and power of beautiful brown people of Africa and the world.

How can anyone claim or say they are American? The only people who are truly American are Amer-Indians and africans of Africa. Just because you invade and kill as warmongering, pink, evil, terrorist’s; does not mean you can claim citizenship or ownership of land; even with your fake white Jesus or judaic fake Dead Sea Scrolls.

No foreigner, invader or terrorist can enslave, own or buy mind, soul and spirit.

Abraham Lincoln began to see that the world is truly multi-cultural and multi-racial out of Africa. Abraham Lincoln also did NOT free any slaves, as they were never slaves, only innocent victims of color-blind, pink racist, invaders, murder’s and rapist’s. I am giving you a tone and measure of your own moon-shine medicine.


If you listen to Trump and GOP red-necks they think they have a right to be called America when they are nothing more than terrorist invaders, murderers and slavemasters which are kidnappers.

Was America or Americas, stolen land and people yes or no?

Are the Amer-Indians or some call them Red-Indians native America and americans yes or no? So again, how can Trump or GOP claim anything like fake jews, when they do NOT orginate or come from Americas or are Amer-Indian?

That’s like people invading China from England or Scotland, enslaving chinese people, raping their women, imprisoning their men then claiming they are now chinese. The funny thing is China like the colonial British and europeans is trying to take over Africa today; and will soon claim they rule over Africa.

This is where racism, colonialism, facism and religious lies and deception have corrupted and made men and women color-blind in thinking they are white and black, when most are pink and shades of brown worldwide. If we are going to live and rely on facts then state facts not fiction. Even China has been born out of Africa and Amer-Indians.

Do NOT talk about fake, BS myths, fables and legends like Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean, when there are people older and wiser than that pink pirate, terrorist, rapist fool. The most concerning thing is all countries and governments of the Caribbean allowed such BS to be stated and believed worldwide for centuries.

You should be thinking and acting like Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass or W.E.B. Dubois and ensuring truth remains truth and is upheld as the soul and spirit of honourable people.

If pink people, who falsely claim or think they are white and right were holy, honest or truthful; they would admit they KNOW they have no real history, and they have lied beyond evil acts and thinking, than be honest, ethical, holy or wise.

This is what Abraham Lincoln discovered and knew he had to STAND & ACT on the right side of history of human civilization into the afterlife. So he stated:

The man who could go to AFRICA and rob her of her children, and then sell them into interminable BONDAGE, with no other motive than that which is furnished by dollars and cents, is so much worse than the most depraved murderer that he can never receive pardon at my hand.

– Abraham Lincoln

“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no DEMOCRACY.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Even african leaders of Africa need to study, meditate and learn in 2020-2021 what is DEMOCRACY OF AFRICA? One cannot experience or achieve democracy or democratic unity until all tribes, tongues and people of Africa including the oldest tribes as Bantu, Zulu, Khoisan are equal and seated at the RA table of love, peace, unity and justice.

All Africa must NEVER BE SOLD or traded as the Khoisan people and their knowledge, wisdom and understanding to foreigners i.e. Unilever or big pharmaceutical companies.

Shame on South Africa how can you sell Garden of Eden Khoisan people? South Africa will suffer until it rectifies this ancient, spiritual and biblical problem.


Abraham Linclon grew up like most pink & Africa people: Lincoln was born in 1809 in a log cabin to very humble, uneducated parents. Have you noticed his parents were uneducated and relatively poor?

In other words in 1809 Abraham Lincoln and his parents in a log-cabin, in the woods, surrounded by trees, land and mud; looked very similar to an african biblical hut in Africa. Yes, I know you want to hide and think your superior, but true history is your still in cheap wooden or mobile homes today.

I am saying this to say and compare real America to Africa there is very little difference. In fact Africa was better off in ancient Kemet/Egypt, Nubia, Khoisan, Kush, Nile River times than America or Africa of Egypt and all regions today.

People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, – 2 Timothy 3: 2

I like the way Abraham Lincoln boldly chose to do what is right and not what is wrong and still wrong with America GOP, racism, ethnic victimization and inequality today.

The 16th President of the illegally-captured America from the Americas, was a fine, good and worthy President who died from the bullet of one of his own people, yet still today in his afterlife of good not evil, stands greater than most or all presidents of the USA.

In Universal Service,


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