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The STONE [not people, paper or cross] that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.- Psalms 118:22


Creator YHWH  RA is a universal Kingdom. This is NOT religion, denomination or world. Your spiritual transformation, awakening power, dominion, love and peace is within. [See Proverbs 23:7, Luke 17:21 and Psalms 1].

All religions and denominations are man-made ideologies! Do you know, Kingdom transformational awakening is laying down all sin, idols, religions and denominations of world? There is nothing ancient, forgotten  or old about YHWH, YAHAWAH, Amun RA or universal Creation of Heaven or Earth.

YHWH is being pronounced Yahawah in ancient original Hebrew not modern khazar hebrew form. Watch Name of God video below…

All truth is written in stone not paper! And, to die to  self, sin and world or things of world, is a divine requirement as an act of baptism or immersion of old into new. This could be seen as the Egypt, Africa, BOOK OF COMING FORTH from death into life, that predates all other gods or religions on Earth including Christianity created by pagan Greco-Roman Constantine.

”Until this truth is known, and incorporated into our social consciousness and the library school curriculum, we will continue to masquerade as the informed, when, in reality; we are the misinformed and miseducated “educated”. – The Ancient Kemetic Roots of Library and Information Science by Itibari M. Zulu, Th.D. Senior Editor, The Journal of Pan African Studies.

The universal Creator YHWH RA, is a journey of FREE transformational love, power, sound mind and peace within. But first, one has to  unravel partitioning walls and biblical difference’s between paganism, religions and denominations of world.

What they told you was a lie is truth, and what you think is religious or denominational truth is a Christianity or Islam lie not written in stone.

Universal transformational teachings are designed to awake, call and unite COLORLESS PEOPLE OF [12 TRIBES] YHWH RA, Kingdom, believer, MAAT into one love of YHWH RA, YAH  in and through us all.

Kingdom believers know, Creator YHWH RA is one colorless love of Spirit to spirit and without YHWH RA, we have no hope, peace or love. [Romans 8:16]

It is time to unite worldwide under ONE KINGDOM, YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA of 12 TRIBES YISRAEL, which is not man-made Israel of 1948 that does not uphold peace, love and Monotheism.

One YHWH RA, God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. – Ephesians 4:6

This is all KINGDOM statutes, laws and commandments are designed to achieve. One Creator, one people, one kingdom, one love, one faith, one belief, one Holy Spirit, one truth and one unity worldwide.

Are you a 12 Tribes YHWH RA Kingdom believer?

Do you know the difference between religion, denomination and Kingdom of YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA living? Do you believe there is only ONE Universal YHWH RA Creator? If there is only ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA, why do most religions, denominations and people of world, create so many false stereotypes, color-labels, gods and images ignoring Exodus 20:4?

If Christianity is NOT in the Bible, how do so many people pray and worship after it? The BIG global deception is Greco-Roman New Testament Christianity. As ancient Africa, Egypt, Valley of Biblical Kings, Africa, is NOT jesus christianity, islam, fake jews, pagan worship. Your transformational awakening to YHWH universal truth, lies within and is never outside of you.

Creator YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA, made everything perfect of his Holy Kingdom and Holy Spirit for us all. Who do you think provides sun, moon, stars and seasons daily? This is why governments cannot and do not control air, sun, sky, seasons, eternity, life or breath. Only Creator YAHAWAH RA of perfection through His Holy Spirit can rule or manage such things, daily.

YHWH RA has created His Kingdom within [Luke 17:21].

HE wants us all to be spiritual, bold, faithful, courageous, creative, happy and blessed daily. There is only One YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA, Creator of all people, things, good and evil. There is only one Holy Kingdom for 12 Tribes worldwide, no need for imitations of religions or denominations of world.

So who is fooling whom if the oldest people on planet Earth are San People?

Also there is NO person black or white as a colour/color chart, so how do we get colourful Hebrew Ethiopic Yahshua Christ pink or white, when HE is Africa, Judaic, Ethiopic, Hebrew and never spoke English or Greek? Plus the Holy biblical manuscripts of Qumran were written in Hebrew Africa, Ethiopic with NO “J” in the Hebrew alphabet so how could anyone be known or called Jesus? Time for your transformational awakening, as truth is always written in Heaven or stone never paper or world.

