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CyberRev unravels Christian, christianity and religions. Over 25 years spent doing the WILL of YHWH GOD. Now CyberRev coaches of YHWH GOD and His Kingdom within [Luke 17:21].

CyberRev [now] knows the difference between Hebrew, Yisrael, Israel, Judaic, Christian and fake manmade Roman, Jesuit Christianity. This is the BIGGEST Holocaust and religious, denominational conspiracy on planet Earth. This is what enslaved the Children of Yisrael past and present, which is not of fake, manmade Israel of 1948, with babylonian Greco-Roman Christianity and fake Khazar deceptions of world keeping most people, religions and denominations LOST IN MIND and truth of historical facts. There is still no I, J or C in Hebrew.

CyberRev is deeper than The Holy Grail without fiction. CyberRev stands with the Ten commandments, 7th Day Shabbat, Book of ENOCH, prophets of old, Holy Spirit to spirit and Torah. He believes in ONE KINGDOM OF YHWH which is Monotheism undefiled by religious or denominational division, fake Christianity, gods, heresy or manmade stereotypical, racist labels.

Most of us have grown up in religions & denominations that brutally faked, schemed, enslaved and conquered the world as Christianity which copied, twisted and mistransliterated Hebrew Judaic YHWH Christian. But we do not have to remain blind or enslaved. We can research and learn Y-israel, Christian-ity, Hebrew, Ethiopic, YHWH KINGDOM Truth.  Do you know the truth of YHWH or God? Do you know the difference between Yisrael and Israel of 1948? Do you know the difference between Christian and fake Christianity? Regardless of your religion or denomination even in Islam with no A or J in Hebrew there is only ONE YHWH.

CyberRev is Spirit to spirit called, chosen and schooled as all Kingdom believers past, present and future of YHWH Most High. He [now] knows YHWH GOD has predestined and preordained his life from beginning to end.

CyberRev grew up in England, UK, a kindergarten SDA, who studied, traveled most of the world, got baptized, married, then divorced years later. He lived a very successful life in the USA 10 years on a acre of land, then like JOB came sudden destruction. Out of a 7yr fiery furnace YHWH GOD was again working His spiritual chastening and KINGDOM plan.

CyberRev was taught by YHWH GOD not even 1 MILLION in cash can stop His KINGDOM plan, redemption or love. He had to lay-aside all he had read and studied from church, world, business, living and University. He had to now WALK all fruits of the Spirit to spirit. He had to WALK everything from Babylon to Mount Zion within, with the Voice of YHWH [God] across every book of the Bible. CyberRev also had to write what he walked over 25 yrs and is still walking and writing. This led to rejection, loneliness, homelessness, betrayal, trials, tribulations, loss of world, but huge gain of Heaven to Earth. This is a very long journey, mountain, valley, fiery furnace with treacherous terrain.

Long Spiritual Journey

In the end, YHWH God was taking CyberRev further out of religion, denomination, a million in cash and world into His Kingdom of priceless Spirit to spirit within. God  even drove CyberRev into homelessness that resulted in living in a monastery on 30 acres with monks for over 1 year. There I learned SILENCE + MEDITATION of a Monk without becoming a monk. After 1 year I left the Monastery back into world. This came with Christianity NOT Hebrew Christian scorn, rejection, afflictions. Even his own Christianity SDA denomination and megachurch Sunday TV Baptist leader [who has now died] laid hands on CyberRev who tithed thousands to these religions. They stabbed CyberRev in the back with persecution and divorce, as they did not want to hear about no J in  Hebrew or any Roman jesus hoax.

What do you do when Creator YHWH sends a whirlwind like JOB and instructs you like Abraham the just shall walk by faith not by sight? [Habakkuk 2:4]

I remember the day Creator YHWH told me there is no ‘J’ in Hebrew and Jesus is Greo-Roman fake christianity NOT Hebrew Ethiopic Christian, deceiving the world. I was amazed, dumbfounded! To be honest I was angry and questioned Creator YHWH. I could not believe what I was hearing, studying and reading over days into months and years spent in solitude & silence, with little or no distraction. I spent years praying, reading and studying His Holy Word. I knew religions, denominations and carnal world as enemies were blind and deceived, I had to pay the price for the ‘anointing‘ I had to go through the fire and water into the Kingdom, wealthy place alone, higher.

