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2020-2040 Mind, Soul, Spirit = Universe

The years 2020, 2021, will be remembered by many people for centuries to come. Why? Let’s talk...

How was 2020 for you? What will 2021 yield? Where were you when COVID19 aka Coronavirus spread throughout the world affecting every area, industry, business and person of life on Earth? Covid19, Coronavirus or Covid19 is still affecting people of the world.

2020 and 2021 began with Covid19 outbreaks, lockdown, social and economic havoc worldwide. Then came a plethora of cosmic global events like full moons, eclipse’s, Great Conjunction, death of upcoming rappers, celebrities, protests, war in Ethiopia, Brexit, US election coup, impeachment and drama.

Trump is certainly heading for prison, with multiple corruption charges and criminal legal cases. Trump may also never run for U.S. presidential office or election ever again [Hallelujah].

In 2020-2021, the Universe is clearly re-programming most things starting with the world, facism, religions, racism, spirituality, governments and Trump. Reality check….2020-204o most people do NOT realize is set in universal Law.

The Great Conjunction or Constellation of the UNIVERSE has now spoken over the entire world of things and people for the next 20 years. If this does not make sense to you read the above link. Also read this 2021-2022 prediction and the age of social, economic, political and religious change worldwide.


Do you believe mind, soul, spirit = Universe? If yes, how much money would it cost to buy truth or the universe? I strongly believe if you collected every human alive on planet Earth including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah Winfrey, plus all cash or wealth.

There would NOT be enough money or resources to control or purchase universal truth or the Universe. 2000-2020 proved to the world of people, governments, trade and commerce no-one is in control of the Universe but the CREATOR RA of creation, cosmos, gods, goddesses, world and universe.

To simplify things the SKY outside your window, door or above your head is not just Heaven, but the cosmos, SUN not son and Universe. Without it we would all be dead.

In 2000-2020, a 20 year cycle, I have searched within and studied of universal wisdom, knowledge and understanding in solitude, silence, SPIRIT-spirit, heart, soul, mind and concluded; most people actually ignore the Universe.

This could also be the reason why 2020-2021 was a chaotic, challenging, disruptive, realigning, transformative, battle of light versus darkness worldwide.

This could well continue for the next few years or until 2040 for some or most people, as we all begin another 20 year Heaven to Earth or cosmic cycle.

All is not lost, the universe is love, truth, LIGHT, right, prosperity and dominion 24/7. But to get to that truth and realization one has to SUFFER unto truth and righteousness. We have to now individually prove beyond politics, religion or denomination; we are aligned within of the universe and Kingdom Creator RA Most High.

So through your mind, soul and spirit the UNIVERSE ruled by gods, goddesses, real kings and queens are directing and moving us all to self-reflect, cleanse, change, realign and empower our within one with the universe.

This is extreme, radical and tumultous for most people even for a millionaire or billionaire as this could cost you everything LITERALLY. Without going too deep and real the last 20 years for me, I now realize I was being prepared, grounded and seeded for the next 20 years.

I also now know, you cannot build a new house or home without internal and external demolition. When it comes to mind, soul and spirit most religions and denominations forgot to tell you the UNIVERSE IS FREE and you can enter it daily 24/7, if you know how to be still, meditate, control your thoughts, focus, emotions and fears daily.

In 2020 and 2021, this is still the beginning of a UNIVERSAL RESET. This is where mother is against son and son against mother, family, friends or other for when the universe calls or chooses you it is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Truly the valley of the shadow of death, fiery furnace, lions den all become real. Yet the global mission is always bigger than than any trial, battle or obstacle.

This is not the time for religions, denominations, negativity, deception, evil, racism, facism, lies or ignorance. The universe is a STRICT & COLLECTIVE governing body of justice, truth, righteousness and law.

This is why one must render your spirit, heart and soul NOT money, religion or garments. We as a world of people still only have TWO choices good, evil, right or wrong.

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In Universal Service,


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