We Can Love as Creator YHWH RA is Love only with Truth

If all religions and denominations [pantomimes] past and present can do is spread wars, hatred, division, myths, lynching, slavery, racism, beheading and murder who needs them?

It is transformation, latter-day rain, awakening time for ONE HOLY SPIRIT 12 TRIBES KINGDOM OF YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA, ONE GOD, ONE TRUTH, ONE LOVE, ONE PEACE worldwide.

If you agree support and join our Creator YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA, global movement online & offline today!

His Kingdom is not religion! We all need spiritual, transformational, awakening within of love, peace, power and dominion. Learn how to win, be king, queen, blessed, healthy, powerful, disciplined, keeping MAAT and  covenant of YHWH RA MOST HIGH.

Kingdom believers now expect latter rain, to further know YAHAWAH MOST HIGH. Kingdom believers also know most have been blinded and FOOLED from Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Rasta, Islam, Baptist, Adventist to Evangelical.

YHWH RA is calling ONE UNIVERSAL KINGDOM, 12 Tribes, which is not man-made israel of 1948, Islam or fake Greco-Roman sunday, christianity, which is NOT YHWH RA, Shabbat, MAAT, commandment keeping, Africa, Egypt, Hebrew, 12 Tribes of His Holy Spirit.

This is the REAL ThutMOSES III RA of the Bible, Law, Commandments and parting of Red Sea. Also watch this video.

Who is CyberRev?

CyberRev is a transformational, motivational, Shabbat, Kingdom, YHWH RA, MAAT, Holy Ghost, VALLEY OF KINGS, Hebrew believer. He has spent over 25 years reading, researching, even living in a monastery with monks in silence away from world to find within the universal KINGDOM TRUTH of YHWH RA, MOST HIGH.

This huge universal puzzle has not been easy. It has cost over 1 MILLION in cash and many hard trials. I pray, you will understand there is a global religious, denominational and political conspiracy rooted in not just Islam, but all religions and denominations; as Roman Jesuit, Constantine Christianity, greek fables, myths, politics, fake pilgrims, discoverers, pirates and founders of nothing but rape, murder, theft , lies, deception and racism.

Your Kingdom Healing is Within

Before we can heal mind, soul and spirit within, we must lay-aside all lies, racism, evil and hatred. CyberRev.Com aims to write articles and produce videos, podcasts and books to provide transformational, building-blocks for Kingdom believers [as one] to unite worldwide and return to Kingdom 12 Tribes, Holy Spirit, YAHAWAH RA, MAAT, Holy living.

We do not need religion or denominational labels. We all need to explore, embrace and learn His universal KINGDOM power of love, faith, mind, soul, spirit and unity, within. CyberRev believes the only solution to fear, stress, anxiety, depression, racism, hatred, evil, violence, rejection, drugs, alcohol  even self-harm is YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA, KINGDOM LOVE of good not evil.

Join our global community of KINGDOM YHWH RA, colourful people of unity, love, wisdom, knowledge, truth and ancient Kemet Holy Kingdom Word.

CyberRev.Com like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr and Bob Marley wants to see a world of ONE PEOPLE, ONE CREATOR, ONE LOVE,  ONE FAITH. Will you join us?

Make no mistake before ONE LOVE can take place all negativity, evil, hatred, lies, deceit and racism must fall.

In His service,


Kingdom Truth Ministries or foundations CyberRev approves of as like-minded ministries, working towards colorless universal Creator YAHAWAH [YHWH] RA truth of Spirit to spirit [Romans 8:16] Also as Twelve Tribes of Yisrael Kingdom within. [Luke 17:21]

The Ancient Kemetic Roots of Library and Information Science, Worlds Last Chance, M.T.O.I Rabbi Berkson, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Nelson Mandela Foundation, Alan Horvath, A HEBRAIC APPROACH TO PREDESTINATION,

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