In His Kingdom ones does not need money he or she needs faith, love , trust, hope and obedience only. This is like JOB and friends through his painful trials and tribulations. CyberRev walked it all with Spirit to spirit of YHWH God, his parents and a few friends.

I remember in the beginning of my whirlwind and calamities going to that huge Sunday Baptist megachurch in the week as it was empty, throwing myself on the floor at the altar. I was trying to do JOB and ask YHWH God what is happening? A head Elder [still head Elder on TV] saw me on my face at the altar, I foolishly explained to the Elder of the GA megachurch my trials and business which turned out to be the dagger in my back. They ended up sending me to another caucasian christianity [different] denominational Church for weekly counselling and with my wounds bleeding day-by-day hoping to see the Bishop. I had to get signed off by a head elder woman weekly. You see in their eyes, I was not [really] their member I was married to their member but I paid the double-digit tithes and even hit TV with the words from the mega-pastor ‘Blessed are you my Brother” because I left my seat and handed the Bishop a 100 USD Bill plus tithes. Heaven is my witness.

Yet I rejoice! YHWH God is faithful! Even when you take a hit for $700K in one year spreading like a fiery furnace to 1.25 MILLION cash over 7 years, I have lived to say YHWH God is faithful. YHWH began deep prayer-room conversions with CyberRev from the outset, this was Spirit to spirit. By Spirit to spirit for beginners or unbelievers it is simply YHWH God speaking as written in Romans 8:16 direct within. Yes, I know. Most people think talking or hearing from YHWH God is foolishness. Well, there are many people, religions and denominations who claim to hear or speak with YHWH God, He does this for me in SOLITUDE & SILENCE. YHWH GOD is never loud. I could be reading a book, newspaper, in a meeting, or walking and YHWH GOD will whisper ‘I need you to come to me right now‘ Just like Eli and Samuel the child in the Bible. This is fact not fiction, and once you go through some heavy trials and tribulations of rejection or withdrawal from world, you will learn fast when YHWH God calls you run with obedience.

Masterclass Training of CyberRev

All I will say is my Hon’s Business Degree and ordained Pastor license means nothing in comparison to YHWH GOD and the Holy Spirit to spirit training and educating me within. If you think this is impossible or ridiculous how do you think great leaders, artists, poets and innovations are created? They are created from Spirit to spirit, gifts and abilities empowered into the mind and soul. YHWH God is  always in control of each and every one of us. If He chooses to ‘test‘ you beyond your wildest dreams of mind, soul and spirit you best be in good shape.

“I am a poor man and of little worth, who is laboring in that art that God has given me in order to extend my life as long as possible.” – Michelangelo Quote

Anyone who does not believe all things, gifts and talents come from YHWH God is foolishly claiming to be more powerful than YHWH God. No amount of money can buy the Kingdom of YHWH. Not even Bill Gates can create anything without YHWH God. He may not agree but this is fact not fiction. We are all simply vessels of good or evil as written from the Hebrew Ethiopic  Bible. YHWH GOD does not need people, religions and denominations to mistranslate, speak or argue over his laws, commandments and prophesies. YHWH God is unchanging, omnipotent, omnipresent and universal. YHWH God can take money, things, life or lives at any time! He can also designate anyone to eternity or hell. These are prophecies ALREADY written of YHWH GOD which no one can alter or change.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Y-israel Hebrew Jews, AND ARE NOT, BUT DO LIE; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
 – Revelation 3:9

Present and Future Calling

CyberRev, is passionate about sharing what YHWH God has taught and poured in and through his mind, soul, spirit and heart. He wants to unite and teach willing vessels and people of the world KINGDOM living of ONE LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, HOPE & EMPOWERMENT regardless of your culture, belief or history which comes from mastering the within to rule the without.

YHWH GOD created us all and loves and wants us all in His Kingdom within. In the business, religion or denominational setting we all have varying schools and teachings of thought or practice. This is confusion! This is theory, practice, heretics, mistranslations and information overload. One GOD in and through us all is all we need! CyberRev fundamentally teaches One YHWH God, One YHWH Love, One YHWH Kingdom for all believers within. [Luke 17:21]

CyberRev, chooses to ignore facial image and concentrate on all praise, gifts and talents towards YHWH GOD. You will have to book CyberRev to see him in person.

Humbly at your service,


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Christian or Christianity? Unravelling difference's between religions and denominations of world.

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